October 24th-28th, 2016


World Geography-Week of October 17th

Impact of Pollution in Europe

QUIZ Oct 19, Thursday
Project in class/lab  on 10/21 through 10/24, Friday and Monday 
Unit 5 Test, 10/25 on Tuesday
Notebook due on Wednesday, 10/26

12th W. Literature October 17th-21st, 2016

W. Literature, Seniors

Senior Project Stuff

August – Consequences form – DONE

September – Resume – DONE

September – Mentor approval form – DONE

September – Proposal – DONE

October –  Research paper

October – Letter to the judges

November – Mentor hours, verification, and evaluation

November – Senior Project Portfolio




W. Literature, Monday

Seniors, We are in the Media Center to finish your proposals.  

  • You have the Senior project website  http://www.cobbk12.org/Wheeler/Library/SeniorProject/default.html 
  • You must click on FORMS & DOCUMENTS for the online, expanding proposal form.
  • You have the PROPOSAL RUBRIC. Read it! This is how your proposal will be graded.
  • You should know that following instructions is part of the grade.
  • You have the example proposal of how it should be completed on a PROFESSIONAL, FORMAL, SENIOR LEVEL. Read it!

Today is the day to print for your teacher to review it and offer suggestions for improvement.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, you share with 2 teachers who must read over it, and they sign it meaning you did it correctly.

Thursday, it is due to the English teacher.

OOPS! Friday, you deliver it to the late committee teacher.

Good Luck!