7th Grade (3rd Period)

Students will continue the unit on Africa’s Ethnic Groups. They will focus on the locations, religions, languages and characteristics of the following groups: The Bantu, Ashanti, Arab and Swahi... Read More

6th Grade (3rd Period)

This week we will continue our economics unit. Students will be learning about:  the four factors of production, trade barriers and specific economies of European nations. Test: Friday 2/16/18 Study ... Read More

7th Grade Social Studies

7th graders are wrapping up a unit on environmental issues in Africa. We will continue learning about soil: desertification and deforestation. The end of unit test will be on Thursday Feb. 8th. It wil... Read More

6th Grade- 3rd Period

This week we will complete our Government unit with a test on the governments of Russia, Germany and the UK. Next, well move into Economic systems and Trade Barriers. Students will also learn the vari... Read More

7th Grade

Students are continuing to learn information on the environmental issues of Africa. Right now, we are discovering the various ways that lack of clean water affects the lives of people in this region. ... Read More