Grades for your projects

I am putting grades in for the projects that have been turned in/presented. If you did not present today or yesterday, you will need to do so after the break, so make sure you remember your material!

Posters not turned on time received/will receive a penalty to their grade of 10 points for every day they are late. There will be no penalty on presentations.

mercredi le 15 novembre

Bonjour !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. C’est qui ? (Guess Who en français)
2. Pronunciation (accent aigu and accent grave)
3. Le zapping (advertisement video)

***Your project is due tomorrow! Please start rehearsing your presentation tonight! You need to present at least 4 people from your poster (no more than 6, please). Mav Block will be open for you to practice tomorrow.

A demain,
Mme Brock

mardi le 14 novembre

Salut !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. description of yourself (you will need to make this up if you were absent…see me)
2. workday for project

**Project is due jeudi with presentations that day as well. There will be no more time in class to work on them. You need to turn in your rubric with your project. 3A Summative Rubric- family tree and presentation-1mw0s83

***After tomorrow, I will be putting in zeros for the blue sheet of warmups. Turn them in!!!

A demain !
Mme Brock


lundi le 13 novembre

Salut mes choux !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. Roman-photo 2B
2. Roman-photo 3A (except 6th)

***You need to bring your project supplies to class TOMORROW!

*Projet due jeudi / Presentations will be jeudi

A demain !
Mme Brock


Projet- l’arbre généalogique- due Thursday, Nov. 16

  1. Create a family tree (l’arbre généalogique) on a poster. You may use your own family or another family (celebrity, film, TV). If you use a family that is not your own, you will need to get my approval (just tell me which family you would like to use and I will say yes/no).

The poster should be neat and in color. You may handwrite this or you may type it. You should have at least 10 family members included, and each one should have a caption in complete sentences with the following in correct French:

  1. Who this is in relation to you or the main character (i.e. C’est mon oncle.)
  2. This person’s name
  3. This person’s age
  4. A description (i.e. adjectives we have learned so far- Elle est jolie et amusante.)

2. You will present your family tree to the class jeudi le 16 novembre using the information you wrote in your captions. 4 family members are enough to present.


You will receive a rubric next week. We will have a workday in class mardi, so use the weekend to gather your materials.

vendredi le 10 novembre

Bonjour mes choux !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. intro to possessive adjectives:
My: mon (masculine), ma (feminine), mes (plural)
Your (informal): ton (masc), ta (fem), tes (pl)
His/her: son (masc), sa (fem), ses (pl)
*gender depends on the OBJECT
2. intro to our family tree project (see blog post about it)


Extra points for vocab quiz: on VHL, due TOMORROW NIGHT

Bon weekend !
Mme Brock


mercredi le 8 novembre

Bonjour mes choux !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. Finish notes from Monday (descriptive adjectives)
2. Cahier p. 65 activity 1 individually/with group

Devoirs: 2 VHL activities due Friday night

Extra points opportunity for vocab quiz (open to everyone but especially those who need it!!!): 2 activities on VHL due Saturday night

*Don’t forget to register for your Career Day sessions! See the link on the pinned post above.

Bonne journée !
Mme Brock

lundi le 6 novembre

Bonjour mes choux !

Agenda d’aujourd’hui:
1. Review for quiz (Touchez or whiteboards)
2. Quiz on famille vocab
3. Intro to descriptive adjectives (we didn’t get through all of them) 3A descriptive adjectives-11tkqn0


***Career day registration:

J’espère que vous passez une bonne journée demain !
Mme Brock