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April 29, 2019

Hello Families, We will not be having handwritten homework the last 3 weeks of school. Read books with your child and enter them on their reading logs. If you need another reading log let me know. Our zoo trip is Wednesday. If you are chaperoning you can meet us at the zoo or come to the bus parking lot and follow the buses. We will be leaving at 9:15.

In math we’ll be reviewing 10 more and 10 less along with subtraction of multiples of 10.  In reading we’ll be reviewing various standards taught. In writing we’ll be doing informational along with commas in a series. In phonics we’ll be working on the sounds of wr and kn. In science we’ll be reviewing animals and their needs and how they compare to those of plants.

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April 8, 2019

Hello and Welcome to our last 33 days of first grade!! Let’s make them awesome! During the weeks of April 8-May 10 you can only have lunch with your children on FRIDAYS due to testing going on in the building. We have a new Specials time for the remainder of the year. It is 9:00-9:45. In math we’ll be working on addition/subtraction facts within 20. FACTS WITHIN 10 MUST BE KNOWN FLUENTLY. In reading we’ll be working on similarities and differences between 2 texts on the same topic.In writing we’ll be working on Fictional Narratives. Pronouns will be worked in as a grammar lesson. In phonics we’ll be working on the sounds of oi and oy. In SS we’ll be learning about George Washington Carver. Have a wonderful week!

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February 25, 2019

Welcome Back from what I hope was a nice week off! Return your Registration Forms and Envelopes if you have not. Reading Logs will be due this Friday. Remember your child can earn “Pitner Bucks” by turning these in. In Math we’ll be working on Problem Solving within 20. In Reading we’ll be reviewing Retelling stories and understanding the central message(lesson learned from the story). In Phonics we’ll be working on the sounds of ew,ue, and ui. Opinion writing continues. Our Grammar lesson is commas in a series and Dates. In Science we’ll be working on the Basic Needs of Animals. Practice your spelling word list daily if needed.

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February 4, 2019

Hello- February Reading Logs went home last Friday. Start working on those. Have your child read the book aloud to you so you can discuss it. Our Spring pictures will be Feb.14. This will also include our class picture. We will have a Valentine card exchange on Feb. 14. We have 20 students. Please send in a card for each child.Library books are due in on Fridays. In math we’re working on 2 digit numbers plus 1 digit numbers and 2 digit numbers plus multiples of ten. In Reading we’re working on comparing and contrasting adventures and experiences of characters in a story. In Phonics we’re working on the following sounds…er, ur, and ir. Opinion writing continues. In SS we’re working on Theodore Roosevelt.  Week of Feb. 18 is Winter Break.


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January 22, 2019

Wear your BLACK class t-shirt or a black shirt on Wednesday. Please send in a snack with your child each day. Work on Reading logs when possible to earn Pitner Bucks. Lots of good stuff in the school store on our shopping days. In math we’ll be working on addition/subtraction strategies within 20. Practice the math facts within 10. By the 4th quarter children must know them FLUENTLY. In Reading we’ll be working on Who is telling the story at various points of a text. In phonics we’ll be working on the 2 vowel sounds of “y”. One syllable words make the “I” sound and two syllable words make the” e” sound.Opinion writing continues in writing. In SS we’ll be learning about Lewis and Clark with Sacagawea….Study spelling words daily if needed.

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January 7,2019

Hello to 2019!! We are entering the last half of our school year. Hard to believe. In SS this week we’ll be working on continents and oceans. I’m sending home a map of the continents and oceans on it. Please study this with your child because there will be assessments in which they need to label them and individually say them to me.In math we’ll be working on greater than, less than, and equal to along with their symbols <,>, and =. In reading we’ll be working on Retelling stories and understanding their Central Message. In Phonics we’ll be working on the vowel teams ee and ea making the long e sound. In writing for the NEXT NINE WEEKS we’ll be working on Opinion pieces. You can practice these at home with your child by having him/her STATE their opinion followed by REASONS for the opinion and having a CONCLUSION (ending). I’m looking forward to starting a new quarter! 🙂

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December 17, 2018

Thursday and Friday will be Early Release days. Dismissal will be around 12:30. Please send in any transportation changes. Your child will NOT need a snack on these two days.    PLEASE send in a note if your child is absent. These must be turned in within 3 days of their absence    Send in Holiday Party items if you volunteered to bring some. The Holiday Party is Thursday 10:40-11:30.   December Reading Logs are due January 7.   This week parents are not allowed to come up for lunch with their children.   This week your child may dress accordingly: MONDAY is Holiday Character Day   TUESDAY is Candy Stripe Day    WEDNESDAY is Holiday Hat Day  THURSDAY is Holiday Sweater Day and FRIDAY is Holiday PJ Day……………..HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!!!

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December 3, 2018

Hello All….. Dinner with Santa is Friday at 5:00. Send in a picture of your child reading to put up on the “Look Who Got Caught Reading” board.Look for December Reading Logs to come home today. November Logs were due today. In Reading this week we’ll be reviewing Characters, Setting, and Retelling main events. I will also be starting my individual reading tests. In Math we’ll be reviewing addition/subtraction strategies within 20 to help solve word problems within 20. In Phonics we’ll be working on long a sounds spelled ai and ay. Understanding how ai goes in the middle of words and ay at the end(most of the time).In Writing we’re continuing with informational and “How To” writing.In Science we’ll be working on light and shadow. Lastly, I will be out on Wednesday and Thursday this week. My husband is having surgery. Please make sure any transportation changes come in writing. She will be checking folders daily. This is my first time out this year. Please talk with your child about proper behavior. She will be marking their behavior sheets.

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November 16, 2018

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break and time with family and friends. We have 4 more weeks until our winter holiday break. Let’s make them great! Please send in basket donations for our class if you can. The dinner with Santa is Dec. 7. The week of the 26th is our last week for the November reading log. Turn them in on Monday Dec. 3. Your child earns Pitner Bucks for doing this. Return your child’s Progress report signed. Ask your child if he/she needs crayons, pencils, or glue sticks. A lot of the kids are running low.

In reading this week we’ll be continuing with Author’s Purpose and reasons to support it.In math we’ll be working on the understanding of the = sign. Example…4+3=7, 4=3+1, 6=6, 2+5=4+3.In writing we’ll be  writing informational along with “How-to” writings. In Science we’ll be continuing with Sound. In Phonics we’ll be working on th and wh sounds. Contact me with any questions or concerns.

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November 9, 2018


Five more school days then a nice week off for Thanksgiving Break. I hope everyone has a wonderful time. In reading this week we’ll be working on reasons an author gives to support ideas in a text(book). In math we’ll be continuing with various problem solving within 20. In writing we’re still writing about informational pieces. Please practice this at home. In phonics we’ll be working on the  sounds of ch and sh. In science we’ll be learning about Sound and emergency sounds. How do they help us? I hope everyone is working on their November Reading logs. Reading to family members over the break can be fun and a  time to show off how great your child is reading. 🙂 If your child completes 2 full pages(24 books) he/she will receive 8 Pitner bucks. Three full pages(36 books) will be 12 Pitner bucks….and so on. Happy Reading!  And a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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