Fast Reads

Need to take a Reading Counts test tomorrow and you haven’t read a book yet? I am working on a list of readable short books. The first is The Wild Kid by Harry Mazer. Sammy is a special kid. He tries hard to behave himself, but sometimes he is bad. His mother has locked him out of the house because he was rude to her friend Carl. He gets angry and decides to go and visit a friend instead of telling Carl he is sorry. When his friend is not at home, he decides to go to the store and buy a candy bar. While he is in the store, his bike is stolen, as he chases after it he gets lost in the forest. Sammy finds a boy named Kevin, who will not help his get home because Kevin does not want to be found. How will the boys survive in the forest and when will Sammy be able to come home?

Welcome back

Welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful, restful holiday. I also hope you read some while you were celebrating. I read five books over the break and started five more. I ended the year having read 109 books and have set the goal to read 200 books this year.

Thanksgiving break

As I was reading the book Dead is Not an Option I came across this wonderful quote:

"I knew I could trust her. She was a librarian, after all. It was their job to save lives with books." -Marlene Perez

Please be sure and read for at least 30 minutes each day of the break. I have all students scheduled to come in and check out books before we get out for the holiday. If you have overdue books, please locate them and bring them in so you can checkout a few more for the break.


The Siren’s Cry by Jennifer Anne Kogler

Otherworldlies The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler
    Fern and her twin Sam are very different. Sam fits in with the kids at school, while Fern is an outcast. Sam is blond, Fern is dark haired. As strange and mysterious things start happening around them, Fern's differences become more evident. Why are birds being found dead? And what does the sinister vampire have to do with Fern and who she is? My pick for a best book of 2008.

The above is a review I did for the Otherworldlies in 2008. One of my favorite books of all time. Finally the sequel to this books has arrived. Sirens_Cry The Siren's Cry is just as exciting as the first. Fern is an Otherworldly and an Unusual. She now has to find another one of the Unusuals who she has dreamed about. He is being kept in a cage, she must discover why and how to rescue him. She is still coming to terms with finding out she is adopted and one of the Otherworldies (vampire to you and me). She must still learn how to fit in with her family of Normals as well as the world of the Otherworldlies. Friends on both sides are there, can she rely on them for help?

Dead is Not an Option by Marlene Perez


Dead is Not an Option by Marlene Perez

This is the fifth book in the Dead is series. Daisy and her friends are now seniors at Nightshade High and are waiting on their college acceptance letters. As the year advances, there starts to be tension between the vampires and the werewolves. How will the other paranormals come out in the conflict? Will they have to choose sides? Daisy again has to help solve not only this mystery but how to unenchant Lil (the jukebox) and her pig boyfriend, all while wondering why she has not been accepted into any college.

This is one of my favorite series. It has everything, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and more. Fast and fun to read.

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Losthero Jason wakes up on a bus full of students from the Wilderness School. He has no memory of the school or his past life. Before he knows it he is involved in a battle with storm spirits. His coach turns out to be a satyr and he and two classmates are rescued by a group of teenagers in a chariot with winged horses. What else could happen?

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy Evie has worked for the International Paranormal Containment Agency since she was 8-year-old. She is one of the best agents when it comes to finding paranormals since she can see through their glamours. Now a shape-shifter has broken into the agency claiming someone is killing paranormals. Evie seems to be involved some how, according to some mysterious prophecies. For someone who longs for a normal life, hers becomes anything but normal.