Homework for Monday Nov. 13th ( lundi, le 13 novembre)

You were given a packet. Some pages will be worked on in class. For H.W. , please complete pages 21 & 22, which is a review of etre, the verb” to be.” Work focuses on replacing subjects with the correct object pronoun ( je, tu , il, elle, nous, vous, ils and ells) and conjugating the verb correctly with  its corresponding subject pronoun.

  • Period 1 Dickerson… you have the workbook so pages 21 & 22 from WB.

Les devoirs vendredi le 10 novembre

Due lundi( Monday) le 13 novembre:

Dans le livre ( textbook):

page 24 exs. 1,2 &3;    on exercise 1, you are replacing the subjects with the appropriate subject pronouns ( I , you, he, she, one, we, you and they/// je , tu ,il , elle, nous, vous, ils & ells)  ex: #1 Les professeurs would be replaced by “they”/ ils

page 26   exs. 1& 2

page 27  ex. 4 ( page 27 ,Ex.4 is a spoken ex. in the book. However, I would like for you to write out what you would say and we will practice on Monday on Tuesday with a partner.)

Upcoming test, project and homework dates:


1.      Vocabulaire 1B flashcards due on mercredi, le 8 novembre

2.     Feuilles 5&6 et 9&10,  revision on definite and indefinite articles  mercredi,  le 8 novembre

3,     Page 16 in the cahier, ex. 4 ( en classe ) &  5  ( completez) – due  Wednesday the 8th as well

1st period- in your workbook pages

2nd and 3rd period- do online and copy answers on a sheet of paper

7th period ( Hightower) -this will be due on Thursday. We will go over how to access workbook activities online in class on Wed.

TEST:  Chapter 1a & 1 b test: Mercredi,  le 15 novembre


PROJECT:   Song project / What’s in my backpack?   due jeudi le 16 novembre! I’ll give you the rubric on Wednesday.