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So, you want to tell the world all about the book you just read? Here’s how to write a book review that’s good enough to get published on Destiny for everyone to see!

Writing a book review for Destiny Quest:

Write three sentences, in any order you like.  You must include the first two, and the third sentence can be anything else you’d like to say:

Remember, you are ONLY WRITING THREE SENTENCES.  Make them count!  Do not use any phone text abbreviations.  Be sure to write in complete sentences and double-check your spelling.

1. Your personal reaction.  How did you feel when you were reading this book?  Use these questions to get started.

  • Did you just love it?  Hate it?  Laugh out loud? Cry?
  • Was is exciting, or boring, or confusing?
  • Did it make you think about something new, or something familiar in a new way?
  • Did one of the characters remind you of yourself or someone you know?
  • How did you feel about the story?  Was it about something you have experienced too?

2. What was the main thing about the book that you especially liked (or didn’t like) and why?

  • Was it really funny? Or really sad?
  • Was there a character that you really like?
  • Is the author really great at description or writing good dialogue, or creating evil/scary/funny, etc. characters?
  • Is it a subject, genre, or a time period that you always enjoy?  (Sports stories, fantasy, romance, horror, historical novel, futuristic, etc.)

3. What else is important to say about this book?

  • Who else would want to read this? (What age person? Someone who likes baseball/vampires/etc.)
  • What made it worth reading (or not worth reading)?
  • Why did you pick it out in the first place?  (Was it recommended to you by a friend? Or you liked the cover?)
  • Are you hoping this is part of a series, or that there are more like it?
  • If its part of a series already, is it important to read the others first, or does it matter?

Remember: PROOF READ your review before submitting it.  We will not release reviews with poor spelling or grammatical errors. (I suggest you do what I do: type everything in Microsoft Word, check the spelling & grammar there, copy & paste into Destiny)

Good Examples:

“I thought this book was amazing. It was a cross between action and romance, which not only makes the story interesting and fun, but also sweet and calm. The book has a great amount of detail provided in it so readers can picture every scene in their head. Fictional characters such as vampires and werewolves only make the story more exciting. The book was so much better than the movie.”

“I love this book! It is fun to read and you learn new things about the Greek Gods. I loved it so much that I am reading the rest of the series!”

Not Good Examples:

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How does he do it? That was so exciting! Sometimes it was hard to read on because I was scared it would end. Keep on reading the Percy Jackson series”

“i love this book and the whole serious. i recommend it to anyone, and everyone”

“it was okay”

Thanks to Ms. Harpin at McClure Middle School.


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