May 7-11

Week 18

Comp Art

VAHSVACU.1 Articulates ideas and universal themes from diverse cultures of the past and present.

VAHSVAPR.1 Uses formal qualities of art (elements and principles) to create unified composition and communicate meaning.

VAHSVAAR.1 Makes written and oral critiques of own works of art.


Monday-We will begin to look at Impressionism-how it began and its key characteristics and then we will discuss works by Manet. Students will then continue to brainstorm ideas for their final project and begin the line drawing of the foreground, middleground, and background. Students should be creating an original composition based on choices from different words (they must choose 3).

Tuesday-For Art History today, we will look at works by Claude Monet. Students will then finish the line drawing for their final project and begin to add value to shade using a consistent light source.

Wednesday- We will continue our study of Impressionism/Post-Impressionism by discussing van Gogh. Students will then continue to work on their final project.

Thursday-I will be out today! Students will be continuing to work on their final project, making sure to render their composition 3-Dimensionally with a full range of values.

Friday- I will give students a study guide for the final exam. The study guide will not count as a grade but will be a valuable tool for students as they begin to study. Over the next 5 days, we will review art history movements as well as the elements of art. Click here to see a shortened Power Point (the original is too big).Comp Review (shortened) Today we will review Paleolithic and Neolithic art as well as line and shape. Students will spend the remaining portion of class working on their final project.



Final Project


VAHSDRMC.1 Engages in the creative process; imagines new ideas by using mental and visual imagery, conceptualizes these ideas by using artistic language and contextual understandings, and accesses learning. The student develops a personal artistic voice that gives unique form to these concepts.

VAHSDRMC.2 Finds and solves problems through open-ended inquiry, the consideration of multiple options, weighing consequences, and assessing results.

VAHSDRPR.1 Incorporates elements and principles of design to solve specific visual arts problems and to communicate ideas and emotions, culminating in a finished work of art.

VAHSDRPR.2 Engages in an array of drawing processes and techniques.

VAHSDRPR.3  Develops complex art work using a variety of media and technology.

VAHSDRAR.1 Writes and critiques orally his or her own works of art.

VAHSDRAR.2 Critiques art work of others individually and in group settings.

VAHSDRAR.3 Develops multiple strategies for responding to and reflecting on artworks.


Monday-Students will then begin their final projects. They will begin with a line drawing. Students have two choices for their final project. One is a unified composition with a foreground, middleground, and background. The other choice involves 8 different rectangles and two larger circles with different required subject matter in each section. Students may choose to use any dry media we used this semester. The due date for final projects is Friday, May 18th.

Tuesday-Wednesday-Students will continue to work on their final project. They may render their drawings in the medium of their choice.

Thursday- I will be out today but students will continue to work on their final project.

Friday- We will begin to have informal, peer critiques of the final projects while the students continue to work on their final projects.



Monday-We will be in the media center so that students can edit and compile their photos for their Silhouettes, Shadows, and Street photography shoot.

Tuesday-Students should bring in their box, objects, and photographs to work on their Cornell inspired box. Students will be creating a symbolic self-portrait in a shadow box. They should include at least 3 photographs, one drawing, and found objects that represent their past, present, and future.

Wednesday-Students will continue to work on their Cornell inspired box.

Thursday- Students will be introduced (and some revisiting) 10 influential photographers and how they contributed to the field. They will then continue to work on their Cornell box.

Friday-I will be giving students their study guide for the final exam. Students will begin to work on the key vocab for the exam. They will then complete their Cornell Inspired Box and turn it in for assessment after filling out a self-assessment.

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