Week 10, October 8-12

Comp Art, Week 10-Oct. 8th-12th   

Art History Focus-Romanesque and Gothic Art

Production Focus-Color

VAHSVA.CR.3   Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice, and persistence.

  1. Demonstrate a variety of skills and techniques for two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.
  2. Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through proper care and use of tools, materials, and equipment.
  3. Utilize and care for materials, tools, and equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.


VAHSVA.CR.4   Incorporate formal and informal components to create works of art.

  1. Learn fundamental color theory and the organization of color schemes to create works of art that demonstrate how to create meaning through color.


Monday- We will begin our unit on Romanesque architecture and its key characteristics. Is. Students will then continue their monochromatic self-portraits by painting their main hue.

Tuesday-We will continue looking at Romanesque architecture. Students will then complete their self-portraits and turn them in with a self-assessment.

Wednesday-We will not meet due to the PSAT.

Thursday- We will begin class by looking at Gothic architecture and its characteristics. Students will then paint their ceramic animals.

Friday-We will look at Notre Dame, a piece of Gothic architecture. Students will then finish painting their animals by adding details.


Ceramics Week 10

Focus: Ribbon Pots

VAHSCR.CR.4   Incorporate formal and informal components to create works of art.

  1. Apply compositional principles to create representational and non-objective ceramic works.
  2. Produce a variety of ceramic works that explore the concepts of form and function to create intended effect and communicate


  1. Demonstrate the successful application of formal qualities (elements and principles) in the production of ceramic works.


Monday- I will be introducing the next project, ribbon pots. We will have a discussion about form and function of pottery. Students can choose between a creating a vase or a pitcher. Students will have to have their sketch approved before they can begin building.

Tuesday-Students will work on their ribbon pots, begin sure to allow time for work to stiffen in between ribbons.

Wednesday-Students will continue to work on their ribbon pots. While they stiffen, students may also glaze their boxes if they still need to.

Friday-Students will continue to build their ribbon pots. Those that still need to will also glaze or cold decorate their bas relief tiles. Those that finish their ribbon pots can put then in the kiln room to begin drying out.

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