More Cell Transport

Today we reviewed over the term “concentration gradient” and practiced determining the direction molecules would diffuse according to the concentration gradient present in diagrams. We practiced using diagrams the direction molecules move during passive transport.   Students then answered 10 questions to measure their level of comprehension. 

What’s due: 

Cell Transport QUIZ…FRIDAY

Cell Comic Story…due Nov. 18th


Cell Membrane: Structure and Function

Warm-Up Questions: What structure regulates what can enter or leave the cell?

Today students were introduced to key vocabulary terms involving the cell membrane and its transport mechanisms. Review the Powerpoint:  CellMembranes  Students are to read pages 90-93 in their textbook and identify the main ideas and key concepts about the different ways that molecules are transported in and out of the cell.  We began these notes in class and students are to complete their notes and the graphic organizer provided in class today. Check your knowledge and understanding of cell transport mechanisms by taking the practice quiz: practice quiz

What’s due: 

Read pages 90-93, take notes on main ideas and concepts, and complete graphic organizer on transport mechanisms….due Tuesday

Cell Comic Story due Nov. 18



Cyber Safety, Social Networking, and Dangers

Cyber Safety, Social Networking, and Dangers – The Kennesaw Mountain Counseling Department and KMHS PTSA are pleased to be able to provide our school and community with a very informative and eye-opening presentation about Internet Safety and Social Networking. There will be a video, prevention and opportunity for Q&A. Our guest speakers include Dr. Patti Agatston, a licensed professional counselor and prevention specialist with the Cobb County School District’s Prevention/Intervention Center in Marietta and Lt. Everitt Cebula with the Cobb County Special Victims Unit.
  • When:  November 19th @ 7:00 p.m.
  • Where:  KMHS Theatre
This evening is open to the community at large, so please feel free to invite a neighbor or friend. The information shared at this presentation is focused for teenager through adult audiences. For questions, please contact the KMHS Counseling Department at 678.594.8190.

A Cellular Comic Book Story

Warm-up Question: (RP #5) Sketch an animal cell and label the mitochondria, nucleus, membrane, cytoplasm, and chromosomes.

Today students took a quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the cells and their parts. We then discussed the expectations of their comic book story assignment. See attached: Cell Superhero Comic Story. I provided students with a template to begin planning their stories. The final draft can be published by student choice. Technology is not required, but can be used as an option for publishing their story. Refer to the attached document to review the elements of a story: KK_FiveEssentialElements

What’s Due: 

Cellular Comic Book Stories…due Nov. 18

Cell Tiered Activities continued…..

Today students finished working in their tiered groups to learn about the parts of a cell and their functions. Students will be retaking the Cell Parts and Function Quiz tomorrow. If you did not show me your cell illustrations today, be sure you are ready to show me tomorrow. Also, if you did not complete cell city or Marty’s organism in class today, you need to finish it for homework. Students will finish the cells microscope lab after they take the quiz tomorrow. 

What’s due: 

Cell City sheet

Marty’s Organism

Quiz tomorrow

“Cells” Tiered Activities

Students were placed in groups today to further study cells and their parts. Students will be working on the activities listed in their Tiered Group Wednesday and Thursday in class. Students will be re-taking the Cells Quiz on Friday.

Tier 1: 

Cells Alive…..How Big Cell Exploration

Scavenger Hunt..Can you relate the parts of a cell to the school?

Cell City …How to the parts of a cell function like the parts of a city?

Microscope Lab..Compare plant and animal cell parts using the microscope.

Tier 2:

Cell City  – How to the parts of a cell function like the parts of a city?

Microscope Lab – Compare plant and animal cell parts using the microscope.

Marty’s Organism – Marty the Martian brought back a car which he thought was living.  Justify why Marty thought a car was living by sketching and labeling the parts of the car using the parts of a cell. On a separate sheet of paper create a chart that explains how  the parts of a car are related to the parts of a cell. ( If cars bore you, select some other item Marty may have mistaken as living such as a computer or iPod). Extend your mind…

Plants -vs- Animal Cells

Today we reviewed over the parts and functions of cells before taking a quiz. Students then created an illustration of a plant cell and an animal cell in their notebooks. The illustrations must have a color coded legend which indicates the names of the parts present in each type of cell. See attached: Plant and Animal Cell biological drawing guidelines Thanks to Karli Y, here is a link to the Biology online textbook (it is only the cells chapter though) Biology textbook: Cells chapter


Students will be retaking the Quiz on Friday. 

What’s due; 

Cell Illustrations are due Thursday! ( unless told otherwise)

What is a Cell?

Today we began our exploration of cells. Student watched the introduction video: Cells.  Students will need to be able to identify the parts and functions of cells and compare and contrast the parts of bacteria, plant, and animal cells. 

In class, students used the Biology textbook pages 185 – 200 and the Life Science textbook pages 63 – 74 to identify the parts  of bacteria, plant, and animal cells as well as the functions of those parts. Students had to create charts to organize the information in a meaningful way. All students should hve gotten the parts and functions completed in class. Complete the comparison chart at home. Use the attachedas a guide: cell parts chart

What’s due:

Finish and Review over your notes  (Functions & Comparison chart) from today. 

Students will take a quiz Tuesday. Students will need to be able to identify the parts and functions of cells and compare and contrast the parts of bacteria, plant, and animal cells. 

Tying up Lose Ends!

Today we had the  Renaissance celebration. Good Job Renaissance achievers…keep up the great work!

Section 3/4 did not meet today. All other students had to turn in their USA Test-Preps and Characteristics Paragraph for grading. 

In class, section 1/2 finished up their murder and a mystery lab and marshmallow molecule lab and turned them in to be graded.  Sections 7 & 8 used class time to work on timeline research or for finishing their characteristics paragraph while watching “The Lorax”.  

What’s due: 

Scientists and the discovery of cells Timeline is due Monday!  

Rubric: cell theoryl_timeline_assignment

(Make sure your illustrations are relevant…I do not want pictures of the scientists themselves.)


Murder and a Meal Mystery

Today students played the role of crime lab technicians as they had to analyze  evidence to determine where the victim ate his last meal. The students conducted four tests to identify macro-molecules that were present in the victims last meal. Where was his last meal? Section 1/2 will finish their lab tests on Friday. All other classes should have turned in their test results and conclusions before they left class today. 

What’s due: 

Characteristics of Life Paragraph – due Friday

USA TestPrep due Friday

Timeline…due Monday