March 4

Cartoon Genetics

Warm-up: 030413

Classwork: Students randomly inherited DNA codes for various genes within a chromosome. Students used the information inhereted to construct a cartoon character.  (see Mrs. Pangburn for materials)

Write a paragraph on page 41 in your notebook using the following terms; DNA, gene, chromosome. inheritance  to explain how DNA determines what you look like.

What’s Due:

USA Testprep redo’s by Friday

Friday, March 15th is the Quarter 3 Final Exam.

March 1

DNA Extraction LAB

Warm-Up: Questions020413

Classwork:  Today students turned in their DNA models and then participated in a DNA Extration Lab. Students were to use proper lab technique to extract DNA from their cells. DNA lab questions were to be turned in upon completion of the lab.

What’s due:

DNA Model…due Monday

DNA Lab questions..due Monday

February 28

How is DNA related to genes?

Warm-Up: 022513

Classwork: Today we reviewed over the components of DNA. Students were instructed to create a Gene, a strand of DNA, using the rules of how a DNA molecule is constructed or put together. See attached powerpoint: DNA Notes  The students had to then decide what trait the gene was going to represent.

What’s due: Finish DNA Model..due Friday

February 27

Now Introducing…DNA!

Warm-Up: 022513

Classwork: Students worked on reviewing genetic concepts, then were given the opportunity to retake the genetics quiz.  Students were theninstructed  to read pages 144- 147 in their textbook and take notes in their notebook on page 38.Students were informed to take notes that will provide information about the function and structure of DNA. If provided with certain elements, do they have enough information in their notes to create a” model” of DNA?

What’s Due:

Finish DNA Notes…due Thursday

February 24

Genetic Stations


New Response Page, RP Questions

Current grades were written in agendas today.


Today students were placed in groups based on their Genetics Quiz scores. Students will be using class time to review concepts at different levels of difficulty. Each student must complete all 3 assigned tasks for their group.

Group A

Brain Pop –    Watch the “heredity” Video & take quiz

Study Guide – Complete one page at a time and show Mrs. P before moving on to next page

Punnet Squares Online Review –

Group B

Zork Genetics – Complete and show Mrs. P each page before moving on to the next

Dragon Meiosis – This needs to be done with a partner. You need to get a set of stix (one set is female and one set is male) Read and follow directions

Alien Orphanage – Get the orange packet which provides you with information about the traits and a white sheet which is your data analysis page.

Group C

Alien Orphanage – Get the green packet which provides you with information about the traits and a white sheet which is your data analysis page. Submit results to Mrs. P before moving to next task.

Blood Typing Simulation –  Get the directions from Mrs. P (orange sheet)   (use the quick game)

Solve the Crime

What’s Due:

We will continue working on stations in class tomorrow!

February 22

Genetics and DNA

Warm-Up: Review RP Question, all students were to turn in their blue response pages today.


Today we quickly reviewed over Genetics vocabulary and how to create and analyze a punnett square. Students took a quiz to test their knowledge. Monday will be used to revisit the concepts missed or learn how genetics is applied in the real world. After the quiz, students explored DNA by visiting the following website:

DNA Workshop Link:

February 21

The Blue People of Troublesome Creek

Warm-Up: Response Page questions 021913

Classwork: Today students watched Bill Nyes: Genes to review basic genetic information. Students were then introduced to The Blue People of Troublesome Creek. After reading the article about this family, The students applied to priniples of genetics to explain HOW Benjy Stacy inherited blue skin.

What’s Due:

Genetics QUiZ –  FRIDAY

February 19

Let’s Work!

Today students worked on reviewing the genetics vocabulary in the form of a crossword puzzle. Students were then provided classtome to complete their Genetics directed raading assignment and USA Testprep Ecology Review assignment.

What’s Due:

Usa testprep Log..due Wed 2/20

February 14

Genetics with a Smile

Warm-Up: Today students needed to turn in the Genetics directed reading packets and complete theri warm-up response page questions.


Students were introduced to several additional vocabulary terms which were added to their notebooks (pg. 31 & 33). See attachedGenetics Vocabulary Review

Students then had to apply these terms to create their smiley face. Put these on page 34  in your notebook) 

Homework: Finish your Smiley Face Genetics…see attached phenotypesGenetics with a Smile