Acids and Bases

On Tuesday/Wednesday you took the solutions quiz, took notes on acids and bases, watched a video on acids and bases, and started working on your sweet tea recipe.

On Thursday in class, we discussed acids and bases and focused on the pH scale.

On Friday in class, we are doing a pH lab and working on the sweet tea recipe. Homework is to finish the sweet tea recipe .. it is due at the beginning of class on Monday!

Monday, December 9

On Monday we did a minilab on the solubility of salt in different solvents, studied for the quiz, and introduced acids and bases. Homework is to study for your quiz!!

What should I study??

Chapter 21 Cornell notes
Sweet Tea Lab Part 1 (Factors of Solubility)
Sweet Tea Lab Part 2
Mixtures: Together But Separate Video Notes
Solutions Vocabulary
Solubility Curve Graph
Solubility Curve Practice

Friday, December 6

In class Friday we practiced interpreting solubility curves. H0mework is Cornell notes for Chapter 21, Section 3. You have a solutions quiz on your block day!  If you were absent, your make-up work is in the Friday tray.


In class we are doing part 2 of the sweet tea lab .. how MUCH sugar can we dissolve? Homework is to finish the graph of the class data. Here are the directions for the graph: On a NEW PAGE in your spiral, copy the CLASS data table. Use this data to create a scatterplot. Think about your axes .. what were the dependent and independent variables in this lab? Be sure to label your axes and include a title!

Friday, November 22

Today in class we shared our results from Thursday’s experiments.  If you were absent today, set up a page in your spiral. Call it Factors of Solubility.  Make a chart with three columns … surface area // agitation // surface area.

Watch this video and take notes in the three columns: (Note: you do NOT need to take notes about the pressure section of the video)

I also passed out grade recovery sheets for anyone who made less than an 80 on this week’s test. All grade recovery for this test is on USA Test Prep.  Grade recovery assignments must be completed by the Wednesday after break.

Have a great Thanksgiving Break!!

Thursday, November 21

In class today we designed experiments to test the effect of temperature, agitation, and surface area on the rate of dissolving sugar in water. Homework is to complete the solutions vocabulary chart.

Directions for After Your Test

We are taking the test on the computers in the STEM Lab. Here are your directions for what to do AFTER the test.

Our next unit is on solutions!  We will be doing a lab on Thursday, and you need to get a little background info.

Login into the online textbook (the link is on your right) and select Chapter 21, Section 1 from the menu. Click on the HOT PINK lab manager icon in the Lesson Resources box (it has a flask on it). Select the Virtual Lab: Ratios of Elements.  Follow the directions on the left side of the screen .. make a data table in your spiral to record your data.

After you complete the virtual lab, read Chapter 21, Section 1 of the book and take Cornell notes in your spiral. A good rule of thumb for the notes is one page front and back.

When you finish with the Cornell notes, get a vocabulary chart from me.  If you do not finish the Cornell notes, there are homework (due Thursday).


Monday, November 18

Today we spent the entire class period reviewing for the test.

Here is a copy of the ionic/covalent slide I used in class: ionic vs covalent

I have made 4 different Quizizz games for this test.  Go to and enter the codes below.

Names and Formulas: 400003

Types of Bonds: 571535

Bonding and Reactions: 181063

Atomic Structure: 815467

Friday, November 15

Today in class we wrapped up the chemical reactions investigation, and used colors to balance equations. Your homework is to finish your study guide.

Here are the answers to the Balancing Chemical Equations sheet from Monday’s class.

Still struggling with balancing equations?  Check out this video if you need some help!

We will be spending the majority of class on Monday reviewing for your test … come prepared with questions .. and bring your device for Quizziz!!