• Log in on time
  • Be actively engaged (Video must be on)
  • Create an environment for learning from your house (Table, quiet space, good lighting, etc.)
  • Meet deadlines set by teachers (check blogs, assignment due dates, etc.)
  • Dress properly
  • Microphone is muted unless called upon
  • Limit distractions (cell phone, TV, pets, etc.)
  • Maintain communication with teachers (email and through class blogs, platforms, etc.)
  • Be mindful of communication etiquette (do not email late at night, emails returned within a 24-hour period, etc.)
  • School rules and expectations are still the same
  • Think before posting
  • Make Respectful Comments-NO inappropriate comments in chat space or live class sessions
  • No taunts, threats, harassment or cyber-bulling
  • No displaying or sharing material that is hate speech, sexually explicit or violent
  • Wear appropriate clothing following school dress codeNOTE: Students may receive disciplinary consequences for social media posts that disrupt the learning environment.


  • Ensure your child has an appropriate environment for connecting and learning
  • Be aware of student assignments and progress (check teacher blogs and view grades in CTLS Parent)
  • Reinforce with your child that attendance is required, and work will be graded
  • Keep open and consistent communication with teachers (Concerns with technology, questions with assignments and grades, should be communicated in a timely manner.)
  • Address grade concerns to teacher of record first, then administrator supervising content area next
  • Please provide teachers and school staff with accurate contact information (email and phone numbers)
  • Monitor your child’s Social and Emotional State of Being (Notify counselors if concerned for your child’s well-being)
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