Comprehensive Art

Art History Focus-Greek and Roman Art

Art Production-Value (finish grid drawing) & Form (begin making clay mugs)


VAHSVACU.1.a Identifies how the issues of time, place, and culture are reflected in selected art works.

VAHSVACU.1.d Discusses the importance of art in daily life (personal significance, social commentary, self-expression, spiritual expression, planning, recording history, for beauty’s sake, and marketing/advertising).

VAHSVACU.1.h Discusses the role of art and artifacts as a visual record of humankind’s history and a vehicle for gaining understanding of another culture.

VAHSVAPR.2 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in drawing.

VAHSVAPR.2.d Uses one- and two-point perspective to draw cubes, rectangles, and related objects from observation and analyzes use of one and two-point perspective in famous artwork (landscape, interiors, and still-life).

Monday-We will begin class by looking at Greek pottery. We will focus on the sgraffito technique used to on the outside of the pots. Students will then continue their grid drawings. Students who are done with their grids will work on their perspective activities. I will work with the students who are done on teaching them 2 point perspective.

Tuesday- We will begin to look at Roman art with a brief introduction and overview of architecture. Students will then complete their grid drawing, fill out a self-assessment and turn it in to be graded.

Wednesday- Today we will begin clay! After an intro on clay term and rules, I will demonstrate how to build a simple mug using slabs. Students will then sketch and plan a sculptural mug. They will need to add clay to make an original mug. Once their sketch is approved, they may begin to roll their slabs.

Thursday- We will continue to study Roman architecture. Students will learn about the Pantheon and its significance as a domed structure. Students will then begin to put their slabs together to create a standard, straight mug. They will then begin to add or subtract clay to make it sculptural with an original design.

Friday-We will look at Roman sculpture. We will focus on how it compares and contrast with Greek sculpture. Students will then continue to work on their mug. Students may need to begin to add their handle and last finishing touches like texture.



Drawing 1

Focus-Ink Techniques

Standards for the week:

VAHSDRMC 2 Generates multiple solutions to a single artistic problem.

VAHSDRPR 1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve problems.

VAHSDRPR2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

  1. Incorporates value

VAHSDRAR3 Develops multiple strategies for responding to and reflecting on artworks.

Monday- Thursday-Students will work on their ink drawings. Thursday will be the last day in class to work on these.

Friday-We will begin our unit on the figure. Students will begin class by measuring their own bodies and making proportion comparisons. I will then introduce students to drawing the figure using basic shapes. Students will use mannequins to draw the body in basic shapes. They will then use figures from magazines to once again break the body down into basic shapes.



Monday-We will be in the lab editing and compiling images for their Action and Night shoot. Students will compile the 11 images and email them to me for assessment.

Tuesday-I will introduce students to their portraiture shoot (dues for compiling 3/12). I will talk about different types of portraits –candid vs. formal and self-portraits. I will go over tips and trick and students will read about lighting and set up in the text book. Over the next two weeks, 4 students a day will be using a studio type set up to take formal portraits of their peers. I will also introduce student to a hands on project, a Cornell Box. Students will be inspired by artist, Joseph Cornell. They will begin to sketch and brainstorm ideas for their self-inspired box. Students will need to bring in a box to use for the project.

Wednesday-Friday (students will work in rotations) We will begin class each day with 2 groups presenting their African American Photographer presentations to the class. 4 students at a time will be in the dark room still working to turn their negative pinhole image into a positive image. 4 students at a time will be working in the photo studio on their formal portraits. Everyone else will begin working on their Cornell box.


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