September 3-7

Comprehensive Art

Art History Focus-Greek Art

Art Production-Value


VAHSVACU.1.a Identifies how the issues of time, place, and culture are reflected in selected art works.

VAHSVACU.1.d Discusses the importance of art in daily life (personal significance, social commentary, self-expression, spiritual expression, planning, recording history, for beauty’s sake, and marketing/advertising).

VAHSVACU.1.h Discusses the role of art and artifacts as a visual record of humankind’s history and a vehicle for gaining understanding of another culture.

VAHSVAPR.2 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes in drawing.


Monday-Labor Day-No School!


Tuesday- We will finish discussing Greek sculpture by looking at examples from the Hellenistic period. Students will then continue to work on their grid drawings.


Wednesday-Today we will look at Greek pottery and the technique, sgraffito, which was used on the surface to tell stories. We will have an in process, class critique of student work so that students can see where they are doing well and what areas they need to work on. Students will then continue their value drawings by pushing their darks and pulling out highlights.


Thursday- We will look at and discuss Greek architecture, specifically the Parthenon. Students will then continue their grid drawings.


Friday- We will begin class by playing Kahoot for review on Greek art in preparation for our quiz on Monday. Students should complete their grid drawings, fill out a self-assessment and turn them in to be graded. Those who do not finish will need to finish over the weekend and turn it in on Monday. Those who already finished are going to be watching Hercules.





VA:Ceram.1 Ceramic Technique: Planning
The learner will be able to uses preparatory sketches, plans, and produces hand-built and/or wheel-thrown ceramic works inspired by personal experience, social issues, observation of natural world, and research into selected cultures or ceramic artists.


VA:Ceram.2 Ceramic Techniques: Construction
The learner will be able to demonstrates proficiency in techniques, such as wedging, pinching, molding, scoring, and joining.


VA:Ceram.3 Ceramic Technique: Clay Management
The learner will be able to demonstrate techniques of pottery formation such as pinch, coil, slab, molding, combination, and wheel-throwing.


VA:Ceram.4 Ceramic Techniques: Glazing
The learner will be able to apply glazing techniques, such as brushing, dipping, pouring, wax resist, and stencil.


Tuesday-I will be introducing students to the slab container with a lid. After my demo, students will sketch and plan. Once their sketch is approved, they may begin to roll slabs.

Wednesday & Thursday- Students will continue to work on their slab boxes.

Friday- Students will complete their slab container by adding handles, outside texture or decoration, and then allowing them to dry out for firing.

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