Week 8, 9/18-9/22

Comp Art

Art History- Roman Art, Quiz on Greek and Roman Art

Studio-Two-Point Perspective


  • VAHSVACU.1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present.
  • VAHSVACU.1.h Discusses the role of art and artifacts as a visual record of humankind’s history and a vehicle for gaining understanding of another culture.
  • VAHSVACU.2.a Develops a repertoire of contemporary and historical art exemplars.
  • VAHSVACU.2.b Creates art work that explores ideas, issues, and events from current and past cultures.
  • 2Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in drawing.
  • 2.dUses one- and two-point perspective to draw cubes, rectangles, and related objects from observation and analyzes use of one and two-point perspective in famous artwork (landscape, interiors, and still-life).


Monday-We will begin class by looking Roman house paintings. Students will then have one final day in class to work on their grid drawing. Those that don’t finish will need to take it home or come in before or after school to work on it.

Students will take a quiz on Greek and Roman art. Most students will need to finish drawing their box in 2 point perspective. Some students will begin drawing the interior of a house in 2 point perspective.

Tuesday- Today we will take a break from art history to focus on two point perspective. Students will focus on creating the interior of a house. Students will need to have two bedrooms, a hallway, a kitchen, and a living room.

Wednesday- We will complete our study of Roman art by looking at Roman sculpture. We will discuss how it is different from Greek sculpture.  Students will then continue to work on their house interior in two point perspective.

Thursday-We will play Kahoot to review Greek and Roman art in preparation for the quiz on Friday.  Students will then continue to work on their house in 2 point perspective.

Friday- We will have a quiz over Greek and Roman art. Students will the complete their house interiors drawings.



Slab Unit continued

VA:Ceram.1 Ceramic Technique: Planning
The learner will be able to uses preparatory sketches, plans, and produces hand-built and/or wheel-thrown ceramic works inspired by personal experience, social issues, observation of natural world, and research into selected cultures or ceramic artists.

VA:Ceram.2 Ceramic Techniques: Construction
The learner will be able to demonstrates proficiency in techniques, such as wedging, pinching, molding, scoring, and joining.

VA:Ceram.3 Ceramic Technique: Clay Management
The learner will be able to demonstrate techniques of pottery formation such as pinch, coil, slab, molding, combination, and wheel-throwing.

VA:Ceram.17 Criticism
The learner will be able to critique ceramic artworks using the processes of description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment based on evidence observed in artworks.


VA:Ceram.18 Self-Evaluation
The learner will be able to evaluate, based on predetermined criteria, own performance and progress on skills and written and visual products.

Monday- Wednesday-Students will continue to use low relief to build up their bas relief tiles. Students should also glaze their slab container as it comes out of the kiln.

Thursday-Students will create a textured, small slab pitcher.

Friday-Students will complete their mini pitcher if needed. I will demonstrate how to use ribbons to build a vessel. I will then introduce the next project, luminaries. Students will sketch and plan the shape of the vessel as well as the cutouts they plan to use for their luminary. Students should have their sketches complete so that they are ready to begin building when we get back from Fall Break.

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