A fun website to explore is It is the site of The Center for the Book at the Library of Congress. One of my favorite finds on this site is The Exquisite Corpse Adventure. It is an episodic progressive story written by several children’s authors. You can read it, listen to and page through an interactive book. There are author webcasts to enjoy, contests, booklists and more.

Also, check out Scholastic’s Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life global literacy campaign. Check out the celebrity bookprints. A Bookpirnt is five books that help shape who we are. I think my five books are Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, Lessons before Dying by Ernest Gaines, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, The Trouble They Seen: Black People Tell the Story of Reconstruction by Dorothy Sterling; and The Velvet Room by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. There are videos to encourage you to read and other information. Reading can make your life better, check out this site and start reading today.

Like to listen to audio books. Libri Vox has audio books that are in the public domain.

Loud Lit is a place where you can listen to stories as you read along.



Book Fair

The book fair during conference week was a success. If you did not get to purchase books this time, it will be back in February. Save your money so we can make the February Book Fair the biggest ever. Thanks to all the parents and students who helped make this fair so much fun. Zombies this time, can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next one.

Sports Fiction

Sports Fiction

Like sports? Want to read a fiction book that has a story about your favorite sport? Try the books on the above list. Remember, if you are having a hard time finding a book you enjoy, look at your interests and see if you can find a book about that. Once you find a book you can enjoy, you can always find more.


A genre of literature which incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and/or speculative fiction. Set in an era where steam power is the major form of energy, the world could be Victorian, the Wild West, or a post-apocalyptic time. The innovations are futuristic technology. Examples of steampunk are Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, Airborn by Kenneth Oppel and Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Check the booklist page for more information.

Links to sites
The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade
Larklight by Philip Reeve
The Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix



Coming of Age Novels

Coming of age is the transition between childhood and adulthood. Many authors explore this transitions in different ways. These novels are sometimes set in historical settings, modern day and in futuristic settings. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a popular example of a coming of age novel as is the Harry Potter series. For titles you might enjoy check out this Coming of Age Novels.

Summer Reading

I hope everyone is having a lot of fun this summer. Please remember to read among all of the other things you are doing. I am reading and have discovered some new series. I hope if you have not tried them you will check out the new series page I am adding to find out what great series we have at Tapp. In addition to the series title and list of books, I will include websites. Have fun and discover new books. If you have found a really great book that we do not have at Tapp, share and maybe we can add it to the media center. I have to finish this quickly before I get run over by a wild cat.

Summer Reading

Summer break will be here soon! I cannot wait to start my summer reading. I hope everyone is planning to read at least 10 books this summer. Please visit my blog often for reading ideas and fun websites to help you choose books and have fun with reading.

There a couple of sites where you can record the books that you read. This is helpful in keeping a list so that you can remember what you read and the types of books that appeal to you.
Shelfari ( and Goodreads ( allows you to build a virtual bookshelf of books you have read. It allows you to share this information with friends.

Come back often to see what I am reading and the fun stuff out there for you to explore.

If you like Harry Potter, check out this site:


What I read over Spring Break

Over Spring Break, I read eight books, one just for my personal pleasure and seven to share.  I choose some books outside of what I normally read and really enjoyed them.

Skinny by Robert Burch.
Skinny is eleven and an orphan. He is living with Miss Bessie, who owns a hotel while they wait for an orphanage to have room for him. He greets the guests at the hotel and does odd jobs around the place. Maybe he can prove to Miss Bessie that she needs a young man around the hotel to do all the work. Of course, he also works hard to hide the fact that he cannot read. This is a delightful story set in the late 1930s. The 196/69 Georgia Book Award winner.


Honus & Me by Dan Gutman

Joe Stosback loves baseball, he is just not very good at it. He really tries hard, but seems to always strike out when he really needs to get a hit. Since his parent’s divorce, money is hard to come by so he helps his mom out by taking odd jobs. His next door neighbor, Miss Young offers him five dollars to clean out her attic. As he is taking all the trash out, a box breaks and a rare baseball card of Honus Wagner, one of the greatest baseball players who ever lived, falls out. When he wakes up to find Honus in his room he knows it is a special card. This is the first of the Baseball Card novels and is a fun read. A 2000/2001 Georgia Book Award nominee.


The Imp that Ate My Homework by Laurence Yep
Jim’s grandfather is the meanest, ugliest man in Chinatown. He has no patience for his native born grandson and Jim has not interest in hearing about Chinese customs. One day as they are watching a new report on construction site find in China. A old vase is found with writing on it warning about a curse. The workers break the vase and Grandfather leaves the house very upset. The next morning an imp is in Jim’s room eating his homework. Jim and his grandfather must come to terms with each other in able to fight the imp. A wonderful book that gives us a look at another culture.  A 1999/2000 Georgia Book Award.


Send One Angle Down by Virginia Frances Schwartz

Abram lives with Granny and Aunt Charity and helps them in the breeding cabin. When Aunt Charity’s first child, Eliza, is born, he takes over her care while every one else works. He does his best to protect Eliza and shield her from the horrors of slavery. She grows strong with extra food the nanny for the master’s children saves for her. This is an honest picture of slavery based on a true taken for the book To Be a Slave by Julius Lester. A 2002/2003 Georgia Book Award Nominee and a must read.


Rip Tide by Kat Falls

The sequel to Dark Life finds Gemma living at the Trade Station and Ty wishing she would come back under the sea with his family. As he and Gemma are hiding a wagon of supplies in a junk yard, they find a township chained and dead. As they try to find out what happened they learn that other townships have disappeared. After his parents are kidnapped while trying to trade with a township, Ty and Gemma must go to some of the most dangerous places to find the answer to the townships disappearance and his parents kidnapping. Full of adventure and suspense this book takes you on a high seas journey.

The Limit by Kristen Landon

Thirteen-year-old Matt has heard that some adults have gone over their spending limits and there kids have been taken to the workhouse to help get them back under the limit. He is not afraid because his parents would never let that happen, would they? Suddenly Matt is taken to a workhouse and tested on his abilities. He is placed on the top floor and seems to have it all, as long as he works most of the day. But how has his parents gone over their limit and how long will it take him to help get them back under? And what about all the stuff he buys while he is away from home? Another look at a troubled future, this is a 2012/2013 Georgia Book Award Nominee.

I will share the next book with you as soon as I have it available for check out.


The Death Catchers by Jennifer Anne Kogler

The Death Catchers
by Jennifer Anne Kogler

Lizzy Mortimer has two serious problems. She must finish her English assignment and save the world. She is shocked to find out she is a Hand of Fate and can foretell the death of people close to her. It is really surprising to find out the she has to protect King Arthur’s Last Descendant. Each chapter has a different literary technique explained as it pertains to the story. I also loved Lizzy’s mom, she is a librarian on a mission to find the perfect book for everyone she meets.

Another Fast Read

The Islander by Cynthia Rylant

Daniel lives on an island with his Grandfather. He spends his days reading and exploring close to where he lives. He has mainly his grandfather, no friends his own age. One day he sees a mermaid. When he finds a key, he is convinced it is a gift from her. Who is the mermaid and what is the key she has given him? A beautiful story full of mystery.