Counting competition

Un concours de compter !


We will have a competition, ending February 8, to see who can count the highest in French in 1 minute.

Email me a video of yourself counting ([email protected]) by Thursday at 11pm. Your eyes must be in the video!

You don’t have to participate every week, but you can.

Weekly prize: candy OR 5 pts on quiz

Overall prize: candy AND 10 pts on grade in Major Assignments category from January

jeudi le 11 janvier

Bonjour mes choux !


  1. we did our réveil
  2. we finished our letters from yesterday
  3. we did a few listening activities from our cahier

***Quiz DEMAIN over vocab 4A

Devoirs: 3 VHL activities due demain soir. You may want to go ahead and do these tonight, since they are vocab practice, to help you with the quiz tomorrow.

A demain !

mercredi le 10 janvier

Salut !


  1. we did our réveil
  2. we practiced vocab with the petits tableaux
  3. we did a couple of activities from the text, including Logique/illogique and a conversation about opinions
  4. We started a letter about a typical week’s activities (we will finish that tomorrow)

*Quiz vendredi over vocab

Devoirs: 3 VHL activities due vendredi soir

Bonne journée !

January MakerSpace Challenge

On Thursdays in January, the MakerSpace will be open during Mav Blocks for our fifth Maker Challenge of the school year! This month’s challenge is based on the Mystery Architecture Challenge from Science Olympiad. The great thing about these types of challenges is that they depend on the materials provided. Every Mystery Architecture challenge is completely different even if the goal is the same because the materials provided are different. Passes are limited to 16 per session. Tuesdays will still be ‘open exploration’ days in the MakerSpace. For more information, visit Mrs. Harpin’s blog.

mardi le 9 janvier

Salut mes choux !


  1. we completed our réveil
  2. we filled in our vocab sheet (4A vocab notes-126ynwy) from the PPT (4A vocab-2nw93uq)

*6th period: Finish p. 85 act. 2 for homework. I will check it tomorrow.

We will have a quiz vendredi over the new vocab.

*HW: 3 VHL activities due vendredi soir

Goals for the end of this chapter:
– I will be able to say where I’m going
– I will be able to say what I’m going to do

Because we talked about the size of the Mona Lisa (La Joconde en français) today, here is a picture I took of it when I visited the Louvre. C’est petit, n’est-ce pas ?