Valentine’s Day;

I will send home a class list Monday. For your planning purposes there are 21 students enrolled in the class. Your student doesn’t have to bring in anything for the class, however if they bring in something, please have one for every student. We are not making any Valentine boxes, bags etc, if your student wants to bring something small in Wednesday morning they can. Students will have about 10  minutes they can take a card to students in other classes.


Good afternoon parents,

There is a lot going on this next week before break.

STEM day is next Friday, look for your personal invention Monday. However our time slot for the students do their egg drop is 10:30, please plan to arrive 15 minute prior to that at 10:15.

Some other items going home next Monday are field trip forms for Callaway Gardens and Warm Springs. Also the 5th grade is using a standard behavior record system for the remainder of the year. Look for a letter on pink paper Monday out lining all the details.

All library books need to be turned in by next Friday. Students will be able to check out again after winter break.

This is the 2nd reminder: Please send pictures of your student for the end of year DVD to:     Please send pictures to: Stephany.castillo2008@gmail.comSubject line: Kincaid 5th Grade Pictures (CHILD NAME/TEACHER)    For mare details please see earlier post or contact Mrs. Castillo.

Here is the EOG  (end of year grade assessment) schedule.

Please mark your calendar as you are making appointments/plans –

This year the EOG Milestone Test given to grades 3-5 will be taken entirely on laptops over a period of weeks.

5th grade will take the EOG Milestone Test on the following days:

Wednesday, April 10th        Thursday, April 11th      Friday, April 12th

Monday, April 22nd               Tuesday, April 23rd         Thursday, May 2nd

Friday, May 3rd      

Testing will begin promptly at 8:00am each day. The teasting schedule is very different, hopefully this will give you some time to plan accordingly.

This week in:

Math: We will be starting measurement conversions. This involves being able to convert both standard and metric unit of measurements. Students then need apply their understanding of conversions to real world problems.

Reading: We are working on tone and mood. The students are identifying the writers tone and how that relates to the mood of the story.

Writing: Your student has pick a person a that has had a positive influence on American history and should have a book on that person . We will be working on more research of the individual they have chosen and helping them organize and write a 5 paragraph report. Just reminder, there is a project associated with this. The requirements for the project were sent home weeks ago and a link is attached to an earlier blog.

Science: We are starting Physical and Chemical changes.

Social Studies: We are starting WWII.


Good Afternoon Parents

Next Week is Kindness Challenge Week!

The school will be focusing on acts of kindness all week. Students will initial a poster every time they are sighted doing an act of kindness for someone else. There will be short announcements and films on acts of kindness. Friday students will be able to watch the movie Wonder. We are collecting toiletries drive to support The Center for Children and Young Adults and The Safepath Children’s Advocacy Center.

Monday (1/28)-Hats off to kindness (wear hats)

Tuesday (1/29)-Being kind is groovy (wear 70s clothes)

Wednesday (1/30)-Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)

Thursday (1/31)-Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)

Friday (2/1)-Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes)

  • Please keep an eye on the weather this week.

Class notes;

The point sheet/behavior card is the vehicle that I have chosen to communicate class behavior. Although most students get all the points every day, please check it and initial it along with their agenda and the reading log at the bottom of the agenda page.  If you are not seeing a point sheet every day, please ask your student where it is. Your help in keeping up with their school behavior is greatly appreciated.

This week in curriculum:

Reading; we are comparing two or more sources with the same subject matter and identifying the important facts.

The following link is the 5th grade book report requirements for this nine weeks. The students in my ELA class were given the requirement sheet Jan. 14th. I have only received one back. Please review the requirements of the project with your student, sign and return the form to me by Wednesday. Your attentiveness to this project is greatly appreciated. If your student needs a new form, just e-mail me.

Book Report bottle person-1cd92kq

Writing: We are comparing multiple articles on the same subject, identifying, comparing, and analyzing the information. Then we are pulling the information from the articles an writing an informational paper that compiles information from the articles. We are also working on Greek and Latin root words. The students have a list of ten that they need to know by Friday for a quiz.

Social Studies: We are winding up The Great Depression. The students have a presentation tomorrow. We will give out and go over a study guide Tuesday, review Wednesday and an assessment on Thursday. If there is inclement weather, we will adjust and the students should be ready for the assessment on Monday.

Science:     We are winding up one cell organisms also this week. Students have to identify one cell organisms and communicate how they can be helpful/harmful.  We are creating a chart with this information tomorrow. Students will categorize different one cell organisms as help or harmful and why on Tuesday. We will review Wednesday and an assessment on Thursday. If there is inclement weather, we will adjust and students should be ready for the assessment on Monday.

