Week 4, August 20th-24th

I hope to meet many parents Thursday night at Open House!

Comp Art

Art History focus-Egyptian art

Production focus-Value, shading an original drawing from a photograph using a grid

VAHSVA.CR.3 Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice, and persistence.

  1. Demonstrate a variety of skills and techniques for two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.
  2. Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through proper care and use of tools, materials, and equipment.
  3. Utilize and care for materials, tools, and equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.

VAHSVA.CR.4   Incorporate formal and informal components to create works of art.

  1. Use principles of design to organize elements of art to create unified compositions.

Monday– I am out sick but students will be working on shading their S curve ribbon.

Tuesday Art History-We begin our unit on Egyptian art by looking at and discussing the Great Pyramids.

Art Production-Students will begin shading their ribbon wrapped letter. They need to shade it with a consistent light source


Students need to bring an image from home as the source for an original drawing. I will teach the students how to use the grid system to create a drawing. Students will grid their paper as well as their image. They will then begin with their line drawing of their image.

Wednesday– Art History- We will discuss King Tut and his tomb. Students will take notes on big ideas.

Students will begin shading their geometric forms (a cone, a sphere, and a cube). Students should have a full range of values as well as a cast shadow.


Wednesday-We will finish looking at Egyptian art by looking at in-the-round sculptures of kings and queens.

Students will then finish shading their geometric forms. I will then show them how to create a grid for their grid drawing.

Thursday– We will continue discussing Egyptian art with our focus today on low relief tomb paintings.

Students will begin using lines to map out their grid drawing. Once students complete their line drawing they will begin to render the values in their image on their paper to create a sense of 3-dimensionality.

Friday– We will review Sumerian and Egyptian art in a group game. Students will have a quiz over Sumerian and Egyptian art on Monday!!!

Students will continue to shade their value drawings making sure to render a full range of values.





VAHSCR.CR.3   Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice, and persistence.

  1. Utilize traditional and contemporary methods for constructing ceramic works (e.g. pinch, coil, slab, wheel thrown, extruded, modeled,


  1. Create ceramic works using various traditional and contemporary media.
  2. Apply surface techniques (e.g. mishima, sgraffito, burnishing, slip trailing, stamping, incising, applique).
  3. Apply a range of firing techniques (e.g. pit, barrel, raku, saggar, reduction, oxidation).
  4. Utilize technology (e.g. pottery wheel, extruder, three-dimensional modeling software, power tools, hand tools, kilns).



Monday-I am out sick but students will try to finish their coil pots and put them in the kiln room to dry out.

Tuesday-I will begin class with an introduction to slabs.  I will demonstrate how to make a sgraffito tile. Students will sketch ideas for their sgraffito tile.

Tuesday- Students will finish creating an image in their sgraffito tile and begin to allow it to dry to for bisque firing.

Wednesday-I will begin class with a demo on how to make plates. Students will then roll thin slabs to create two plates. Students will then create two stencil images to use on their plates.

Thursday-Students will use underglaze to decorate their design on their plate. Students will also be glazing their coil pots.

Friday- I will introduce the project, slab containers. I will demonstrate how to build a container with a lid using slabs. Students will then sketch and plan for their container before they begin rolling slabs.

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