SNOW DAY WORK Thursday/jeudi le 18 janvier

Let’s make use of your day! We are wasting valuable teaching/learning time. I hope you all will complete the work and spread the word to check Mme Bartlett’s blog with your classmates.

And although I’d prefer to present this material myself in class first, you are more than capable of grasping the content by reading the tutorial and completing the exercises at home. We will worry about correct pronunciation later, given the circumstances!

  1. Read or watch onVHL website the tutorial 2B.1 Present tense of AVOIR. Before attempting exercises pay specific attention to the TOP OF PG 61 EXPRESSIONS WITH AVOIR.  –
  2.  On the same sheet as you will complete exercises , copy this chart of expressions with AVOIR – the English 1X and the French 3X! YES, I am making you copy old school!!!!
  3. Complete Exs:                    pg 60 #1 Mise en pratique   ( structures 2b on website ” activities”/ present tense of avoir) , # 2 C’est évident  and page 61 ESSAYEZ                                                        Bon courage. Est-ce que VOUS AVEZ froid???

les devoirs – due Tuesday Jan. 16th

A. Review of Present tense -er verbs

  1. Watch tutorial 2A.1 or read under Structures ( pgs 46 &47)
  2. COMPLETE exs. 1 &2 on page 46 (Complétez and Phrases)  ESSAYEZ pm pg 47. Please answer/copy in complete sentences

B. Review of Forming Questions and expressing negation

1. Watch or read Tutorial 2A.2  on pg 48

2. Complete exercises 1, 2  ( pg. 48 , L’inversion and Les Questions) and ESSAYEZ (pg49)


mardi le 9 janvier: classwork and homework assignments

Homework/ Classwork:

  1. Complete  chapter 2a vocabulary sheet. You will find vocab on pages 38 &39, pg 43 ( expressions utiles) , pg 59 ( le francais quotidian), and an alphabetical list at the end of the chapter ,pg 72.
  2. Complete exs. 1 &3 on page . 39 in the textbook; write answers down on a sheet of paper. You will compare your  answers to ex # 3 with a partner  on Wed. in class.

Homework: In the workbook/ cahier ( * if you do not have your own workbook or did not bring it home, you will need to go online to VHL website and complete exs. answers on a sheet of paper; you will go to chapter 2a under” contextes” and look for exercises named ” Chassez l’intrus” and “En quel cours?”

*If you have your own workbook/cahier with you, it is page 29  ex. 2 ( chassez l’intrus) and ex. 3 ( En quel cours?)



  • Hightower Trail Students- you will also have a small  “2017” project due on Friday with instruction given in class today.

Study points for Monday’s test

Dec. 18th -Open notes test on :

Où vivent les animaux? all notes we took on the book( you can use your graphic organizer) ; prepositional places /environments (sur la terre, sous la terre, au-dessus la terre, dans l’eau fraîche, dans l’océan ) and, of course, various animals and basic identification by description of noises they make, where they may live , physical characteristics.

-RE verbs- attendre, prendre, entendre, etc. on the verb sheet we filled out together in class.

Frozen- weather vocabulary, seasons and months plus the verbs found in frozen.

Holiday caroling- there will be some fill in the blank, true- false, complete sentences ( multiple choice)  comprehension questions based on the songs we sung.

words to Rudolph

Rudolphe le renne au nez rouge


Tu connais (to know about/of/someone)   ……

Dasher et Dancer et Prancer et Vixen?

Comet et Cupid et Donner et Blitzen?

Mais connais-tu le renne le plus célèbre de tous?


Rudolphe le renne au nez rouge   ( le renne!)

Avait un nez brillant               ( comme une ampule)

Et si tu le voyais

Tu dirais que c’est vrai.


Tous les autres rennes

étaient méchants à lui

Ils ne laissaient jamais Rudolphe

Jouer dans leurs jeux de rennes


Ensuite le soir de Noël …

Le père Noël lui dit:

“Rudolphe avec ton nez si beau,

Veux-tu guider mon traîneau?”


Puis tous les rennes l’aimaient

Et pour lui crient de joie, (Youpi!)

“Rudolphe le renne au nez rouge,

Tu va dans l’histoire!”     (Comme Lafayette!)



Holiday Caroling Songs

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