Eclipse Permission Form

Please turn in your eclipse permission slip by this Friday!!!!!!

Students who do not turn in the slip by Friday will not be allowed to go outside to view the eclipse with us on Monday. ­čÖü

Students who are participating in the eclipse viewing will receive a pair of eclipse glasses free of charge on Monday.


Open House: Coming Up!

Open house is THIS THURSDAY, August 10, at 6PM. You’ll go straight to your child’s classroom, and we’ll live stream the PTA meeting via the smartboard! As soon as the meeting ends, your child’s teacher will present on the “nuts and bolts” of the classroom. Can’t wait to see you there!

Also, please enjoy our first class picture of the year! So precious!

First Week Fun!

Wow! What an amazing first week! I am blown away by this new group and can’t wait to watch this year unfold. I wanted to share some of the fun we had this week!

I love getting my picture taken on the first day too!

My favorite first week tradition is taking everyone’s picture on the first day! Check out our hallway next time you’re at school to see our pictures!

Sweet Grace’s first day picture!

On the first day, we read a book called First Day Jitters. I made Jitter Juice and apple shaped cupcakes for a yummy first day snack!

Loved how my fun snack turned out!

Rylie and Lola enjoying their cupcakes on the first day!

We also made a pictograph with emojis to share how we were feeling on the first day!

Emojis are always a crowd favorite!

Other highlights of this week include writing our class mission statement, using puzzle pieces to show how we work together as a team, setting third grade goals, and reading ALL the books!

Students wrote what they thought our mission statement should include on a sticky note and I used their ideas to write our class’ mission statement!

The finished product!

I love how they show each student’s ┬ápersonality!

We wrote down our top three goals for third grade and attached them to our self portraits! Also, stop by our hallway soon to read all about our summers!

Joshua getting lost in a book!

Layten and Malachi love to read!!!

In all, it was an amazing start to third grade! Looking forward to seeing you all at open house on Thursday of this week! Bring your questions!!!!!!!