February 6


Today’s Activities:

A. NEW Response Page, Purple…RP #1…Turn in Cardiovascualr Cartoons (Vocabulary Squares)

B. Blood Pathway Review Worksheet

C. Heart Attach.. Today we watched what happens if your cells do not get oxygen and how the circulatory system serves the need your cells have for oxygen.

D. Save Your Job..Kidneys Presentation

E. The Excretory System…What organs do you think belong to this super system?

Homework: Lungs Present tomorrow!



February 3


Today’s Activities:

A. Intro. to the Urinary System… Students were assigned to read pages 1005 to 1009 in the Biology Textbook. A graphic organizer was provided to document main ideas from the reading.

B. Anatomical Reference Manual: Students were assigned to add the Urinary System to their manuals. Thte following items must be included: ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, kidney (nephron, renal cortex, renal medulla, renal pelvis, renal artery, renal vein)


ENZYME LABS are due Monday

Digestion and Urinary EXAM will be Thurday, February 9th

Don’t forget to work on your CASE Study Projects.

February 3


Today’s Activities:

We had a substitute today…I wonder who won the BEST CLASS Award?

A. RP #10….Turn in Response Pages!

B. Bill Nye Video…. Blood and Circulation A video Quiz was given over this material and was collected for a grade. If you were absent, complete section review questions 1-5 on page 611 and questions 1 -4 on page 615.

C. Ya Gotta Have heart… Students were provided with a heart and a set of coordinates for each part of the heart. They had to plot the points on the heart and label idenitfy the part.  On the back, students had to sequesnce the flow of the blood through the heart and review the parts of the heart.

Homework: Finish reading pages 606-615 in your textbooks and complete your Vocabulary CARTOON Squares …..Due: Monday

ANNOUNCEMENT: Human Body Unit Exam is Monday, February 13th


February 2


Today’s Activies:

A. Warm-Up: Response Page….How does the length of the food tube compare to a person’s height?

B. Enzyme Lab… Today we experimented to determine which has more of the enzyme catalase..liver or potato. So, what did you find out?

If you did not finish..here is some Data you can use. How does your compare?

Cubed Liver: diameter – 16.5 cm, reaction time 211 sec, rate: 4

Observations: It was fizzy, warm, and the liver floated.

Cubed potato: diameter – 13.5 cm, reaction time 360sec,  rate: 3

Observations: It fizzed, floated, but was not warm.

Mashed liver: diameter – 17 cm, reaction time 97sec, rate 5

Observations: It was warm, very bubbly, and explosive.

Mashed potato: diameter – 17cm, reaction time 360 sec, rate 3

Observations: It was slightly warm, floated, and bubbled.

Homework: Finish your LAB Questions

Don’t forget to work on your ARM and your Case Study Projects!

February 2


Today’s Activities:

A. RP #9…Identify the systems

B. Save Your Job…. Blood and Heart Presentations

C. Blood Notes..See Mrs. Pangburn for this sheet.


Vocabulary Squares: Complete your cartoons for each term. (on back of blood sheet)

February 1


Today’s Activities:

A. Digestive Trails… Today we watched a video clip simulating the passage of food through the digestive system. This evoked all kinds of questions. We had some great dialogue aaabout the functions and dysfunctions of the digestive system. http://nature.ca/discover/exm/blddgstvsystm/index_e.cfm

B. How Long is your food tube? Students had to measure the length of their food tube and compare it to their height? What generalizatins did you make?

Homework: What is an enzyme? Read the article about enzymes and answer the 8 questions.  We will be conducting an enzyme lab tomorrow.

Don’t forget about your case studies and your ARM!

February 1


Today’s Activities:

A. RP #8…Questions & Answers

B. Finish Tiered Assignment……

Tier A: The Hamburgler…Inform a hamburger what will happen to them as they go through the digestive system. Draw and label a picture of the food tube.

Tier B: Map Quest… Instruct a lost candybar how to find its way through the digestive system. Be sure to have a labeled map with arrows illustrating the way.

Tier C. Adventures of a Candybar….As a sugar molecule tell aboput your adventures as you travel through the digestive system. Describe the path you choose…Were you eliminated as waste or did you get absorbed into the blood stream?…Then what happened next? Be sure to include a cartoon to go with your story!

HOMEWORK:  Finish your your Tiered Activity Stories. Due: Thursday2/2

January 31


Today’s Activities:

A. Daily Dive in.. What do you know about the terms Chemical, Mechanical, and Absorption?

B. Anatomy I Exam results are in.. How did you do?  Did you make the A- Team?  Rewards are tomorrow!

C. Read pages 1020- 1024 in your textbook, complete the visual organizer about the digestive system.

D. ARM… Add an illustration of the digestive system to your Anatomical Reference Manual. All the components needed for this page are listed on the wall in the classroom.

Homework: Work on your Case Study Project

January 31


Today’s Activities:

A. RP #7.. Turn in your Carrot Lab

B. Digestion..Metaphorically Speaking…Today we compared the parts of the digestive sytem to the functions of everyday items. We learn so much from observing how our bodies work. 

C. Tiered Assignment….A. The Hamburglar (Today we practiced learning the parts and basic functions of the digestive system) B. MapQuest (Today we strengthened our knowledge of the parts of the digestive system and what they do) C. Adventures of a Candy Bar (Today we learned some new vocabulary that is associated with the digestive system)


Presentation Schedule:

Thursday- Heart and Blood

Monday – Kidney

Tuesday – Lungs

Thursday – Brain

*ANATOMY EXAM is Monday February 13th. Know your Systems, Parts, and Functions!

January 30


AC Science

AC Doctors in Training had the following activities going on today:

  • You took your first Anatomy Exam.  It was over the Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems. 

  • I will be checking the  progress on the Anatomical Reference Manual.  Three drawings should have been completed:  skin, bone composition, and types of joints. We will begin the organs of the digestive system tomorrow.

  • If you had the opportunity, you worked with your partner on the script for your case study presentation. I will collect your Reflection coupon on Wednesday to see your status.

  • Homework:  Did you have everything completed above?  If not, work on them tonight. You are awesome! Have a great evening.