May 18

CSI: The Froggy Fiasco

Yesterday, students were assigned a role as either a CSI Agent or a USATESTPREP Participant.

Image result for detectivesUSA Testprep Participants are required to complete the assigned quizzes which have already been loaded to their school accounts. All quizzes must be completed by Monday before they take the Science Final Exam

CSI Agents have been collecting evidence to determine who killed Cupcake, a beloved frog. Today students had to submit their proposals which documented who should be arrested, what evidence supports their claim, and their rationale behind the motive of murder.

After proposals were submitted today, all students were invited to participate in the frog autopsy. We will finish on Friday with the internal dissection. (If you want gloves, you will need to provide them)

Final Exam is Monday, May 22 for those who did not earn exemption.

May 11

Science SLO Today

Today students took the Science Standards Learning Objectives Assessment. Most of you did extremely well. I am so proud of you. 🙂

Tomorrow, we will be meeting in the Think-Tank (media center) to finalize our Classification products and submit to Edmodo. You will have about 35 minutes in class to format and revise your group’s final product before uploading it to Edmodo.

Components of the Project: 

  1. Provide an OVERVIEW that evaluates historical models of how organisms were classified based on physical characteristics and how that led to the six kingdom system (6 pics, one of each kingdom)
  2. Include pictures of organism(s) from each of the kingdoms (give scientific names using the correct binomial nomenclature)
  3. Compare & contrast Eubacteria to Archaebacteria      (2 pics)
  4. Compare & contrast Fungi to Plants                 (2 pics)
  5. Compare & contrast Protists to Animals   (2 pics)
  6. Create and include a dichotomous key of the six kingdoms (6 pics, one of each kingdom- can not be the same as #1)
  7. Bibliography Section (where you list all of the sources you used )


Make sure you have your assigned research and illustrations inserted or ready to insert into your groups final product. Remember all members are responsible for items 2 & 7. (Be sure to put your name behind your references)



May 10

2017 McClure Olympics

2017 McClure Olympics

McClure Olympics week is May 15-19.  This is a super fun week for our students.  Each grade level will have a field day and we need your help to make it run smoothly.  Every event is lead by a teacher(s).  Volunteers are needed to support them. Please see Sign Up Genius for volunteer opportunities. You may sign up for any time slot and any day even if it’s not your child’s field day. We need you!! Thank you for your support.