April 23 – April 27

ELA Foreign Country Projects: 

Students will be working on their end of the year projects that is 30% of the grade which is do in two weeks.  Please view Mann’s and Thurman’s blogs for detailed information.


Students are learning about air mass and air currents.  Please have students review notes to prepare themselves for the end of the year Earth Science Test.


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Note: 17 more days until school is out!!!

The H20 Cycle, Layers of the Ocean & Maniac Magee


Students are introduced to the layers of the ocean and have received an orange organizer.




H20 Cycle



Introduction to the Ocean:



Students are reading “Maniac Magee” which they are learning new vocabulary every week that is straight from the novel for 6th grade students.   Please note your student has been assigned  to a literature circle (group) which they must participate to complete their assigned assignments for a grade each week.