American Indian Culture Project


This week, students have one homework assignment. This will be to create a cultural item specific to a region of American Indians that we have studied the past month. It was my intention to do this project in class, however, the hurricane really threw us off. I’ve sent the assignment and rubric home, but I wanted to again attach this document on my blog so that you can access it should you lose it. Also, included in the attachment are websites showcasing each cultural artifact so that you can see some examples of what these objects looked like. Your child’s assigned item is in this document as well.

This project is due FRIDAY. We will present and students will be graded on their presentation on Friday, 9/22/17.

Click on the link to view the instructions, rubric, links to artifacts, and student assignments:

2017-2018 Native Americans Project Instructions, Rubric, and Assignments-2hq7ayk

The Doorbell Rang

Despite hurricanes and testing, we’re still trying to pack it all in!!!! This past week we started division!!!! We read a fun book called The Doorbell Rang¬†that taught us how to equally share cookies amongst our friends! To practice, we used cookie crisp cereal to practice fair shares. We’ll be diving further into division this week!

Keep studying those multiplication facts at home! They’ll help you become a division master!

Rylie sharing her cookies with her friends!

Jace shared 12 cookies equally among 6 friends!