Fernbank & Notebook Checks

This Wednesday, our Team along with 7 other 6th grade science classes will be going to Fernbank for a field trip. Students who do not bring in their permission forms in on Monday or Tuesday will be staying at school for the day on Wednesday. The $11.00 can be placed in the safe when students arrive to school. I have encouraged all students to bring their forms in as soon as possible, so we can make plans for Wednesday. We are looking forward to a fun day at FERNBANK.

This Tuesday, I will be collecting notebooks in Science, Math, and Social Studies for notebook checks. Students were given time in class on Friday to review what needs to be put into their notebooks, so they could get them ready to organize. Please encourage your child to have the work completed and organized in their notebooks as I will be taking a number of grades from the notebook check. Below are the assignments I will be looking for. The only item not listed is the 3D Surface Area assignment that was handed back on Friday which will go on page 13.

Fernbank Field Trip

Our science class is scheduled to go to Fernbank next Wednesday, 2/14. If you would like for your child to participate, please send in the permission form by this Friday, 2/9, with $11. This will give me time to take a count of who will be attending and will give us time to calculate lunches for the students. We are looking forward to our trip.

February 5

This week we will have our second Curriculum Night on Tuesday beginning at 6:15pm.

Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday.

We are back tomorrow

We definitely are having some crazy winter weather.

Tomorrow, we will take our Unit 4 Science (Earth Layers, continental drift, plate tectonics, fossils). Students will have 1-2 study guides to review over the weekend. Please sign the slip stating that you studied about 15 minutes with your child.

Student were to bring in a new composition notebooks to school last week. We set up our Social Studies notebook on Tuesday and will set up our Math tomorrow and science notebook on Wednesday. Please send in composition notebooks for your child, so we can start them off right for this semester.

Friday – Test day & Composition notebooks

Tomorrow we have our Unit 4 Math test and Unit 3 Social Studies test. Students have a study guide in social studies to review. In math, they have a homework sheet. There is a math review tomorrow (1/12) in my room at 8:00am.

Our Unit 4 Science (Earth Layers, continental drift, plate tectonics, fossils) test will be Wednesday next week. Students will have 2 study guides to review over the weekend. See the science tab for details on accessing the science book online.

Student are to bring in a new composition notebook for Math, one for science, and one for Social Studies (if they have Majors) by Tuesday, 1/16.

We are back after the ice day

This week we will be wrapping up the Units we began in December. Dynamic Earth in Science. Equations and Inequalities in Math. European Government and Economics in Social Studies.

Reminder – students were asked to bring in new Composition notebooks by Tuesday for Math, Science, and Social Studies (for Majors). We will set up the new notebooks this week, so the students are ready to start their new units after Martin Luther King Day. Students will bring the notebooks home for parent signatures. Look for Remind 101 information on the inside cover.

Welcome Back

I was glad to see everyone today. It sounds like everyone enjoyed their break and got some rest. We jumped right back in today. We spent time reviewing in Math and Social Studies for Quizzes tomorrow. Science learned about earthquakes.

I have set up a Remind 101 for my classes. This is a way to receive texts with reminders or information. If you are interested in receiving these notifications, check your child’s agenda from October with an attachment or email me at [email protected] for details.


Bring new Composition Notebooks (not spirals) for Math, Science, and Social Studies to class by Tuesday, 1/9 (for a total of 3). We will start new notebooks to keep our new material for the rest of this year. Staples has them on sale through Saturday for $1.00. Look for Bell Ringers in both Science and Math in the notebooks, as well as notes, classwork, and other assignments.

Report cards for the 2nd 9 weeks will go home this Friday.

Spirit Wear Day is tomorrow, 1/5. Students can wear a spirit wear shirt (Campbell MS or feeder school) and standard school attire pants.

Let’s Make this 9 weeks ROCK!


Break is upon us

Early Release: Tuesday, 12/19 & Wednesday 12/20 at 1:30pm

Science: A study packet has been handed out to both science classes. It will be due on Friday, January 5. A bonus activity on the Journey to the Center of the Earth is included on green paper.

Math: Complete Mid-Unit Study Guide will be due January 4. The Mid-Unit Quiz will be given Friday, January 5.

Social Studies: Students will complete any classwork not completed on December 19 & 20.

Have a FANTASTIC Holiday with your families!

Snow Days

I hope everyone is doing well through the snow days. A couple of reminders for this week…

  • Math Symmetry Projects are due this Wednesday.
  • Math MI tests will be this coming Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Social Studies Government & Europe map quiz on Thursday and an Economics quiz next week.
  • If you have missing Science Weekly Homework or Math Bell Ringers, I have extended the due date. They are to be turned in NO LATER than this Thursday. See the Science and Math tabs to view the missing assignments.

Let’s finish this 9 weeks well. I will see you tomorrow (Tuesday) ready to finish this week strong.

Wrapping up this 9 weeks

As the semester winds down let’s all remember to keep focused on our academics!

Grades have been updated. Please be checking Parent and Student Vue for grade updates. Mrs. Fahey conferenced one-on-one with some of our 6-4 students this week about their Quarter 2 progress. Please check your child’s agenda for progress print-outs.

Missing assignments or tests/quizzes need to be completed by Wednesday, December 13, as our 9-week wraps up on December 20. See Math, Science, and Social Studies tabs for information.

Heads Up:
* I&S Government Quiz on Monday, December 11th. I&S Economic Quiz on Thursday, December 14th.
* Math MI test will be given December 13th and 14th.
* 6th Grade Orchestra concert at 6:30
* Drama Production at 7:00