August 12

August 12-16

Our building team is well underway and we are on our way to some great learning opportunities!  Thank you again to all of my helpers who have been coming in to help prepare for each week.  I am so appreciative of all of your help.

Here is a look at what is happening next week….

Phonics Focus:  cvce (silent e)

This past week students came home with a list of cvc (short vowel words) to practice.  This week’s words were a review from first grade.  The goal of this week was not to challenge ourselves with words, but to learn and understand the process of how we do phonics in our classroom.  Next year our focus will be on the cvce (silent or magic e) pattern.  Students will be coming home with a list of words on Monday.  These words may be practiced at home each night using any strategy that works best for your child (flashcards, www., shaving cream, etc..).  On Thursday, students will take a pre-test with their pre-determined partner.  If they score 100%, they do not have to test on Friday, otherwise please have them study the words I have marked for their final test on Friday.  They will come home on Thursday with their scored pre-test in their homework pocket for you to see.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns throughout the week about spelling.

Reading: Story Elements 

We will continue to work on identifying story elements: characters, solution, problem, solution, beginning, middle, and end. When you’re reading at home here are some comprehension questions to ask your child…

Who are the characters in the story?
What is the setting of the story? Where does the story take place?
What was the problem in the story?
What was the solution in the story?
Can you retell the story from beginning to end?

Writing: Narrative

We will continue to zoom in on special memories & choose a small moment or tiny topic to write about. In grammar, we will focus on the components of a complete sentence- noun & verb. We will start by simply identifying whether a sentence is complete or incomplete.

Math:  Ways to Write a Number/ Number Forms

We will continue to work on writing the different forms of a number: standard, expanded, base ten, and word form. We will also start to help students understand that 12 tens is the same as 120 or 13 tens is the same as 130.

Homework:  Math homework will begin next week.  Work will be coming home on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Please feel free to help your child with homework, or have them complete it independently and you check it.  We will begin our Math lesson the following days by going over math homework together.

Social Studies: Regions of Georgia 

Students will be able to identify the 5 regions of Georgia and the three main rivers.
Regions: Appalachian Plateau, Ridge & Valley, Blue Ridge Region, Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain.
Rivers: Chattahoochee River, Savannah River, and Flint River

Learning Commons/ Book Check-out

We had our orientation with Mrs. Sherman on Thursday, and we are ready to check out books.   We will visit the learning commons each Friday.   I like for kiddos to keep their books for a week, however students may always use the GetEpic website at home with their student login if they need more books to read.

Important Dates to Be on the Lookout For

August 12: Homework & spelling begins

August 22: Picture Day

August 28  Early Release…students dismissed at 12:30

September 2: Labor Day holiday…no school

September 6:  Progress Reports Go Home

September 13:  Rally Hat Fundraiser and Movie Night 6:00

September 19:  Multi-Cultural Night

September 20: Ballet at the Cobb Civic Center (Students Only)

September 23-27: Fall holiday…no school

October 2: Fire Safety Village Visit (Students Only)

October 14-18: Conference Week

August 4

August 4-8

What a rocking first couple of days we had!  I was overwhelmed with the amount of parent helpers, and I cannot say enough about your spectacular kiddos!  So excited to get the week started.

Coming up during the week of Aug. 5-9…

Reading– We will be going over the format and expectations of Reader’s Workshop. Reader’s Workshop consists of a mini-lesson, independent reading time, and student-teacher conferences or small group instruction. We will also begin covering story elements such as characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

Writing– We will introduce Writer’s Workshop to the students. Writer’s Workshop consists of a mini-lesson, independent writing time, and student-teacher conferences or small group instruction. Our first unit is narrative writing. We will kick off the year by encouraging students to brainstorm and write about small moments.

Math– Our first unit is about place value. This week we’ll learn about several ways to write a number: standard form, base ten form, expanded form, word form, and possibly even money form!

Social Studies– We will launch social studies by examining the “story of our state” using 4 different domains. We will introduce four hats which are used to represent the different domains in social studies: history, geography, government/civics, and economics. We will refer back to these hats/domains throughout the year.

Homework & spelling tests will start the week of August 12th, however this week we will practice generating word lists and allow students the opportunity to pick words from the list.  These lists will come home with them on Monday.  Please practice the words with the kiddos nightly.  We will take a practice spelling pre-test on Thursday, and take a test on Friday.  This test WILL NOT be graded.  I want the kiddos to understand the process and begin to get a feel for how to select the right words.  

Have a great week!

Mrs. Pinkard