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This blog is written in English so that the parents can also understand the weekly plan and upcoming assignments. If there is a discrepancy between the homework assigned in class and the homework listed on the blog, do what I assigned in class. My weekly blog is subject to periodic changes based on the needs of my students.

El Examen del Capitulo 4 (el 15 de febrero)

Los Topicos del Examen

  1. Chapter questions  – respond with complete sentence
  2. Label the food pic
  3. Label the food after reading Spanish description
  4. Gustar – Fill in the blank with the correct form of Gustar
  5. Regular verbs – Fill in blank with correctly conjugated verb – for sections 5 and 6, must know meanings and conjugations
  6. Stem Change Verbs – Fill in the blank with the correctly conjugated stem change verb
  7. Dialogue – Complete the dialogue by providing appropriate responses
  8. Restaurant Vocab – label the pic
  9. Translations – Translate 3 of the 4 English sentences to Spanish

el 12 de febrero – el 16 de febrero

el 12 de febrero

1. Pan (song)

2.  Review gustar

3. Practice questions in 2s

4. Review ch questions on board

5.  HW – study questions and test topics


el 13 de febrero

1.     Make restaurant dialogues

  2.     HW =  memorize dialogues


el 14 de febrero

1.     Perform dialogues

2.     Chapter 4 study guide in 2s

  3.     HW= Study for ch 4 test   


el 15 de febrero

 Chapter 4 TEST


el 16 de febrero

1.     Ch 4 videos

2.     Discuss vacations in Spanish (frijoles)

*  Absentee’s dialogues



el 5 de febrero – el 9 de febrero

el 5 de febrero

1.     Review verbs from list and from WS

2.     Quiz reg verbs

3.     Begin new restaurant vocabulary

4.  HW= Make vocab restaurant flashcards


el 6 de febrero

1.     Practice cards restaurant in groups

2.     Discuss stem-change verbs

3.     Practice stem-change verb conjugations

4.     Make sentences to practice

 5.  HW= WS stem-change verb sentences  


el 7 de febrero

1. Pan song

2. in 2s questions 20 – 24

3. Review Homework on board

4. Practice stem-change verbs white boards/sentences

5.  HW – study cards and verbs for quiz


el 8 de febrero

1.      Review cards

2.      Discuss verbs

3.      quiz

4.      Discuss test topics

5. HW= Chapter questions 1-12


el 9 de febrero

1.Gustar and encantar


2. fill in blank

3. practice activity in 2s (old quiz)

4.  ocho padres song

5. jugo de naranja

6.  HW – finish chapter questions

Walton’s International Spanish Academy

International Spanish Academy
8th Grade Parent/Student Night
Walton High School
Lecture Hall – Information Center
February 8, 2018 6:30 p.m.

The International Spanish Academy (ISA) at Walton High School is a very rigorous dual language program in Spanish and English offered through the collaboration of Walton High School with the Ministry of Education of Spain. ISA students take four years of intensive Spanish at Walton and five Honors or AP content courses in the area of Humanities that include a delivery component in Spanish. Approximately 30% of an ISA student’s overall coursework at Walton is conducted in Spanish. For full participation in the ISA, the ISA graduates will earn a diploma from Walton and from the Ministry of Education of Spain.

Successful ISA students love Spanish, they want to be proficient speakers of this wonderful language and they want to learn about the interesting cultures of the many Spanish speaking countries. ISA students are very interested in the Humanities. In the Spanish courses you may learn about music, dance, geography, history, and more. The content area ISA courses will be in the area of History, Government, Economics, English composition and literature. The ISA students are writers. They are critical thinkers. They love a challenge. They are self-motivated learners. They form study groups. They ask questions. They listen. Do you fit this profile?

If our ISA sounds interesting to you, please work very hard this year to earn the recommendation of your Spanish teacher to be a candidate for this academy. To be eligible to apply, you must also earn a recommendation to take Honors 9th grade English Literature and AP Human Geography. Students who are learning Spanish as a foreign language may apply to the ISA in the spring of 8th grade and accepted students will begin the program in the freshman year. Acceptance into Walton’s International Spanish Academy implies that a student will remain an Academy student throughout their high school career in order to graduate with both diplomas. ISA students must successfully complete all graduation requirements for the state of Georgia as well.

