Quarter 3 Week 9

Happy Week 9! I can’t believe we’re through the third 9 weeks already!


With the Milestones quickly approaching, be sure to look at the parent information provided on the Georgia Department of Education’s Website. This site has important information for you to know as well as practice tests for your child to take! 🙂  See website here.

Quarter 3 Week 8

The book fair is happening this week! Your student can shop before or after school WITH A PARENT or during school. 3rd grade’s shopping time is from 10:00-11:00 this week.

Bedtime, books, and brownies is Thursday, March 8th at 6PM.

Please, please, please get your field trip form back in as soon as possible! I will send home a second notice this week. Thanks!

Quarter 3 Week 5

Progress reports will be going home this week! Be on the lookout! Also, see post above for information about Valentine’s day. This letter is also on the back of the paper newsletter that was sent home this week. 🙂

Additionally, please check your child’s agenda this week for a note regarding missing school supplies. Have a great week! We’re almost to break!