March 2018

SCIENCE: 4 Short clips discussing (WAVES, TIDES, & Currents).



NOTE:  View Thurman’s & Mann’s

VIEW SOME EXAMPLES &  IDEAS RETRIEVED FROM GOOGLE ONLINE – However ALL  STUDENTS received a format sheet how the  board should look. Students may wear clothing that represent the country, the flag colors of the country, or formal black & white at the cultural fair on FRIDAY during the day.


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October 2017

IT’S CONFERENCE WEEK!!!!!! Please remember to attend “Student Led Conferences” (10/16-20/2017) it is vital to assist your child to continue to make academic gains in the classroom.  


Language Arts:

Students are learning how to utilize reflexive and intensive/reciprocal pronouns this week. Also this week ,students will be reintroduce how to use punctuation (quotation marks, exclamation points, and quotation marks) by writing a completed product, “Punctuating Dialogue Practice”. I have also attached videos to assist students how to avoid run-on and fragment sentences. Please refer to Ms. Thurman’s and Ms. Mann’s blogs for further details of this weeks assignments that must be completed.

Students and Parents here are some links to assist you with homework and building strategies:

Science: 10/03–05/2017

Students are focusing on the formation of Sedimentary Rocks (Rocks & the Rock Cycle)

Please study graphic organizers and view the Sedimentary videos




Students will be learning about NARRATOR’S (1st, 2nd & 3rd) person  POINT of VIEW .


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6th grade Science:


Students this week are studying Igneous Rocks with a fill in blank organizer that will be used as a study guide for a test.  It is labeled Igneous Rocks w/ 4 attach papers w/ pictures.

Vocabulary Terms:

Igneous Rocks: Granite,Obsidian & Pumice

Magma vs Lava

Intrusive vs Extrusive  Igneous Rocks

Erosion, Composition, Deposition & Origin

.Image result for igneous rocks

Free Interactive website below just copy  and paste