Week of May 14 – May 18
Monday – End of Year Science project presentations
Tuesday – End of Year Science project presentations
Wednesday – Wrap up project presentations
Thursday –
Friday – Field Day


Week of May 7 – May 11

End of Year projects…

Students will do research on a topic of their choice (in a group or individual) from our 6th grade curriculum. They will create a visual (power point, poster, 3-D model, etc), present their topic to the class, and complete an essay. Class time will be given for research, to prepare visuals, and to write their essay. Time at home will be used to finish up what students are not able to complete in class from Friday, May 4 – Friday, May 11.

Week of April 30 – May 4

We will wrap up our review of our science for the year. Thursday, we will complete review foldables.

Week of April 23 – April 27
This week we will wrap up the topic of space. Lessons will combine reading articles in class and note taking. Test will be on Thursday. Friday, we will begin our last Domain in preparation for our SLO on May 3.

Domain 3 review questions

On May 4 – May 11 – students will be working individually or in groups on their End of Year Science project. This will be a big portion of their grade for the last 4.5 weeks of the year. The majority of the project will be worked on at school, but students may need to use some time or resources from home. Please encourage your child to be in class, to stay focus, and be ready for presentations beginning May 14.

Videos: Earth Rotation & Revolution  Moon Phases


Week of April 16 – April 20

This week we will be discussing the topic of space. Lessons will combine reading articles in class and note taking

Link for Domain 1 review questions


Week of March 26 – March 30

This week we will wrap up Weather and Climate and spend time reviewing for our Science SLO test.

Link for Domain 2 review questions



Week of March 19 – March 23

Monday – Severe weather
Tuesday – Finish Severe weather notes
Wednesday – Complete visual organizer for Fronts (cold, warm, stationary, occluded)
Thursday – Weather & Climate Webquest
Friday – Complete Webquest & Begin discussion of Winds


Weather and Climate Webquest links:








Week of March 12 – March 16
Monday – Begin Weather & Climate unit. Today we will talk about the Earth’s Air.  Earth’s Atmosphere    Crash Course: Weather
Tuesday – Layers of the Atmosphere I found these videos that do a great job helping you get the layers placed correctly. Only difference is that we cut the layers open and pasted directly under the “door”.  Layers of the Earth Foldable Pt 1    Layers of the Earth Foldable Pt 2   If you were absent on Tuesday, please visit Mrs. Majors to get your copy to complete at home.
Wednesday – Kindness activity & Early Release
Thursday – Air Pressure activities. Weather Instruments Gallery Walk
Friday – Global Winds



Week of March 4 – March 8
Monday – Review Hydrology (Water cycle, Earth’s Water Distribution, Ocean Topography, Oceans) Complete the study guide tonight.
Tuesday & Wednesday – Hydrology test
Thursday – Review tests. Bill Nye Climate
Friday – Review tests. Begin Weather and Climate Unit – Layers of the Atmosphere


Week of February 26 – March 2

Monday and Tuesday – Water Cycle, Tides, Waves, and Currents in class group project. Visit the following to finish the questions…, 2. Earth Science, 3. NOAA Collection – Earth Science Multimedia 4. find topic needed

Wednesday – Currents

Thursday – Tides

Friday – review Hydrology. Test on Monday.


Week of February 12 – February 16
Monday and Tuesday – Ocean Topography webquest

Wednesday – Field trip to Fernbank

Thursday and Friday – Ocean Currents & Waves


Week of February 5 – February 9

Water Foldables will be finished on Monday. Tuesday, we will have our mid-unit Quiz over water distribution and the water cycle. A water cycle video is posted below. We will move on to oceans mid week.


Week of January 22 – January 26

Tomorrow, we will take our Unit 4 Science (Earth Layers, continental drift, plate tectonics, fossils). We will begin our unit on Water/Hydrology this week. We will focus on vocabulary, water cycle, and water distribution.

