Conference Week


This week is parent teacher conference week. School will dismiss all week at 12:30. I look forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child’s growth and successes this year!

Wed., Oct. 18th is the 50th day of school. Your child may dress up in 50’s attire to celebrate 50 days of school!

Thurs., Oct. 19th is Library Day! Don’t forget to return all library books by Thursday.

Friday, Oct. 20th is Cape Day! Your child may pay $1 and wear a cape to school for the day. All proceeds will go to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

In Reading this week, we will continue to work on identifying the main topic and supporting details of non-fiction texts.

In Math, we are focusing on strategies to subtract numbers up to 20. So far we have looked at using addition to subtract, tried making a 10, and counting on or back. Our goal is to build fluency and accuracy when subtracting.

We have finished our research on Bats and started our informational writing. Look for this writing to come home soon so you can become an expert on bats too.

Don’t forget to study your Phonics words this week. We are working on long o silent e words.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week! More information will be coming home soon!

See you at conferences!


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