April 16-20

Week 15

Art History-Renaissance Quiz

Production-Principles of Design and Radial Pattern

VAHSVAPR.3 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in color / painting.

  1. Applies color theory (hue, value, intensity) and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split-complementary, and triadic) to express emotion and create unity.
  2. Reviews primary, secondary, and tertiary hues.
  3. Uses color relationships such as monochromatic, warm/cool, complementary, analogous, and spilt-complementary to achieve visual unity and/or intent of work.


Monday- I will introduce students to the Principles of Design. Students will then create mini compositions using the Principles. Students will also find artworks that exemplify the use of each Principle. Those that need to finish their landscape paintings will do that first.

Tuesday- I will continue with the High Renaissance by discussing the Mona Lisa. Students will then continue to work on their Principles of Design worksheets. They will complete a sheet for balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, and pattern.

Wednesday- We will complete the High Renaissance by looking at and discussing the School of Athens by Raphael.  I will then present the next project, radial design in which students will use the principles of design- balance, unity, and pattern to create a beautiful radial design. Today students will begin with a line design.

Thursday- I will begin class by introducing the Northern Renaissance. We will look at the Arnofini Portrait and discuss the symbolism in the double portrait. Students will then continue to work on their radial design by beginning to add color with colored pencil.

Friday-We will begin class by looking at Durer and the German Renaissance. Students will then continue to work on their radial design.


Drawing 1

Colored Pencil Unit (Still Life)

VAHSDRPR.1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve specific visual arts problems and to communicate ideas and emotions, culminating in a finished work of art.

VAHSDRPR.2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

VAHSDRPR.3  Develops complex art work using a variety of media and technology.


Monday- Tuesday-Students will complete their conte portrait and turn it in after a self  assessment.

Wednesday-I will introduce students to colored pencil techniques and how to render using color. Students will practicing layering, burnishing and other techniques.

Thursday-Students will finish practicing their colored pencil techniques as well as render an object three dimensionally. Students will also need to bring in 5-7 personal items to use for a colored pencil still life.

Friday-Students will begin creating a composition for their still life. Once a thumbnail sketch has been approved, students will begin a line drawing of their composition on larger paper.



Monday-I will introduce students to a digital project, creating an image in text. Students will follow along with a tutorial video as they create their own image filled text.

Tuesday-Students will finish their Surrealist collage and turn it in for assessment.

Wednesday-Students will work in groups to research the different styles of photography. They will then create a presentation which includes information about that style such as what training is involved, careers in that field, and artist in the genre.

Thursday-Students will present their style of photography presentations to the class.

Friday- I will introduce students to their next presentation project, turning a print into a painting.

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