Water Cycle

Week of January 15 – January 19

Our Unit 4 Test will be this Wednesday. Students will have 2 study guides to bring home on Tuesday to review at home. We will begin Unit 5 on Thursday.

Week of January 8 – January 12

Our Earth Unit is coming to a close. We will review earth layers, Pangaea/continental drift, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

For review, visit  Online Textbook to view Chapters 7, 8, & 9 in the Science Book.   Login: Ellis169   Password: Campbell

Week of January 4 – January 5

The Science Holiday Review Packet is due Tomorrow (Friday). The white pages are to be completed by all students, and the green page is a bonus activity (Great way to start off the 9 weeks with some bonus points).

Today we talked about earthquakes which we will wrap up tomorrow and talk about volcanos. The Test over this Unit will be later next week.

** Be sure to bring a new Composition Notebook (not spiral) to class by Tuesday, 1/9 (for Math and Social Studies as well for a total of 3). **


Missing homework…

Science Homework Week 12    Science Homework Week 13   Science Homework Week 14   Science Homework Week 15   Science Homework Week 16

Anchor Weathering Flash Cards     Anchor Weathering Crossword


Week of December 11 – December 15
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 12.11 – Snow Day (no school)
Tuesday, 12.12– Stress and Faults
Wednesday, 12.13 – Earthquakes
Thursday, 12.14 – Review of Earth Layers, Continental Drift & Plate Techtonics
Friday, 12.15 – Classroom activity
Monday, 12.18 – Earth Layers, Continental Drift & Plate Techtonics Quiz


Week of December 4 – December 8
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 12.4 – WebQuest in class about fossils
Tuesday, 12.5– WebQuest in computer lab to complete fossils
Wednesday, 12.6 – Continental Drift, Pangaea, Sea Floor Spreading; Complete Fossil WebQuest for HW if not completed in class on Tuesday
Thursday, 12.7 – Continue notes on topics from yesterday
Friday, 12.8 – Review of fossils and notes from Thursday and Friday

Continental Drift    Sea Floor Spreading    Plate Techtonics: Subduction   Bill Nye: Sea Floor Spreading


Week of November 27 – December 1
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 11.27 – Earth Layers review. Homework below.

Monday HW: Write a paragraph describing the following using the Scientific Investigation: Claim, Evidence, & Reasoning.

The biosphere is known as the “zone of life”. This is the area where life occurs. Describe why the lithosphere, Earth’s outer crust, is important to life on earth.
Tuesday, 11.28– Unit 3 Mid-Unit quiz
Wednesday, 11.29 – Continental Drift
Thursday, 11.30 – More on Continental Drift
Friday, 12.1 – Sea Floor Spreading


Week of November 13 – November 17
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):

Monday, 11.13 – Review the Layers of the Earth
Tuesday, 11.14– In-School Field Trip (Weathering)
Wednesday, 11.15 – Earth Layers activity
Thursday, 11.16 – Layers of the Earth Study Guide
Friday, 11.17 – Weekly Review

Video Review:

Birth of the Earth      Earth Layers       Earth’s Structure


Week of November 6 – November 10
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 11.6 – Review Test questions. Students received a permission form for an in-school field trip on Nov 14. Forms and fee due THIS FRIDAY. Weekly Homework handed out today and due next Monday.
Tuesday, 11.7– Student Holiday
Wednesday, 11.8 – Birth of the Earth; Video can be seen at
Thursday, 11.9 – Finish video. Video questions DUE FRIDAY. Crust & Mantle Webquest


Week of October 30 – November 3
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 10.30 – Soil Horizons
Tuesday, 10.31 – Climate’s effect on soil & Why soil conservation is important
Wednesday, 11.1 – Finish Permeability vs Porosity & Review Study Guide. Test Friday.
Thursday, 11.2 – Virtual Porosity Lab
Friday, 11.3Unit 2 Test (Weathering/Erosion/Soil)


DATE CHANGE — DUE TUESDAY, 10/23: Students received a review activity on Friday to complete. A Weathering Crossword Puzzle. A set of 8 flash cards with pictures. A Weathering Song.

