Week 2, Jan. 8-12

Week 2, January 8-12

Comp Art

Standards- VAHSVACU.1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present. Discusses the role of art and artifacts as a visual record of humankind’s history and a vehicle for gaining understanding of another culture.

VAHSVAPR.2 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in drawing. Uses gesture drawing to portray animate / inanimate subjects and to show mass and movement, quick sketches, and expressive mark-making.

VAHSVAPR.1 Uses formal qualities of art (elements and principles) to create unified composition and communicate meaning.

  1. Uses a viewfinder to develop compositions.
  2. Uses principles of design to organize elements to communicate meaning and unified compositions concepts, such as activating negative space, visual weight, paths of movement, non-centered focal point, dominance and subordination of design elements, and variety within repetition.


Monday-Enjoy your day off and Go Dawgs!

Tuesday- Today we will begin art history as well as art production. We will begin each day of class with about 1o minutes of art history. We will start today looking at and discussing Prehistoric art, specifically the first ever paintings, The Caves at Lascaux. Students will then have about 30 minutes to finish designing their portfolios. We will then begin working with our first building block of art, the Element of Art, line. Today we will practice working on drawing from observation by simply focusing on the outline of the form. Students will draw several objects using blind contour, modified contour, and true contour. Click on the links to download the power points. Line Paleo and Neo Art Line

Wednesday- We will continue to look at and discuss Prehistoric art by looking at the first sculpture ever created, The Venus of Willendorf. Students will then begin a contour line still life with 3-5 objects. Students should have a ground line, utilize overlapping, and fill the space.

Thursday- For our Art History portion, we will look at Stonehenge and discuss its contributions to the beginnings architecture. Students will then continue their contour line still life by overlapping their forms to fill the space.

Friday- We will begin class by making dirt paintings of animals that were depicted in the Caves at Lascaux.  We will then review Prehistoric art; the Caves at Lascaux, the Venus of Willendorf, and Stonehenge in preparation for our first quiz on Tuesday . Students will then complete their still life and fill out a self-assessment before turning it in.



Drawing 1

VAHSDRPR.2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

Creates contour and cross-contour drawings that demonstrate evidence of careful observation. b. Investigates mark-making including, but not limited to, calligraphic line, gestural mark-making,

Uses value to create the illusion of 3-D form on a 2-D plane (cast shadow, form shadow, transitional values, reflected value). e. Incorporates a variety of approaches to build value including: rendering, hatching, and cross-hatching.

VAHSDRPR.4 Keeps a visual/verbal sketchbook journal, consistently throughout the course, to collect, develop, and preserve ideas in order to produce works of art around themes of personal meaning.

VAHSDRMC.1 Engages in the creative process; imagines new ideas by using mental and visual imagery, conceptualizes these ideas by using artistic language and contextual understandings, and accesses learning. The student develops a personal artistic voice that gives unique form to these concepts.



Monday -Enjoy the day at home and Go Dawgs!

Tuesday- Students will finish their 3 practice, cross contour figures. Once they complete those, they will begin to use their skills with proportion to draw a larger, finished cross contour figure and begin to add a background.

Wednesday- Students will have some of the class to finish their cross contour figure. If time allows, I will then introduce students to work by M. C. Escher and Jaume Montserrat. Both artists illustrate forms as if they are wrapped ribbons. Students will use these works as inspiration for their own piece where they will draw a human or animal figure using ribbons. Students will be able to choose their subject.

Thursday- Students should begin sketching and practicing their human or animal form using ribbons to depict the form. After students complete their sketch they begin their ribbon wrapped animal on the final paper.

Friday- Once they have finished the line drawing for their figure or animal with pencil, they will use colored pencil to add texture and value. Students may also choose to just use graphite.



­Monday-Enjoy the day off at home and Go DAWGS!

Tuesday-Students will finish their composition books by looking through magazines for photographs that use the compositional “rules” we discussed on Friday. Students will be looking for use of the rule of thirds, strong diagonals, natural framing, etc. Students will then cut and paste these into a composition book. Students who have finished will begin to answer a few questions on the chapter on pinhole cameras in preparation for these later in the week.

Wednesday-We will be making sun art. Students will bring items from home, find some around the classroom, or find objects in nature outside to use to create a composition. Once those are complete, we will head back inside. I will then introduce students to basic Photoshop tools.

Thursday-. I will demo how to build a pinhole camera. Students will then begin constructing their own camera using a shoebox.

Friday-Students will finish building their pinhole cameras.

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