Spring Break Reading Challenge

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I have stacks of books that I need to read. I am so happy it is going to be Spring Break so I can get some of my reading done. I hope to read at least 10 books over the break. Why don’t you join me in this endeavor?

Read one book and turn in the Spring Break Reading Challenge bookmark, and you will get a piece of candy.

Read two books and turn in the bookmark, get two pieces of candy and a paw track.

Read three or more books and get more candy and paw tracks. All bookmarks must be turned in by Friday, April 11th to be included in this challenge. Books do not need to be on your lexile, read for fun, read for the joy of reading.

Spring Break Reading Challenge
Use the above link to print out more bookmarks.

Happy Reading!!!
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Blind Date With a Book

The Media Center is ready to fix you up with a blind date–A book of course!
There’s no awkward questions, no forced conversations, no judgmental looks, no need to call.
Just have a blind date with a book! Sure it might turn out to be a dud, or it could be the diamond in the rough you wouldn’t have given a chance otherwise.
There’s no knowing until you check it out…
Check out a book from our Blind Date Display between February 10th and March 7th. Read the book and fill out the survey included with the book. If there is not a survey slip in the book, get one from the circulation desk. For each survey returned, you will receive a Valentine’s Day treat!
We will accept survey forms through March 14th.

Busy Year

We have been very busy in the media center this year. More students are reading more books. I am so glad to see so many students read, it is so great to have all the reading activities going on. Take a look at the following statistics and pat yourself on the back for all the reading you are doing. Keep reading.

Book Fair

Bookfair is here. Please come by and buy books or order books online.  All proceeds go to add books the the Tapp Media Center and fund other events

Check out our Bookfair Link.

Find your favorite books to add to your personal library, or buy a book for your favorite teacher.

Reading Counts Tests

Helping your child pick out a book on his/hers reading level just got easier. Scholastic has added a site to look up books and view the test and lexile level of the book. Go to the Book Expert site, search by title, author, grade level or Lexile measure. This site will help parents, teachers and students find the next book to read.


Summer Reading Helps

For students to maintain and improve their Lexile level they must read during the summer. At Tapp, we are asking for students to read at least three books this summer, but the more they read, the more they retain. Here are some websites to help you and your student find that perfect book to read.

Find a book
This website will help you find a book on your student’s level. By filling out the summer reading pledge, you will be entered in a drawing for a $25 Barnes and Noble’s gift card.

Barnes and Nobles allows you to search for books by Lexile level.
Click here to go to the search site.

Don’t forget to check out the Media Center website and this blog for more helps and book reviews.

Check Tapp Media Center’s Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Grade level ranges
6th Grade 665 – 1000
7th Grade 735 – 1065
8th Grade 805 – 1100

If you have any questions or need more help, please email me at lisa.roberts@cobbk12.org


Authors with Georgia Connections

Here  are a few authors with Georgia connections.

James Dashner
*  The Maze Runner
*   The Scorch Trials
*   The Death Cure
*   The Kill Order
*   A Mutiny in time   
Olive Anne Burns
*  Cold Sassy Tree
Jimmy Carter
*  An Hour Before Daylight
*  Living Faith
*  Always a Reckoning
*  Sources of Strength
*  Talking Peace
Carmen Agra Deedy
*  Agatha’s Feather Bed
*  The Library Dragon
Joel Chandler Harris
*Dearest Chums and Partners
*  The Favorite Uncle Remus
*  Uncle Remus
*  The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus
Gail Lange Karwoski
*  Miracle
*  Surviving Jamestown
*  Tsunami
Carson McCullers
*  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
*  The Member of the Wedding
Caroline Miller
*  Lamb in His Bosom
Margaret Mitchell
*  Gone with the Wind 

Margaret Mitchell / Photo / 1935. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 19 Feb 2013. http://quest.eb.com/images/109_137870

Shelia P. Moses

*  The Legend of Buddy Bush
*  The Return of Buddy Bush
*  I, Dred Scott

Doris Buchanan Smith

*  Dreams & Drummers
*  Last was Lloyd
*  Return to Bitter Creek
*  Kick a Stone Home
*  Kelly’s Creek
*  The Pennywhistle Tree
*  A Taste of Blackberries

Robert Burch
*  Homefront Heroes
*  Ida Early Comes Over the Mountain

* Queenie Peavy
*  Christmas with Ida Early
*  King Kong and Other Poets
*  Skinny
*  Tyler, Wilkin, & Skee
*  D. J.’s Worst Enemy
*  Doodle and the Go-Cart
*  The Hunting Trip

*  Hut School and the Wartime Home-Front Heroes

*  Renfroe’s Christmas

*  Skinny

*  Simon and the Game of Chance

The One and Only Ivan

And the winner of the 2013 Newbery Award is The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

Ivan is a gorilla who lives in a shopping mall. He has as companions an elephant and a dog. Other animals come and go. He is visited each day by a young girl named Julia, who sits in front of his domain doing her homework while her father cleans the mall. Julia and Ivan have one special thing in common, they are both artists. Ivan has loved to draw since he was a young gorilla in Africa. He used mud as his paint and used many surfaces for his art including his mother’s back. He and his twin sister were captured and brought to America. Unfortunately his sister died before they arrived. Ivan sent his early years living with Mack, the man who owns the mall. When he got too big to live in a house, Mack took him to the mall to perform and make money. This story is told by Ivan himself. The special thing about this book is that Ivan is Atlanta’s own gorilla. He came here to live in the 90’s when people realized that animals should not live in malls. This is a great read.