Week 5 (January 29-February 2)

Comp Art

Art History focus-Egyptian art

Production focus-Value, shading an original drawing from a photograph using a grid

VAHSVAPR! 1 Uses formal qualities of art (elements and principles) to create unified composition and communicate meaning.

VVAHSVAMC 2 Finds and solves problems through open-ended inquiry, the consideration of multiple options, weighing consequences, and assessing results.

VAHSVACU 1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present.

Monday– I will introduce students to the element of art, value. Students will learn how to use value to create the sense of 3-dimensionality on a 2-dimesional surface. Students will begin by creating a value scale. Students will then draw a ribbon in an “s” curve and shade it based on a light source.

Tuesday– We will continue to discuss Egyptian art by specifically looking at in-the-round sculptures. Students will complete the shading of their ribbon “s” curve. Students will then choose a letter that they will draw with a ribbon wrapping around the letter to further practice their shading skills.

Wednesday– Art History-We will finish Egyptian art by looking at the relief paintings created on tomb walls. Students will take notes on big ideas. Students will complete their ribbon wrapped letter. I will then demonstrate how to shade 3D forms. Students will shade their geometric forms(a cone, a sphere, and a cube). Students should have a full range of values as well as a cast shadow. Click here to see the Egyptian Power Point Egyptian Art

Students will bring an image from home as the source for an original drawing. I will teach the students how to use the grid system to create a drawing.

 Thursday– We will review Sumerian and Egyptian art by playing Kahoot as a class. Some students may still need some class time to finish their shading exercises. Others may be ready to start their grid drawing with value. I will help students fold their paper to create a grid. They will then begin the line drawing of their chosen photograph.

Friday– Students will have a quiz over Sumerian and Egyptian art. Students will then continue to work on their grid drawing by finishing the line drawing portion and then beginning to use their shading pencils to add value that match the photograph.



Monday- Today students will be in the lab compiling and editing their 2nd shoot, 6×4. Once they are edited, they will compile them into a Power Point and email them to me to be graded. They are due by the end of class on Wednesday.

Tuesday-We will have a representative from SCAD here to talk to the students about their summer programs and admissions.

Wednesday & Thursday

Groups will be splitting their time between

  1. Creating pinhole pictures.
  2. Finish compiling and editing photographs for their 6×4 shoot
  3. Working on their artist’s profile
  4. Working on an “extended photograph” drawing/painting (students will select one of their photographs to glue onto a piece of drawing paper. They will then extend the composition using pencil or colored pencil.

I will also introduce the 3rd shoot. Students will choose between two shoots. THey will either choose a letter of the alphabet or a color to focus their shoot on. A is for-24te86w Color-2ncy9mx

Friday- Today I will introduce students to the exposure triangle; shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Students will share a film camera with a partner to look at the settings.

Drawing 1

VAHSDRMC.2 Finds and solves problems through open-ended inquiry, the consideration of multiple options, weighing consequences, and assessing results.

VAHSDRPR.1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve specific visual arts problems and to communicate ideas and emotions, culminating in a finished work of art.

VAHSDRPR.2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

VAHSDRAR.2 Critiques art work of others individually and in group settings.

VAHSDRAR.3 Develops multiple strategies for responding to and reflecting on artworks.

Monday-Students will continue to work on their multiple views assignment. Many students are ready to begin shading.

Tuesday- We will have a representative from SCAD here to talk to the students about their summer programs and admissions.

Wednesday- Students will continue to work on their multiple views assignment. In the middle of class, we will have in process, peer critique. Students will comment on another student’s work to help guide them as they continue their piece.

Thursday & Friday- Students will continue their multiple views assignment.

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