April 30-May 4

Week 16

Comp Art

VAHSVACU.1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present.

VAHSVAPR.1 Uses formal qualities of art (elements and principles) to create unified composition and communicate meaning.

VAHSVAAR.1 Makes written and oral critiques of own works of art.


Monday- We will continue to talk about Baroque art by looking at sculptures by Bernini.

I will introduce students to non-objective art. Students will create their own non-objective artwork by using a viewfinder to create a composition with no identifiable objects.

Tuesday- We will continue our discussion of Baroque art by looking at paintings by Rembrandt. Students will then continue to work on their non-objective project focusing on creating texture and contrast within their composition.

Wednesday- We will begin to look at Impressionism-how it began and its key characteristics and specifically look at works by Manet.  We will then take a break from our non-objective piece to begin to brainstorm for their final projects. Students will begin to look for images to use for their final project -creating an original composition based on choices from 4 categories.

Thursday-We will continue to look Impressionism, today works by Claude Monet. Students will then complete their non-objective design by adding texture and/or pattern with colored pencil. Once complete, students will fill out their self-assessment and turn it in.

Friday-We will look at Post-Impressionism and works by Van Gogh. Students will then begin the line drawing portion of their final project. They should have a foreground, middleground, and background as well as having the minimum number of subjects from each of the 4 categories.




VAHSDRPR.1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve specific visual arts problems and to communicate ideas and emotions, culminating in a finished work of art.

VAHSDRPR.2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

VAHSDRPR.3  Develops complex art work using a variety of media and technology.

VAHSDRAR.1 Writes and critiques orally his or her own works of art.

VAHSDRAR.2 Critiques art work of others individually and in group settings.

VAHSDRAR.3 Develops multiple strategies for responding to and reflecting on artworks.


Monday-Thursday- Students will continue to work on their colored pencil hand drawings. Students will use color to render their compositions 3dimensionally.

Friday-Hand drawings will be due. Students should fill out their self-assessment and turn their drawings in to be graded. If students finish early, they will begin their final project. They will have two choices. I will introduce both choices and students can make decisions and begin to sketch ideas.


Monday- We will be watching Loving Vincent about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

Tuesday-Over the next 3 days, students will be working in groups to create light drawing pictures using a flashlight or their phone, a slow shutter speed, in a dark space. I will be introducing students to the Cornell Box assignment. Students will begin to sketch and brainstorm ideas for their boxes. They have until next week to bring in a box.

Wednesday-I will introduce students to Forced Perspective. Students will work in pairs to create interesting forced perspective photographs around the school. Some students will be working on light painting.

Thursday-Students will be working on their Forced Perspective photos and their light paintings. I will also introduce student to a hand stitched photo production assignment. Students will choose a photo for the assignment and print it.

Friday-Students will be working on their hand stitched assignment, their forced perspective photos and light paintings.

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