October 8

The Nitrogen Cycle


  • Image result for nitrogenToday students took on the personification of a nitrogen atom. They had to determine their destiny with the role of a die and describe their adventure in the form of a journal entry. I can’t wait to read about your journey.

Tomorrow we will be working on our PBL ” The only Good Wolf…” Presentation in class. Be sure to bring any needed materials with you.

Homework: Watch “The Water Cycle”, a Study Jam Video 


 and Take a Quiz. 

Matter Quiz: 10/10

Ecology Exam: 10/17

October 7

The Carbon Cycle

Complete the reading assignment using:  Windows to the Universe

and then Play the game: The Carbon Cycle Game

carbon cycle game

Homework: Watch video: Carbon Cycle and take the quiz. Be prepared to turn in your answers. (You may write the answers on a notecard and letters are fine)

If you did not complete and turn in your carbon cycle sheet today in class, them you need to finish and turn in tomorrow.

The “Lichen” lab needs to be turned in no later than Friday. Be sure to label you axis on your graph. The Y axis should be “Gain in Mass” with the units expressed as mg/cm2 and the x axix should be Months.

October 6

Media Center News

The media center is looking for some input!
  • How would you like to choose what books & equipment we buy? (What books do we NEED? What types of equipment should students be able to check out?)
  • What about party planning? (Teen Read Week, All Hallow’s Read, Read Across America, Teen Tech Week…the list goes on & on!)
  • Do you want to create some awesome displays? (We need some fresh ideas in here!)
  • Would you like to write some guest blog posts for this blog? (Reviews of books, apps, websites, movies based on books…)
If you are interested in joining a dynamic team who will take our media center to the next level of awesome, complete the form on Mrs. Harpin’s blog. We’ll be in touch soon.
October 6

What is a Lichen?

Today we reviewed over the Relationship quiz. The results were amazing.  Great Job! Students then began to research the mysterious “Lichen”. What is it? What two organisms are in this symbiotic relationships and what do they do for each other?  Students were able to view this creature under a microscope and sketch out what one looks look up close. Students also had to graph a lichens growing patterns, analyze the data and write a conclusion explaining the difference in the rate of growth over a period of one year. If you did not finish this in class, you will have a little time during class tomorrow to work on it. 

Homework:  Finish Cycling of Matter Notes ( Diagram each cycle: water, carbon, and nitrogen) and identify what is taking place during the major processes within each cycle. 

FINAL EXAM:  Oct. 17th (next Fri)   

October 3

Relationships QUIZ

Today students took a quiz on the various relationships within an ecosystem.

After the quiz, students began taking Notes on how Matter is Cycled, using Chapter 19 from the online textbook.  Pages: 508-511

In the Notebook, page 20,

1. Illustrate and label each cycle: Water, Carbon, and Nitrogen

2. Decide on a starting point and number the steps

3. Describe how the “matter” goes from one thing to another within the diagram.

Homework: Finish “Cycling of Matter” diagrams…due Tuesday

In case you wan to update your table of Contents for your Notebook, here is a picture of the TOCphoto (9)

October 2

Relationships in Review

Today students watched a short video in which they had to observe several relationships within various ecosystems. Students had to identify pairs of organisms, determine the type of relationship, and explain why they chose this relationship. Students recorded this information in their Notebooks as Item 19.

Students then were provided with class time to work in their PBL “Wolf” groups. PBL’s due October 13th. 

Homework: Relationship Quiz is tomorrow. Review using your vocabulary note cards and Items: 15 – 19 in your notebook. 

Practice Quiz


October 1

Competition Lab Due!

Today students used class time to complete their analysis and conclusion for their Competition Population Lab. Notebooks should have been turned in before leaving class today.

Homework: Complete Symbiotic Relationships Review Sheet…due Thurs. 

Relationship QUIZ is Friday!

September 30

How does competition affect population growth? Virtual Lab

Population Growth Virtual Lab

Today students worked in the PC mini-lab with a partner to complete a Population Lab. Students were provided with a rubric to aid in writing their lab report. See attached: population biology competition virtual online lab rubric   Make sure you use the following headings:




Data Table: ( you may cut and paste the table provided into your notebook)

Graph: (There will be  two graphs drawn)

Homework: Complete data collection and graphs…due Wednesday!

We will work on the Analysis questions and conclusion in class tomorrow before visiting the symbiotic station rotation activity.



September 29

“The Only Good Wolf is a Dead One” Collaboration Time

Please check grades in Synergy, they have been updated. Any questions?

Students were provided with a rubric today which details how they will be graded on their Fox and Mice Experiment. As a class, we used the rubric to self-grade the notebook lab. Students then turned in their self-assessments and their notebook for me to grade. 

Students then used laptops and BYOD to begin constructing their PowerPoints for their PBL Presentations “The Only Good Wolf is a Dead One”. Students were instructed to upload their work in progress onto Edmodo so that their groups could have access to the works in progress. 


Homework: Log onto Edmodo and make sure you are able to access your group. Work on your PBL by adding at least one additional component to the overall presentation. Post a picture,  a paragraph, information you want to add to a slide, or an idea or question. If you add any additional slides to the PowerPoint, be sure to re-upload the edited copy onto Edmodo and note what you added so that your group stays informed.