Week 5, August 27-31

Comp Art

VAHSVA.CR.3   Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice, and persistence.

  1. Demonstrate a variety of skills and techniques for two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.
  2. Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through proper care and use of tools, materials, and equipment.
  3. Utilize and care for materials, tools, and equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.


VAHSVA.CR.4   Incorporate formal and informal components to create works of art.

  1. Use principles of design to organize elements of art to create unified compositions.
  2. Create two-dimensional works of art that incorporate observational contour drawing, value to model form, and an understanding of perspective drawing.

VAHSVA.RE.1     Reflect on the context of personal works of art in relation to community, culture, and the world.


VAHSVA.RE.2     Critique personal works of art and the artwork of others, individually and collaboratively, using a variety of approaches.

  1. Self-evaluate in-progress and complete work using criteria such as composition, craftsmanship, technical skill, meeting goals of work, and progress over time.
  2. Develop skills and provide respectful and constructive criticism to peers as part of a community of learners.

Art History Focus-Greek art

Art Production Focus-Value


Monday- We will play Kahoot to review Sumerian and Egyptian art. Students will then begin their grid drawings by gridding their papers and starting with a line drawing.


Tuesday- We will begin class with our quiz on Sumerian and Egyptian art. Students will then continue their line drawing on their grid.


Wednesday- Early Release Day   

Students will be introduced to Greek culture and sculpture. Today we will focus on the influence of Egyptian sculpture on early Greek sculpture. Click here for the Power Point Greek Art and Culture

Students will begin adding value to their grid, line drawings.


Thursday- We will continue to look at Greek sculpture, focusing on how it begins to change during the Classic period. Students will then continue to shade their value drawings making sure to use a full range of values.


Friday-We will complete our discussion of Greek sculpture by looking at examples from the Hellenistic period and discus how the artist began to show emotion and action. We will have a in process peer critique of their grid drawings. Students will give constructive criticism to a peer to help them as they continue shading their grid drawings.





VAHSCR.CR.1    Visualize and generate ideas for creating works of art.

  1. Generate ceramic concepts through the sequential process of ideation, innovation, development, and actualization.
  2. Investigate choice of themes, materials, and methods as they relate to personal, contemporary, and traditional ceramic artists/works.

VAHSCR.CR.2 Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan and create works of art.

  1. Document research, exploration, and problem solving to connect and express visual ideas.
  2. Individually and collaboratively generate multiple solutions to a single artistic problem and assess merits of each.
  3. Research materials and apply processes to recognize limitations and set goals regarding design, studio capabilities, and time.


VAHSCR.CR.3    Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice, and persistence.

  1. Utilize traditional and contemporary methods for constructing ceramic works (e.g. pinch, coil, slab, wheel thrown, extruded, modeled,


  1. Create ceramic works using various traditional and contemporary media.
  2. Apply surface techniques (e.g. mishima, sgraffito, burnishing, slip trailing, stamping, incising, applique).


Monday-Students will beg finishing their sgraffito tiles by scratching into the surface of their tile to create their design in black and white. Once they are done, they will place them in the kiln room to begin the drying out process.

Tuesday- I will demonstrate how to use make plates using a slump mold. Students will then make two plates and begin making a design for a stencil that they will use

Wednesday-We have an early release day.  Students will finish their slab plates by painting on a design with underglaze.

Thursday-Students will glaze their coil pots. I will then introduce their next big project, slab containers with a lid.

Friday- I will demo how to build a simple slab container. Students will sketch a design for their box and then begin to roll slabs for their box.


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