Summer Reading… Take the Challenge

Free Access to thousands of titles

Parents and Families,

Cobb County School District is committed to providing students with access to high-quality texts to read during the summer break.  Students can utilize the following reading resources.  Many titles are in digital format, or e-books, or online read alouds.  This is the perfect alternative to taking books with you while on-the-go this summer.

Check out:


To get started with myON:

  • Go to and click the myON login button.
  • Enter the following login information
  • ​School Name: Get Georgia Reading ( Note: Do not cut and paste, instead start typing “Get Georgia” and select from the drop down menu.)
  • Username: cobbcounty   
  • Password: read  
  • Click the Sign In button and select a book to start reading!


To get started with Capstone:

  • Go to and click Log In.
  • Username: summer18
  • Password: lovetoread
  • Click the GO button and select a book to start reading!

    studenPicturet number = library card

    ​This summer you can use your student ID to check out books and ebooks from the Cobb County Public Library! Simply stop by any CCPL branch and check out up to 5 print books using your student ID and 4-digit birthday (2-digit month and 2-digit day). Students may also check out digital materials including ebooks.

    Want to learn more? Visit



Log Your Reading Minutes!

Log your books and reading minutes in Biblionasium as you work toward

the Summer Reading Challenge of 1,500 minutes! ​

Your login is your student number and your school computer password. 
How-to guide: Putting books on your bookshelf
How-to guide: Logging your minutes
How-to videos for logging in and logging minutes

​Need login help? Call the CCSD  Customer Care Center at 770-514-2500, M-Th 7am-5:30pm, starting May 29th.

Summer reading kickoff Party!

 The Cobb County Public Library is ready to start your summer right – with a kickoff party on June 2nd, 2018! Visit your local branch all summer long for reading recommendations, help logging minutes, and fun programming.

We can’t believe it’s May!

What’s going on in Room 6?

We are busy still learning new things and reviewing important skills.  Students are taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory (RI) and Math Inventory (MI) as student growth measure assessments.  Our goal is to show that Bells Ferry Elementary is on trend to meet or exceed standards in the Cobb County School District. Students are reminded to do their personal best.

What we are learning…

Social Studies- we are studying Ruby Bridges. As a courageous young girl, Ruby Bridges found herself making history as the first student to de-segregate the public schools in New Orleans, Louisiana. There is a Disney movie that is available to view that is a very good depiction of the turbulent times in the South during the 1960s.  The movie is available from Cobb County Public Libraries and is posted on YouTube.  Some scenes contain language that may be offensive or culturally insensitive; unfortunately, it is a reminder of how volatile the climate was in America during this time period. I have mentioned to students that this movie is available, and I encourage families to watch it together and have dialogue about scenes that they may have questions about.

April is Here!!!!


Spring Time Art!  Enjoy this Art Show of our latest Directed Drawings 


Welcome Back from Spring Break!!!!  I hope that you had a restful and enjoyable time with your family (and friends).

Georgia Milestones Assessments are being administered for 3rd through 5th grades at Bells Ferry Elementary (and throughout the CCSD).  We are committed to maintaining an optimal testing environment for all students.  Our school has adopted the “Code of Silence” for hallways and restrooms.  If your child has a note regarding behavior, please address this matter with your first grader.  To accommodate families during the testing period, we have “light homework” during testing.  There were no spelling words for the week of April 9-13.  Spelling resumes the week of April 16 – 20.

Snapshots of Spring Break–  Students did a recap of “Something I ate, Someone I saw, Somewhere I went, Something I did”.

Here are a few samples of what students did:

Field Day Volunteers are NEEDED!  A form was sent home with your child on Tuesday, April 17.  If you can volunteer, please return the form to Coach Burden.  Thanks in advance for helping to make this day a huge success.  “May the Fourth be with you!”  Field Day is Friday, MAY 4. 

What are we learning?

Math:  multi-digit addition and subtraction (some students are working with regrouping; it is a 2nd grade skill, so we are helping to set a foundation for success), counting money (as a strategy for adding 2-digit numbers, adding 10/1 more mentally, skip counting); fractions (or partitioning shapes), geometry (including two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures).  We continue to work on math communication or “math talk” to explain how you reached a solution, what strategy was used, etc.

Reading:  we are reading books to integrate Science and Social Studies on Plants, George Washington Carver, and living things

Phonics:  vowel digraphs /oo/, /aw/, /au/; vowel dipthongs /ou, ow/

Writing:  We are reviewing all writing genres taught this year (NARRATIVE, INFORMATIONAL, OPINION) and building skills for more mature writing.  Continue to work on capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  Remember:  All syllables need at least 1 vowel.  Many students are spelling more accurately.  Continue to review this  spelling rule when working at home.

Science and Social Studies:  George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges, Plants and Animals

Technology:  using Power Point, digital media to display information about a topic learned


April 24, 2018        

Learning the proper form for typing– students may use this program at home on a computer (or laptop).


March Madness


Thank you for your continued support with your first graders academic goals and success.  It is so exciting to watch them mature as learners and leaders.  We truly believe that what we are doing EVERY DAY is building a community of global citizens that LEARN, LEAD, AND LEAVE A LEGACY!  I am so proud of each and every student.

Flashlight Friday!

We had a great time with our flashlights on Friday.  Students read to foster reading stamina, reading engagement, and a love of reading.  We have been reading some fun and thought-provoking books about Perseverance, Showing Courage, Facing Challenges, and Overcoming your fears.  We have incorporated some interesting biographies.  Students were amazed by Helen Keller’s fortitude and what she accomplished.  Keep reading!  Here are a few snapshots from our 1st Flashlight Friday…  Enjoy!



