Week 10, 10/9-10/13

Comp Art, Week 10-Oct. 8th-12th   

Art History Focus-Byzantine Art

Production Focus-Form and texture through ceramic projects


VAHSVACU.1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present.

VAHSVAPR.4 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in three-dimensional art.

  1. Translates 2-D sketches into 3-D form.
  2. Communicates meaning in 3-D media.
  3. Compares and contrasts sculpture-in-the-round, high relief, bas relief, and additive and subtractive processes.
  4. Understands and practices safe handling of art media and tools.

VAHSVAPR.5 Creates artwork reflecting a range of concepts, ideas, and subject matter.

  1. Works to find individual voice (creativity within guidelines); understands that creativity is problem-solving within given parameters.


Monday- I will introduce students to mask from around the world. We will mainly focus on the style of African and ancient Greek masks. I will then demonstrate how to build a base for their mask using newspaper. Students will then sketch their mask (inspired by either African culture or ancient Greece). Students will then begin to build their newspaper base. Many students will first need to complete their clay creatures by adding final details as well as texture before they may begin their mask.

Tuesday-We will finish our short unit on Byzantine art by looking at Icon paintings and discussing their characteristics.  Students will then begin their mask by rolling slabs to use as the base for their and using additive sculpture techniques to build up the features.

Wednesday-2nd period will not meet due to the PSAT. 4th period will continue to work on their clay mask.

Thursday- We will begin our unit on Romanesque architecture and its key characteristics. Students will then continue to work on their African or Greek mask. Class will be short due to early release schedule.

Friday-We will continue looking at Romanesque architecture. Students will then complete their mask by adhering the final pieces.


Ceramics Week 10:

Focus: Ribbon Pots

VA:Ceram.1 Ceramic Technique: Planning
The learner will be able to uses preparatory sketches, plans, and produces hand-built and/or wheel-thrown ceramic works inspired by personal experience, social issues, observation of natural world, and research into selected cultures or ceramic artists.

VA:Ceram.2 Ceramic Techniques: Construction
The learner will be able to demonstrates proficiency in techniques, such as wedging, pinching, molding, scoring, and joining.

VA:Ceram.3 Ceramic Technique: Clay Management
The learner will be able to demonstrate techniques of pottery formation such as pinch, coil, slab, molding, combination, and wheel-throwing.

VA:Ceram.4 Ceramic Techniques: Glazing
The learner will be able to apply glazing techniques, such as brushing, dipping, pouring, wax resist, and stencil.

VA:Ceram.8 Safety and Maintenance
The learner will be able to demonstrate proper care and safe use of ceramic tools, equipment, and materials.

VA:Ceram.14 Ceramic Techniques, Function
The learner will be able to identify and discuss how specific techniques, functions, and styles used in the creation of selected ceramic works affect the design.

VA:Ceram.16 Functions of Art
The learner will be able to discuss the relationship of form (design, technique, and media) and function in selected ceramic works.

VA:Ceram.17 Criticism
The learner will be able to critique ceramic artworks using the processes of description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment based on evidence observed in artworks.

VA:Ceram.18 Self-Evaluation
The learner will be able to evaluate, based on predetermined criteria, own performance and progress on skills and written and visual products.


Monday-Students will be working to complete their luminaries. Those that are complete will glaze or cold decorate their bas relief tiles. We will also have a critique of our slab boxes since most have been glaze fired.

Tuesday- I will be introducing the next project, ribbon pots. We will have a discussion about form and function of pottery. Students can choose between a creating a vase or a pitcher. Students will have to have their sketch approved before they can begin building.

Wednesday-Friday-Students will continue to build their ribbon pots. Those that still need to will also glaze or cold decorate their bas relief tiles.

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