March 5-9

Art History Focus-Greek and Roman Art

Art Production- Form (Clay mugs and animals)


VAHSVACU.1.a Identifies how the issues of time, place, and culture are reflected in selected art works.

VAHSVACU.1.d Discusses the importance of art in daily life (personal significance, social commentary, self-expression, spiritual expression, planning, recording history, for beauty’s sake, and marketing/advertising).

VAHSVACU.1.h Discusses the role of art and artifacts as a visual record of humankind’s history and a vehicle for gaining understanding of another culture.

VAHSVAPR.4 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in three-dimensional art.

VAHSVAPR.4.a Translates 2-D sketches into 3-D form.

VAHSVAPR.4.b Communicates meaning in 3-D media.

VAHSVAPR.4.c Compares and contrasts sculpture-in-the-round, high relief, bas relief, and additive and subtractive processes.

VAHSVAPR.4.d Understands and practices safe handling of art media and tools.


Monday- We will start class by looking at the four types of Roman House paintings. Students will then continue to work on their ceramic mugs. They should be adding 3 dimensional elements to their mugs.

Tuesday-We will finish our study of Roman art by looking at sculptures and comparing them to Greek sculpture. Students will then complete their mugs by adding a handle and smoothing out the rim before we put them in the kiln room to begin the drying out process.

Wednesday-We will play Kahoot to review for the Greek and Roman art quiz. I will then introduce students to the next clay project, a hollowed out animal form. Students will first sketch an animal from three sides before they begin with clay.

Thursday-Students will take a quiz on Greek and Roman art. I will then check their animal sketches before they begin with clay. They will start with one large piece of clay that they will break into pieces for the head, body, and limbs.

Friday- Today we will start our unit on Byzantine art. Students will then continue to work on their clay animals. Today they may be adding limbs. As they get stiff, I will come around and help students with the hollowing out process. This helps the animals not be as heavy and reduces the risk for air bubbles.



Drawing 1

Focus-Ink Techniques

Standards for the week:

VAHSDRMC 2 Generates multiple solutions to a single artistic problem.

VAHSDRPR 1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve problems.

VAHSDRPR2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

  1. Incorporates value

VAHSDRAR3 Develops multiple strategies for responding to and reflecting on artworks.

Monday-Wednesday-Students will work on their ink drawings. Wednesday will be the last day in class to work on these.

Thursday-We will begin our unit on the figure. Students will begin class by measuring their own bodies and making proportion comparisons. I will then introduce students to drawing the figure using basic shapes. Students will use mannequins to draw the body in basic shapes. They will then use figures from magazines to once again break the body down into basic shapes.

Friday- Today we will continue to work on the figure through the use of lines. Students will be using simple lines to represent the body. Students should have covered gesture in Comp Art but we will review gesture and using quick sketches to represent the form. Students will work in groups, trading off modeling and drawing different poses.




Each day this week we will begin class with two groups presenting about their African American Photographers. Then each day, a group of 4 will be in the portrait studio working on their formal portraits. Another group of four will be in the dark room

Monday-Students not in the dark room or in the studio will work to complete their Slice and Stretch presentation Project.

Tuesday-Students will watch video tutorials on editing portraits in Photoshop.

Wednesday-A group of 4 will also start rotating each day into the dark room to create Photograms.

Thursday- I will introduce their next Presentation Project, 4 Self-Portraits. Students will use Photoshop to lasso or cut out their head and shoulders and paste the same self-portrait 4 times on a sheet of paper. They will then use materials of their choice (colored pencil, Sharpie, paints, etc.) to create 4 versions of themselves.

Friday- Students will be working on their self-portrait presentation project, watching the online tutorial, or working on a chapter in the textbook on developing film.



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