What’s Going On in Room 6?

Thank you for all of the Valentine’s Day delights!  Your thoughtfulness and generosity made the day SUPER SPECIAL!!!!

I hope that you enjoyed the Winter Break!

This week…

Irregular Verbs- you can practice using these activities

Reading- Point of View, Retelling Stories, Comparing and Contrasting texts, characters, and character’s experiences/actions

We have been reading from the Georgia Children’s Book Awards list.  Many titles have read alouds online that your child might enjoy watching at home with you.

Here are some of the titles: 

  • Lion Lessons (Agee, Jon)
  • The Lion Inside (Bright, Rachel)
  • The New Small Person (Child, Lauren)
  • It Came in the Mail (Clanton, Ben)
  • The Night Gardener (Fan, Terry)
  • Red:  A Crayon’s Story (Hall, Michael)
  • I Don’t Want to Be a Frog (Petty, Dev)
  • School’s First Day of School (Rex, Adam)
  • Are We There Yet? (Santat, Dan)

For a complete list of titles (which could be available at your local public library for checkout), use this link

Getting Back on Track…

Parents and Families,

After the snow, ice, and inclement weather days out, it’s great to be back for some full weeks of learning.  This week, we are excited to announce:

  • Penny Wars continues through Wednesday, January 31
  • our class has a new Dell computer that was provided last week
  • our Primary Computer (Technology) Lab has a set of new Dell computers (that’s about 25 new units)
  • we celebrated the 100th Day of School
  • we are observing the spectacular moon, referred to as the Blue Super Moon, this week
  • new fact cards are being distributed to practice fact fluency and foster flexible strategies for solving math problems
  • Six Flags Read to Succeed information will be distributed.  All students have an opportunity to earn a free Six Flags ticket by simply reading for 360 minutes (that’s 6 hours… or 12 nights of reading in February

Thank you for your continued support of your first grader’s academic success.  We are working hard every day to LEARN, LEAD, and LEAVE A LEGACY as positive members of the Bells Ferry learning community.

What’s Going on in First Grade?

Students have been working hard on the curriculum and standards for Quarter 2:


  • operations with addition and subtraction to 20
  • solving word problems
  • missing addends in all positions (of equations)
  • related facts/fact families
  • balanced equations
  • the meaning of the EQUAL SIGN; determining if equations are true or false
  • place value- representing numbers in tens and ones


  • non-fiction text features (table of contents, glossary, headings, captions, labels, maps/graphics/diagrams, pronunciation codes, photographs, drawings, references, additional websites)
  • non-fiction text structure (cause-effect, headings help identify main idea, questions check your understanding of the text, facts and supporting details)
  • comparing texts
  • answering questions; checking comprehension
  • Author studies (this quarter we focused on Robert Munsch, David Shannon, Laura Numeroff, Lois Ehlert, Iza Trapani)


  • writing non-fiction texts (informational writing, explanatory texts/how-to writings)
  • nouns and verbs
  • contractions
  • homophones
  • words with multiple meanings

Science/Social Studies:

*Benjamin Franklin – American hero–  How did Benjamin Franklin help during his lifetime?  What are some inventions made by Benjamin Franklin?  What are some jobs/talents that Benjamin Franklin had during his lifetime?  What character traits did this American hero show?  How do people remember this Founding Father?  Is there evidence that supports his influence in America?

*Thomas Jefferson– American hero- How did Thomas Jefferson help America during his lifetime?  What are some inventions made by Thomas Jefferson?  What are some jobs/talents that Thomas Jefferson had during his lifetime?  What character traits did the American hero show?  How do people remember the contributions of Thomas Jefferson?  Is there evidence that supports his influence in America?

*Sound– How is sound made?  Why is it important to recognize sounds?  How can sounds help keep us safe?  Can you design something that makes sound?

*Magnets– What is a magnet? What are magnets attracted to?  What makes magnets attract?  What makes magnets repel?  Can I find uses for magnets?  Can I identify ways that magnets are used in everyday life?

Current Events and HOT Topics week of August 21-25, 2017

Solar Eclipse Excitement!  Students will view the solar eclipse via live stream/closed circuit in class.  The event will be broadcast from Kennesaw Mountain High School and we will be able to safely see this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.  Remember, any parents and families that are checking their students out early should plan to be in the front office before 1.30 pm on Monday, August 21 (expect delays and plan accordingly).

The links on the Homework sheet are posted on the Learning Resources page of this blog.  Please help your firstie master identifying continents and oceans.  They will be assessed on this standard as well as knowing their address, city, county, state, nation, and continent.  Believe it or not, the quarter is almost at the mid-point and we will be focusing on Science beginning next week.

Check out a few pictures of some of our learning experiences over the past few weeks.


Current Events and HOT topics week of August 14-18

The Solar Eclipse 2017 will take place on Monday, August 21, 2017.  Your child should have brought a letter home about this natural, once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon regarding the dismissal changes and school board’s policy on this date.  The letter sent is also posted below.  If you plan to keep your child home, or check them out early, please notify me via Remind app, a note in the daily folder, or send a note/email.  This will help me to prepare for the events in regard to numbers or to have your student ready for an early release should you choose to do so.  Otherwise, students will not dismiss until 3.15 pm (45 minutes later than normal schedule).  All of the adjustments to the day are with the safety of your children in mind; many students are excited about this rare occurrence and are asking questions and wondering what it will be like.  We will view the eclipse via closed circuit television inside our classroom.