el 8/9 de septiembre

  1. Take out your homework (2 sheets), and do this forms quiz below…

2. ¿Cuáles son los 5 vocales en español?  Which are the 5 vowels in Spanish?  Listen to this song again and answer afterward…

3. Print this “lista de vocabulario” – vocab list


4. Take some time to review what we have learned so far.


Hola Estudiantes,

I’ve set up classes for us in Remind.  I’d like you to text what is listed below for your class period to the number 81010.  In the case that CTLS crashes, I will text you a zoom link.

La Primera Hora (1st period)   @drkister

La Segunda Hora (2nd period)   @drakister

La Tercera Hora (3rd period)   @doctorak

La Sexta Hora (6th period)   @doctorakk

La Séptima Hora (7th period)   @kkister


To join with Computer and Get email notifications.
  1. Join online: Visit and enter the class or school code and your email address.
  2. Join from your inbox: Send a blank email to (If the class code were @math, for example, you’d send a blank email to


Gracias 🙂

¡Qué tengan un buen fin de semana!

Hasta pronto,

Doctora KIster

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