December 9 – 13


Membean Quiz December 12

End of Quarter is December 20! Check your grades and make sure all assignments have been turned in.

Quarter 2 Bookmark due December 9

Monday – Verbals Worksheet Identifying Verbals Worksheet

Tuesday/Wednesday – Research Dystopian Societies Dystopian Web Quest

Thursday – Reading Inventory and Membean Quiz

Friday – Subject/Verb Agreement – pg. 121-122 Springboard and more practice with RAICES writing strategy

December 2-6, 2019

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break!


  • 5 Summary Bookmark due December 9 (If you lost your bookmark, use a piece of notebook paper.)
  • Remember to do Membean – 100 correct questions each week.

Monday – Dystopia and Utopia PPT  View the following PPT and video if absent –

Dystopian and Utopian

Read Nacirema article and answer the following question Would you categorize the Nacirema tribe as a utopian or dystopian society? Explain using “ICE” (introduce, cite, explain).

Tuesday/Wednesday – Read a dystopian short story, The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson.

the lottery

the lottery audio

The Lottery Questions

Choose 5 of the text dependent questions and use RAICES (Restate, Answer, Introduce, Cite, Explain, Summarize) to answer.


More practice with RAICES. Compare and contrast print with film.


Read “Harrison Bergeron” p. 113-117 in the Springboard textbook.

Answer the questions Harrison Bergeron Questions   Answer ALL questions. Use RAICES strategy on #16, 17, & 22 of the short answer questions.

November 18-22, 2019

Monday – Review parts of an argument essay and choose essay topic. Begin pre-writing

Argument Essay Outline Argument Essay Rubric

Tuesday/Wednesday – Write essay. Essay will be typed in MI Write (formerly called PEG). Please, use the following link

user name is first 4 letters of your last name + lunch number

password is lunch number

Thursday – proofread and edit essay

Friday – More practice with verbals!


Remember Membean – 100 correct questions/week

Next Membean Quiz is December 12.

Membean not required next week. It is a make-up week.

Bookmark due December 9

November 11 – 15, 2019

Monday – STEAM Lesson Here is the PPT we will be using in class today. STEAM Lesson

Tuesday/Wednesday – STEAM Project. Here are the instructions for the project STEAM Project Beautiful Words Student Handout List of songs that address compassion

Beautiful Words Rubric

Thursday – Learn about Ethos, Pathos, Logos http://a.

Complete – Argument Techniques Worksheet

Friday – Analyze mentor text for argument techniques: Mentor Text

    1. Under line and mark logos appeals with an “L”
    2. Underline and mark ethos appeals with an “E”
    3. Underline and mark pathos appeals with a “P”
    4. Use the Rubric to give this essay a grade.

Use the rubric Argument Essay Rubric to give one of the essays a grade.

October 28 – November 1, 2019

Remember to complete Membean each week! (100 correct questions)

Monday – “The Raven” Comparison Chart Compare Simpson’s video, professional actor audio, and Mrs. Phillips reading.

The Raven Comparison Chart

Simpson’s Video

Professional Actor Audio:

Tuesday/Wednesday – “The Raven” annotations. We will interpret each line of the poem. A copy of the poem is included here: The Raven

Thursday – Read “The Monkey’s Paw” & start the one pager.

Friday – Poe Unit Test / Finish one pager


Quarter 2 Assignment (copies)

Definition Essay Outline

Elements of Suspense Guided Notes use Elements of Suspense 2 power point to find answers

 Tell-Tale Heart Vocabulary use to answer Tell-Tale Heart Vocabulary QUESTIONS

Tell-Tale Heart Questions

Poe Video Notes

Tell-Tale Heart Anticipation Guide

Tell-Tale Heart Short Story

The Raven Comparison Chart

The Raven – Elements of Suspense Use this to help you answer the questions on page 2 of the Comparison Chart.

Professional Actor Reading “The Raven”

Simpson’s Video of “The Raven”

The Raven annotations worksheet

The Raven – Annotated Copy

STEAM PPT and Project – STEAM Lesson    STEAM Project Beautiful Words Student Handout

Beautiful Words Rubric List of songs that deal with compassion

Learn about Ethos, Pathos, and Logos – http://a.

Argument Techniques Worksheet

Argument Essay Outline and Argument Essay Rubric

the lottery

The Lottery Questions: Answer text dependent questions using RAICES (Restate, Answer, Introduce, Cite, Explain, Summarize):

    1. Why do you think communities continue to hold the lottery?
    2. What does the black box symbolize?
    3. The introduction of the story makes the village sound normal. At what point do you realize something strange is happening?
    4. What do the stones symbolize?


October 21-25, 2019

Monday – Elements of Suspense PPT and Guided Notes

Elements of Suspense 2 PPT

Elements of Suspense Guided Notes

Tuesday/Wednesday Block Day – Edgar Allan Poe Biography video, video notes, reflection, “The Tell-Tale Heart” anticipation guide.

Thursday – “The Tell-Tale Heart” vocabulary

Friday – Read “The Tell-Tale Heart” and literary analysis

Copy of  “The Tell-Tale Heart” short story –