Native and Heritage speakers of Spanish are not eligible to apply to this program but are encouraged to take a placement test if they wish to register for advanced courses in Spanish.
Please join us on February 8, 2018 at 6:30 to learn more about the ISA at Walton!

el 29 de enero – el 2 de febrero

el 29 de enero

1. new groups of two sheet

2. On board (desayuno, almuerzo, cena) Jugo de Naranja song

3. Review hw (vocab)

4. Food power pt

5. Card conversation

6. HW – p. 6 – 9


el 30 de enero

1. power point – food discussion

2. review hw

3. groups of two – card practice

4. HW= p 10 



el 31 de enero

1.  Jugo de naranja (list foods)

2.  Groups of two sheet with drinks/times

3. Que asco

4. Que comida no te gusta?

5. pink/blue – convo sheets

6.  Sentences with slide

7. HW = study cards


el primero de febrero

1.     Review  cards in 2s

2.     Sentences with slide??

3.     Food Quiz

4.     Los verbos (vocab list)

5.     –ar, -er, -ir verbs sheet

HW= verb vocab cards from WS


el 2 de febrero

1.    endings and definitions AR/ER/IR

2.    Practice vocab cards in groups

3.    power pt pics and sentences

4. HW= Study for QUIZ and make sentences

el 22 de enero – el 26 de enero

el 22 de enero

SRI in computer lab


el 23 de enero

1. Review 17 – 28

2. Sim/diff worksheet

3. wordstorming

4. HW – composition


el 24 de enero

1. Review comps in 3s

2. Sequencing

3. HW = study for quiz


el 25 de enero

1.  Review

2. Quiz

3. HW – look up food vocab


el  26 de enero

1. Review food vocab

2. New groups of two sheets

3. food cards

4. HW – finish cards and p. 1 – 5

el 15 de enero – el 19 de enero

el 15 de enero

No Hay Clases


el 16 de enero

1. Finish Movie

2. Review 1 – 16

3. Start 17 – 28 and finish for hw


el17 de enero

Reading Inventory Test


el 18 de enero

1. Review 17 – 28

2. Sim/diff worksheet

3. wordstorming

4. HW – composition


el 19 de enero

1. Review comps in 3s

2. Sequencing

3. HW = study for quiz

el 8 de enero – el 12 de enero

el 9 de enero

1.     Review and take QUIZ

2.     Discuss stem-changers (3 examples)

3.     Ratatouille vocab (back page and part of front)

HW= Make vocab cards (10 front, 10 back)


el 10 de enero 

1.     Review cards

2.     Characters vocab

3.     Movie

4.  HW – definitions


el 11 de enero

1.     Review HW

2.     Movie

HW – character sentences


el 12 de enero

1.     Review HW

2.     Movie

3.     HW – questions 1 – 16



el primero de enero – el cinco de enero

el primero de enero

No Hay Clases


el 2 de enero

No hay clases para estudiantes


el 3 de enero

No hay clases para estudiantes


el 4 de enero

1.     Conjugation style with er/ir verbs

2.     Intro to  –er & -ir verb endings

3.     vocab

4.     Discuss and practice –er & -ir endings with PowerPoint

5.     Sentences in 2s, then go over as class

6.  HW = vocab cards


el  5 de enero

1.     Practice cards in twos

2.     Review –er & -ir verb endings

3.     Questions in 2s, then go over

4.     Translations

HW= study for –er & -ir verb quiz 

el 18 de diciembre – el 20 de diciembre

el 18 de diciembre

Chapter 3 exam/Midterm


el 19 de diciembre 

Review videos

Per 7 – grupos de dos sheet


el 20 de diciembre

1. Into to future tense

2. Discuss vacation plan with partner

3. Discuss with class

4.  Los pinguinos y la Navidad (video)

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