Eclipse Week Aug. 21st – 25th


Welcome to First Grade! We have had an amazing start to the school year! I can’t believe we are already into the fourth week of school. Feel free to check here weekly for class information, upcoming events, and much more!

This week started with that awesome eclipse which changed our class plans for the day. Homework did not come home until Tuesday because I wanted to make sure every student had the opportunity to take the pretest for the weekly Phonics words. The homework activities should not take more than 10 minutes to complete and are due by Friday. Don’t forget to practice those Phonics words to help your child become more familiar with spelling patterns and sounds. This week we are focused on R blends.

In Math we are studying place value. We are working on understanding and building two-digit numbers with tens and ones. This is a great follow up to counting to 120.

During Reader’s Work shop, we are working on describing characters, settings and events in stories we read. We have learned the routines of shopping for books at our levels, reading for stamina, and sharing the stories. Guided reading will begin soon and your child will be bringing home books to share with you.

In Social Studies, we are learning our global address. Your child needs to know and locate on a simple map their county, city, state, country and continent. We will be making a book to help your child learn all this information. It will come home later this week!

T-shirt and quick word order forms came home on Tuesday. If you would like to order, please return your form and money by Friday, Sept. 1st. Our class shirt will be green this year. The quick word books are a great tool to help during writing.

Next Wed., August 30th is an Early Release Day! School will dismiss at 12:30 that day!

Please check back to my blog often for more information and also to see pictures of class activities as we grow and learn together in First Grade!


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