Week 8 – Dec. 9-13

Good Morning, Parents/Guardians and Students,

It is hard to believe that it is already Week 8 and that we are almost finished with this quarter 2. I have enjoyed working with all of my students. Here are the planned activities for this week:

8th Graders-The Million Dollar Project (due on Tuesday, Dec. 10th), review for Accounting Quiz on Wed., 12/11, Excel spreadsheet and chart activities for taxes, balance sheets, income statements, a Game Creation Project, EverFi Future Smart Lesson 4, and our continued brain teasers for Hosmer bucks. Our auction will be on the 17th of next week.

7th Graders-Marketing key terms, brainstorming, marketing survey activity, review for Quiz on Marketing Terms (Thurs., 12/12), commercial skits, Business Plan Project (Due Monday, 12/16th), EverFi Venture Lesson 4 The Entrepreneur in You, and Shark Tank activities.

6th Graders-Advanced keyboarding activities, the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix, advertisement activity, a teamwork newsletter creation, and Shark Tank activities.

Week 7 – Dec. 2-6

Welcome back, Students! Hope you had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break! The following activities are planned for this week:

8th Graders–Brain Teasers (Auction on 20th), Review for Test on Wed., Return on Investment Activity, Retirement/Investment Comparisons, Portfolio Investment Game (Competition on Friday), EverFi Future Smart Lessons, Intro. to Accounting Activities, begin the Million Dollar Project (Due on the 10th), and extended learning activities.

7th Graders–Laws of Supply and Demand Activities and Project, Key Terms for Startup of a Business, Intro. to Marketing, EverFi Venture lessons, and extended learning activities.

6th Graders–Keyboarding Activities, FBLA Brochure or other options available, Communications Activities, Email Etiquette Activities, and extended learning activities.



Wk. 6 – Nov. 18-22

These are our planned activities for this week. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving break next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all parents/guardians and students!

8th Graders=Students will be completing brain teasers, deciding on transactions with use of debit or credit, types of insurance and its importance, investments, review study guide (Test on Dec. 4th),  complete Everfi Future Smart Lesson 3 (Ways to Pay), and additional  opportunities for Extended Learning through my website or other.

7th Graders=Students will be finishing their t-shirt project, voting on the best one, comparing costs for t-shirts with different companies, learning about intellectual properties, economic factors of production, EverFi Venture Lesson 3 (Recognizing Business Opportunities and Planning to Start Your Business) with additional opportunities Extended Learning through my website or other.

6th Graders=Students will continue keyboarding skills building, learning about Excel formatting and features by creating an Excel Pixel artwork, create a Kahoot about themselves,  do a Publisher’s Choice Project Activity using Desktop Publisher, do a special Thanksgiving Activity, and Extended Learning Activities.

Wk. 5-Nov. 11-15

8th Grade Activities=Brain Teasers, Compassion/Kindness Discussion Questions, Unit Price Calculations, Compassion Celebration Budget for Kids, Vacation Budget, Extra Credit for Excel Spreadsheets, EverFi Future Smart Lessons, our Auction, and Extended Learning Activities.

7th Grade Activities=Compassion/Kindness Questions, Slogans and Logos Activities, Review Games, Forms of Business Ownership Quiz, Discussions, Sneaker Money Video Activities, Lemonade Stand Profit Competition, EverFi Venture Lessons, Recognizing Business Opportunities and Planning to Start a Business with Designing T-Shirt Project, and Extended Learning Activities.

6th Grade Activities=Test on Computer Basics (rescheduled for Monday because so many students had multiple tests on Friday),  Word Activities (Poem, Business Cards, and Flyers), Desktop Publisher Activities (Bookmark and Thank You Card Projects) , Keyboarding Activities, and Extended Learning Activities.

Week 4-Nov. 4-8

Hello, Students and Parents/Guardians,

Here is the planned activities for the four days this week. Tuesday is a teacher work day–no school for students.

8th graders–Brain Teasers for Hosmer $$$ for upcoming Auction, learning activities on credit, budgets, expenses, starting EverFi – Future Smart with Module 1, and extended learning activities (links on my website).

7th graders–Continuing with EverFi lesson 2 – The Entrepreneur in You, reviewing the forms of business ownership with games, continuing to develop keyboarding skills as warmups, Shark Tank activity, and extended learning activities. Quiz on Forms of Business Ownership (types, advantages, and disadvantages) is scheduled for Friday, 11/8.