Math:  We are starting division of fractions by whole numbers, whole numbers divided by a fraction and fractions divided by a fraction.

Thank you all for your support,

Mr. Long



Here is a note from our 5th grade parents. This is a highlight for your student, please get your pictures in as soon as possible.

Please  see the following note from our PTA co-president Stephany Castillo: 

Dear 5th Grade Parents,Before we know it, our 5th graders will be passing through the halls of Kincaid for the last time. Every year, a compilation DVD is created for the senior class.  This DVD (slide show) spotlights each and every 5th grade student. Each child will be given a copy of the completed DVD as a keepsake. In order to complete this DVD, it is imperative we start early and receive plenty of pictures! This year, I will be putting together the 5th Grade “Slide Show” DVD for the class of 2019.

I am requesting that you send at least 2 pictures of your child. One young (Kindergarten or younger) and the other a current picture. Pictures can include kids in their sporting or extra curricular activity (gymnastics, ballet, swimming, drama etc), family vacations, bus stop pictures, first/last day of school, school functions/activities. Basically, I want to have plenty of great pictures to choose from to add to their slide show. You can start sending pictures to me immediatelyPlease ensure all pictures are sent digitally, as I cannot accept physical pictures. The deadline for receiving pictures is Sunday, March 31.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO SEND IN PICTURES! Editing and arrangement is very time consuming and having pictures in as early as possible is requested.

Please send pictures to: Stephany.castillo2008@gmail.com

Subject line: Kincaid 5th Grade Pictures (CHILD NAME/TEACHER)

Thank you!

Stephany Castillo


   Remember Monday is a Holiday. Classes will resume as normal Tuesday the 22.

The deadline for the Hero writing has been extended. A note went home Wednesday with details. If you need another copy please e-mail and I will be glad to send another copy home.

My language Arts class: The 5th grade 3 quarter Book Report assignment was sent home Tuesday of this week. please check with your student for the instruction and due date informational sheet.

Have a great weekend.










Good afternoon parents,

I am back at work finally.   I need to thank all you guys for everything that you         have done this year. Words cannot express how thankful I am for all of you.  Thank you for the Christmas, birthday and hospital presents. I feel so much better other than the a little bit of pain left from surgery, all the other pain is gone.

Classroom notes.    This week in:

Math we are covering and finishing up multiplying fractions by whole numbers and analyzing models that represent the problem.

Social Studies we are finishing up The Great Depression. There will be an assessment of the Depression next Monday.

Science we finished up studying cell structures today and we will be moving on to microscopic organisms.

Reading  Reading: Considering Perspectives and Supporting Opinions: 

I am starting back the students point sheets. Please read and sign them everyday. Starting to tomorrow they will start losing and gaining points based their in class behavior.

School notes:

After school tutoring starts back this week, every Thursday through March 28th. If your student is enrolled please remind them that they need to go.

January 21   MLK – No School
January 22  Student Banking
January 22 – 25  PTA Hat & Mitten Drive for MUST


Dec 14, 2018

Good evening parents,

Thank you for everything you do.

Next weeks schedule is a little scattered, so to help keep everyone on the same page here it is:

Thursday and Friday are half days, please make sure you have made the proper arrangements for those days.

Monday:  The Chorus performance is that morning. There are two, the first one at 8:00 and the second one at 9:10. The 5th grade will be going to the 9:10. Math will be switched to 12:50-1:50. Are specials are the play performance that day.

Tuesday; is a normal day. This is the last day for ELA classes this semester. Classes will be winding things up. Wordly Wise vocabulary test for my ELA class.


Wednesday: The class party is Wednesday 12:30-1:30. You may check your student out of school after the party if you would like.  Specials are 8:10-8:55. We pick up lunches at 10:26 and eat in the classroom. Movie and lunch before the “party.”

Thursday: once again is a half day. The students will be in home room. This is board game day. Board games only, bring in your favorite board game, coordinate it with class mates before.There will other activities to do and complete and compete with and finish up Social Studies, the first part of the depression.

Friday: Is also a 1/2 day. I have planned a couple of activities, that will keep the kids involved a busy. Movie and Popcorn, plus holiday group game activities.

I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays. May you and your family have a wonderful break.  You guys are a wonderful group parents, may you truly be blessed this holiday season. Through all the hustle, through all the bustle, may you take time to comprehend the full breadth and width the immeasurable amount love and blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

I informed the students that I have to under go minor surgery Wednesday. Unfortunately I will miss the Wednesday – Friday of this week. I scheduled the surgery to minimize the amount of time I would be out.


Thank You,

Mr. Long