April 25

Revisiting Biomes, Adaptations, and Relationships

Funny Bear with Dog PictureWe are now more than half way through CRCT testing. Today students rotated to collect information about biomes, animal adaptations and symbiotic relationships. If you did not turn in your poster today, be sure that I receive it on Monday.

Begin thinking about what antibacterial products you want to test next week (hand sanitizers, mouth wash, ect…) You will need to bring in three products per group on Tuesday.


Stars and Strikes permission forms and $15.00 is due Monday. There will be no acceptance of late forms.

April 24

Life Science Review

Today stuents took the Language Arts portion of the CRCT.

In class, we played a review game as other students finished working on their Biome Posters.


Stars and Strikes Field forms are due no later than MONDAY, APRIL 28th.

If you have not turned a signed  student enrollment form for next school year, please do so immediately. If you can not find the original form which was sent home with each student, let me know and I will send hime an enrollment form to fill out.

April 23

Cells and Systems Review


In class, we reviewed over cell parts and functions as well as processes such as diffusion, respiration, photosynthesis, and reproduction.  Then, we began reviewing over the body systems including parts and functions.

For those of you that did not bring a book to read during testing, be sure to bring one tomorrow and have it with yiu throughout the entire testing timeframe. Thanks!


ALL Fieldtrip forms ( aquarium and Stars and Strikes) are due Monday, April 28th. There is no extension of time.

April 22

CRCT Begins Tomorrow!

Today in class students were provided with time to work on their Creature Comforts fo the Finicky Frog Poster (This is not a project!) Students who turned this in began working on their cell parts and function  and body systems review charts or used the time to work on other assignments they needed to complete.

Tomorrow the CRCT Testing begins. Each student needs to bring 2 -#2 pencils, no mechanical pencils are allowed to be used on the test. Students must also bring a fiction book to read. Students are not allowed to have any technology related device in the classroom during testing ( phones, i-pods, kindles, watches that beep, ect…)

Reminders: Tennessee Aquarium and Stars and Strikes field Trip forms are due no later than Monday, April 28th.

Homework: Get plenty of rest and eat a hearty breakfast. (You can bring a snack to eat after testing)

April 21

Creature Comforts of the Finicky Frog

 We leaped into our review of the science standards in preparation for the CRCT.  The focus for today was ECOLOGY! 


File:Foja-mountains-new-species-discovered-frog 20352 600x450.jpg

Although you had a sub today, you guys began an assignment titled “Creature Comforts of the Finicky Frog.”    Checklist and Instructions: Creature Comforts    Each person was given a designated biome where they “discovered” a new species of frog.  You had to share the characteristics of the biome, adaptations the frog has to survive in the biome, relationships within the biome (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, predator/prey, and competition), and the flow of energy through the biome  (food web and energy pyramid).  You should have been able to finish this task in class. However, if you need more time, your diagram and information chart are due on Wednesday.

Homework:  Continue working on the “Creature Comforts of the Finicky Frog.”  Don’t forget your USA Testprep assignment is due on Tuesday, April 22.


April 18

Frog Dissection

frog label

Today our introductory activity for FROG WEEK was the dissection of a grassfrog.  You guys explored the external and internal structures of the frog.   Now you should have a better idea of the organs and systems we have been studying about during our anatomy unit.  If you did not finish in class, we will complete the lab sheets next week to submit for scoring.

Homework:  USA TESTprep is due on Tuesday.

April 17

CRCT Review

Warm-Up: CRCT Review Questions

Today students were provided some extended time today to complete their Evolution/Taxonomy Exam. If you finished your exam on Wednesday, you received your exam score in class today. Many of you did very well. Great Job!

USATestprepAll students also  received individualized review packets for the CRCT.

These assignments are due by April 22, Tuesday. Turn in the CRCT USATEST Prep log on Tuesday. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning your individual perscription to strengthen your weak areas.

April 16

Evolution/Taxonomy Exam

Warm-Up: CRCT Review Questions

Looks like our travels with Charles Darwin and the study of EVOLUTION by natural selection have come to a close.  Hope you enjoyed your trip and learned a lot about how organisms change over time to adapt to their environmental conditions.  Today you took the exam. If you were absent, be sure to schedule a make-up date.

Homework:  Don’t forget that your CRCT/USA Testprep assignment is due on April 22. 


  • Renaissance Permission and Money for Stars and Strikes
  • Field Trip Permission and Money for Tennessee Aquarium
April 15

Color Variation in Venezuelan Guppies

Warm-Up: CRCT Review Questions

Today we revisited the theory of evolution by Natural Selection. Students were provied with some background information and data on the guppies in Venezuela as well as the pools (water) they were found. Students were challenged with a Topic Question: What caused these trends in the color variation of the guppies? Students worked as a collaborative group to develop a claim (theory), dispay evidence that supported their theory and then justify their claim by explaining how the evidence supports their claim. Students presented their arguments to other class mates, then revisited and revised their initial claim before turing them in.


Evolution/Taxonomy Test is Wednesday. (Use your notebook as your study guide)

All students will be provided with an individualized packet for CRCT Review on Wednesday. Students need to complete all 4 tasks by April 22nd.

April 14

Grades…Did you notice a change?

I was just informed today that my gradebook was not calculating the grades correctly by appropriate weights: tests/performance tasks 50%, classwork labs/quizzes 40%, and warm-ups, notebook, and practice activities 10%. Fortunately, this issue was fixed however, you will notice that some of your overall grades did change.