January Reading Log


Don’t forget to turn in all January Reading logs on Friday, February 1st. 

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Our class is doing a great job with The Great Kindness Challenge! They have been making cards and cutting out hearts to write nice compliments to friends! We have helped friends, smiled at 25 people, given high fives, and much more! Now we need your help! Pitner is collecting toiletry items as a community service project. We need shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, toilet paper, tissues, and so much more. All items will be donated to help those in need. Please send in your donation by Friday, Feb. 1st.


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Welcome Back!


Don’t forget the deadline to send in money for the class raffle basket is Friday, November 30th. We would appreciate all the support we can get to make our raffle basket a huge success! The raffle baskets will be available at The Dinner with Santa event on Friday, Dec. 7th.

The class enjoyed a guidance lesson with Ms. Perry today!

This week in Math, we will be focusing on the meaning of the equal sign with balanced equations. Your student will be expected to solve both sides of the equal sign to determine if the problem is True or False. Ex. 5 + 4 = 7 + 2  is True because both sides equal 9,  16 = 8 + 9 is False because 8 + 9 does not equal 16.

In Science we will begin our unit on Sound. We will focus on understanding pitch and volume.

In Reading, our focus is to understand reasons an author gives to support points in a text.

We will continue to work with digraphs in Phonics. This week we will focus on th, wh, and ph.

Don’t forget to sign and return your child’s progress report as soon as possible!

Have a great last week of November!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Progress Reports are coming home today, Nov. 16th. Please sign and return them on Monday, Nov. 26th.

Don’t forget to send in your $5.00 donation to support our class raffle basket. The baskets will be available at the Dinner with Santa event on Friday, Dec. 7th. We have changed our basket to “A Warm Winter” theme, because another class has already purchased a fire pit. The basket will include blankets, hot chocolate essentials and much more. Thank you for your support!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful break! If you are traveling, be safe and stay warm. Enjoy time with family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Red Ribbon Week!


Here are this week’s events for Red Ribbon Week!

Monday: Wear red!

Tuesday: Wear a tie dye shirt and bring a canned good to donate!

Wednesday: Wear your favorite team shirt!

Thursday: Wear a crazy hat!

Friday: Wear a Pitner shirt!

October Reading logs are due on Thursday, Nov. 1st. I will send home new Reading logs for November on Thursday also.

The Book Fair is coming next week! It will be here from Oct. 29th – Nov. 2nd. More information about the Book Fair will come home later this week.

I am looking for some Secret Readers for Wed., Oct. 31st. Let me know if you are interested in coming into class to read a favorite story. Look for a letter to come home on Tuesday with more information.


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Conference Week Oct. 15th-19th



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Welcome Back and Happy Fall!


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Our Phonics words this week focus on ending blends with -nk, -ng, -nt, and -nd.  Our word lists are:

List 1: sing, bang, bank, pink, land, send, bent, went, was, they

List 2: bring, swing, trunk, drink, stand, blend, spent, print, was , they

In Reading, we are learning the differences between books that tell stories and books that give us information. We will look at the different features of these books to better understand them. Some books entertain and some books teach.

In Math, we are working on solving addition and subtraction word problems to 10. We will show our work with a picture, write a number sentence, and an answer statement. I will send home some examples of your child’s great work later this week.

Our next unit in Social Studies is on Land forms. We will be learning about mountains, plateaus, coasts, plains, valleys, and deserts.

In Writing, we will be working on a narrative prompt of what we like to do in the Fall. Your child is expected to write an opening, with two or more sequenced events, including details, and provide some sense of closure. We are working on using our temporal words to help sequence our stories. (First, next, then, after that, finally)

Don’t forget to send in those Box Tops to help our class win some playground equipment.

Next week is Fall Break, Sept. 24th – 28th! I hope everyone has a fun, restful week! See everyone back at school on October 1st.



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Thank you for a great week of testing! The class did awesome! Results of the CoGat will be back sometime in November.

Thursday, Sept. 13th is Library Day for our class. Please be sure your child returns their books tomorrow.

Our schedule will change on Thursday, Sept. 13th – Sept. 21st. We will have Specials first thing in the morning at 8:05. The schedule change is to help accommodate the older grades with their early morning testing schedule.

Ways to help your child at home:

  • Read nightly
  • Practice sight words
  • Ask your child to retell a familiar story that they have read in order.
  • Identify main characters, setting, problem and solutions in books.
  • Practice addition and subtraction facts to 10.
  • Count to 120.

Fall Break is fast approaching! The break is the week of Sept. 24th – 28th.

Don’t forget to send in those Box Tops! They help raise money for our school. This month our class has the chance to win a set of playground balls for our recess time.

Catch Your Student Reading:

If you catch your child reading, please snap a picture and send it in to me for our reading wall. We need some more pictures to fill our board.

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