Week of October 23 – 27
Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 10.23 – Unit 2 Mid-Unit Quiz moved to Tuesday. Review from last week and notes in IAN.
Tuesday, 10.24 – Unit 2 Mid Unit Quiz. Science HW Week 12 Due Monday, 10.30
Wednesday, 10.25 – Begin Soil
Thursday, 10.26 – More Soil and class labs
Friday, 10.27 – Friday review of Weathering/Erosion, Week 12 Weekly Science Homework DUE Monday

Week of October 16 – 20

Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 10.16 – Weathering Walk follow-up & complete Weathering Lab notes
Tuesday, 10.17 – Erosion
Wednesday, 10.18 – Erosion Review
Thursday, 10.19 – Unit 2 – Finish Erosion Notes; Weathering & Erosion Review Day. Homework: Complete #1-18 on Study Guide-due tomorrow
Friday, 10.20 – Weathering & Erosion Study Guide review. Unit 2 Mid-Quiz on Monday over Weathering and Erosion Study Guide given out on Thursday and reviewed on Friday. Review activity on Weathering/Erosion (Write a song, create a crossword, or 8 Flash Cards) due on Monday.

Weathering: Chemical VS Mechanical/Physical Video


Week of October 2 – 6

Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 10.2 – Unit 1 Test corrections & Weathering & Erosion video
Tuesday, 10.3 – Gallery Walk of Weathering photos & vocab
Wednesday, 10.4 – Weathering Labs
Thursday, 10.5 – Weathering Labs
Friday, 10.6 – Weathering Labs

Week of September 18 – 22

Here is the outline for the week (*subject to change):
Monday, 9.18 – Metamorphic Rocks, begin reviewing for Unit 1 test
Tuesday, 9.19 – Complete Study Guide for Unit 1 Test
Wednesday, 9.20 – Class review of Study Guide
Thursday, 9.21 – Unit 1 Test
Friday, 9.22 – Review of Unit 1 Test


Week of September 11 – 15

Last week we began discussing Rocks and the rock cycle. This week we will dig deeper into each type of rock (Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic). We will test over Unit 1: Rocks and Minerals on Wed, Sept 20.
Monday, 9.11 and Tuesday, 9.12 – No School Due to Hurricane Irma
Wednesday, 9.13 – Review Rock Cycle. Quiz on Rock Cycle.
Thursday, 9.14 –  Igneous Rocks
Friday, 9.15 – Begin Sedimentary Rocks
EXTRA CREDIT: Mineral Most Wanted details handed out last Friday. Due Wednesday, September 20.


Week of September 4 – 8

Monday, 9.4 – Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday, 9.5 – Begin Rock Cycle
Wednesday, 9.6 – Rock Cycle & Rock Crayon experiment
Thursday, 9.7 – Rock “Walk Around” to see and take notes on different types of rocks. HW: Watch the videos below and write 5 new things
you learned about rocks or the Rock Cycle in each video.


Rock Cycle:

Friday, 9.8 – Read Rock Cycle article. Create a Foldable with each rock type using information from article. HW: Complete Foldable if not finished in class. Rock Cycle Quiz on MONDAY. Study the Rock Cycle Visual Organizer in your IAN
EXTRA CREDIT: Mineral Most Wanted details handed out on Friday. Due Wednesday, September 20.

Week of August 28 – September 1

Monday, August 28 – Density lab in class. Review Mineral Study guide
Tuesday, August 29 – Mineral Review game. Discuss upcoming test on Thursday
Wednesday, August 30 – Power Point review of Study Guide. Review Study Guide for test tomorrow.
Thursday, August 31 – Minerals test
Friday, September 1 – Wrap up Minerals. Rocks begin next Tuesday.