December 17

Cells-Tissues-Organs- Systems – Organisms

Today we discussed the specialization of cells:

A Stem Cell Story Video

Students took an open-note quiz over the cell cycle. If you were absent, be prepared to take the quiz on Friday. You will need to come in Friday morning or come during your 1st or 2nd second class to make up.

The CYTOLOGY Final Exam is tomorrow. See yesterday’s blog for study resources.  

December 15

The Cell Cycle

Do you know the 3 main parts of the cell cycle? Do you know what happens within the cell during interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase?

Today students watched a video that highlights the different stages a cell goes through as it grows, develops, and divides.  Students took notes to help them gain knowledge in order to answer the following questions:

What are the different phases of the cell cycle?

What happens  to the cell during each phase?

What do the chromosomes look like during each phase?

Since I can not post the video to the blog, here is a resourceful internet site that you can use: The Cell Cyle.  Today we only focused on the cell cycle including events that take place during Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis.


Complete the Cells Concept Map as a general review for the unit – due Tuesday: cell concept map

Week at a Glance: 

Monday: Cell transport review, cell cycle video and notes, cells concept map

Tuesday: Oreo Cookie Mitosis

Wednesday: Mitosis Quiz (10 questions), Which patient has cancer?, and What is a stem cell video clip?

Thursday: Cytology Final Exam

Friday: Holiday Event


December 15

Sign Up for Holiday Event

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December 11

Cell Energy Quiz

Today students took a quiz over the production of cell energy including the processes of respiration and photosynthesis. Students were able to use any notes or information from their notebooks to aid them.

After the quiz students were to read pages 98-101 on mitosis and 126-129 on meiosis in preparation for our unit on cellular reproduction. After reading the material, compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis using the chart provided: mitosis vs meiosis

Here is another visual that you can use to help compare the processes: Mitosis and Meiosis illustration


Finish reading about mitosis and meiosis using the Life Science textbook and complete the compare/contrast chart. 

Life Science published by Holt Science and Technology


username: mscience45

password: 12345

Finish Plants and Energy Conclusion and turn in no later than Friday. 


December 10

Plants Photosynthesize and Respirate!

Today students collected and analyzed their data so determine if and when plants photosynthesize and respirate. students need to write their conclusions using the CER format.  C = Claim (Which of the three claims provided best explain photosynthesis and respiration in plants?) E = Evidence ( Describe your evidence include color changes and what they indicate in both Part A and B of the experiment) R = Rationale (What does the data mean? What does the data indicate about photosynthesis ans respiration in plants? Be sure to incorporate the terms respiration and photosynthesis. )

Tomorrow we will have a quiz over “How cells obtain energy”. You may use your notes and questions which are in your notebook on this quiz.


Biology Review questions are due Thursday. 

Go to
Access code:

Plants and Energy lab Conclusion is due no later than Friday, most of you turned this in today. 

December 10

7th grade Holiday Event

On Friday, December 19 from 2:45-4:15 PM we will be having our 7th grade holiday event. We will serve a Subway sandwich, chips, a cookie and a drink for $6.00. We will start collecting money each morning starting Thursday, December 11. Please send in all the money by Wednesday, December 17. We also need help with the event and collecting money. If you would like to help, please sign up at

December 9

Photosynthesis and Respiration in Plants

Today students set up their Plants and Energy Lab Experiments. Students set up an experiment to determine if plants photosynthesize in the light, dark, or both.  They also set up an experiment to determine if plants remove O2 to respirate and if so do they respirate in the light, dark or both. We will analyze results tomorrow.

Students were given class time to work on Photosynthesis and Respiration review questions from the Biology Textbook


Finish Biology Text Review Questions…due Thursday

Biology published by Glencoe Science

Online:    code: f4dd8b79e6

Cell Energy Quiz is Thursday

Practice Questions for respiration and photosynthesis @: