Le Grand Concours – All students in Mme Dimova’s classes will take the test at a level they have already completed. Registration $7 by January 19. Tentative date for the contest: March 13th

Camp d’ImmersionCamp d’immersion  – A great opportunity to immerse oneself in French for a weekend. Dates: March 9-11; Price $100. Additional information coming up soon.

Experiences culturelles – Festival de la francophonie – Atlanta 2018 – All students in Mme Dimova’s classes who do not participate in the exchange program trip to France this spring must choose an event to attend and must submit a report on it.

Exchange Trip to France – March 23 – April 2. Students who participate in the trip will make arrangements with their teachers regarding the work they will have to either submit in advance or make up during the break. Instead of attending an event from the Festival de la francophonie, all participants will concentrate on a topic of observation, and will make presentations and write media submissions upon our return.

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