6th graders–Continuing with keyboarding development of skills (speed and accuracy), learning about plagiarism, copyright, responsible use of technology, digital etiquette, cyberbullying, online activity with copyright quiz, extra credit challenge quiz online activity, creating an anti-bullying poster, and extended learning activities. We will be reviewing all week for Test on Computer Basics Friday, 11/8. Students should be studying their worksheets and online study guide in 365 Class Notebook and their own handouts folder. They may also review with this link: https://quizlet.com/312392552/computer-system-components-flash-cards/


Week 3-Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Happy Monday, Students and Parents!

The activities for the week are as follows:

8th Graders=brain teasers, parts of a check, writing checks, recording transactions, reading a bank statement, how to do a bank reconciliation, differences in bank cards, reviewing a banking quiz,  taking the quiz on Thursday, and extended learning activities.

7th Graders=communication activities, learning about forms of business ownership, starting EverFi – Venture Entrepreneurial Expedition (online) activities, and extended learning opportunities.

6th Graders=keyboarding skills development, learning computer basics, file management, new technology, and extension activities.

Week 2-October 21-25th

Dear Parents and Students,

We had a great first week! The following are our planned activities for week 2 for each grade level:

8th graders activities for the week include brain teasers for Hosmer $$, keyboarding skill building, work ethics/employability, career interest assessment, career research and PowerPoint, extended learning opportunities, banking activities, extension activities, and Fun Run on Friday.

7th graders activities for the week include keyboarding skill building, work ethics/employability, researching successful entrepreneurs activities, a Parade of Entrepreneurs Project with choices (poster, brochure, presentation, web page, song, or other ideas with approval), extension activities, and a Fun Run on Friday.

6th graders activities for the week include learning to type without looking at your fingers to develop and build successful keyboarding skills, work ethics/employability, a Career Research and PowerPoint Project, extension activities, and Fun Run on Friday.


Mrs. Hosmer

October 14, 2019

Good Morning,

I am excited about meeting all of you for this second quarter and getting to know you. We have a busy nine weeks planned. This week we are on an early release schedule so classes will meet every other day except for Friday. You will learn about class procedures, expectations, and some of the planned class activities. We will be discussing important employability skills/work ethics, careers, and teamwork. We will be doing a few fun icebreaker activities to get to know each other as well.

I look forward to working with you this nine weeks and getting to see your progress and creative talents! Please let me know if there are any concerns or questions throughout the nine weeks.


Mrs. Hosmer




Last Week of this Nine Weeks

8th graders–Students will be learning about new technologies used in financial transactions, digital currencies,  emerging trends in the finance world, and problem-solving. Friday is our class auction–students have been earning Hosmer dollars to bid on auction items. They are looking forward to this exciting event. I am going to miss these eighth graders. They are a delightful group!

7th graders–Students will be learning about elevator pitches and create one for their own business. They will work on EverFi Lesson 4 to be completed by Friday with 80% or better. They will also complete Shark Tank activities to Shark Tank their own business with a short pitch. This has been a wonderful nine weeks with these 7th graders. I hope to see again in my eighth grade class next school year.

6th graders--Students will learn about the importance of a positive company image, company phone etiquette, and marketing their own businesses. They will also complete their Excel spreadsheet showing their continued progress in keyboarding skills (accuracy and speed). This has been a great semester and look forward to seeing these students again in 7th and 8th grade.

Week 9

8th graders–Brain teasers have been added to our activities each day. For correct answers to the brain teasers, students have been earning  Hosmer dollars for our auction on the last day of the nine weeks (10/11). This week activities included completing an income statement in Excel, working on EverFi Lesson 4, learning about capitalism and laws of demand and supply, various business forms, and solving a problem with good teamwork skills. I have enjoyed working with these amazing eighth graders. I wish them the best of luck as they transition to high school next year.

7th graders–Topics for the week included determining startup costs using Excel, and creating their own business project (business plan).  The business project has many different activities involving decision-making skills (start-up questions, logos, slogans, job descriptions, and different types of advertising). This project is an all week project due on Friday. As next week is our last week of this nine-week period. I wanted to share how much I have enjoyed working with these delightful seventh graders. Hopefully, they will be taking the 8th grade class with me next year.

6th graders–My wonderful sixth graders are continuing to improve their keyboarding skills each day (accuracy and speed). This busy week included a focus on communication (listening skills activities, professional emails, teamwork with problem solving puzzle, and public speaking).