Final Assignment

This nine weeks we have worked on making positive choices and how they affect our lives. The students have learned and talked about using figurative language, sensory details, nouns and verbs. We have read several short stories like; ” The Road Not Taken”, “Bad Boys”, ” Why Couldn’t I have been Named Ashley”, and read a poem named ” Choices” by Nikki Giovanni, all dealing with making choices. These stories helped to prepare your child with their personal narrative on “making choices”.

The final typed paper is due this Friday, September 22, along with several other assignments. Please encourage your child to work hard for the reminder of the week to complete the assignments that are due below:

a. Rough Drafts–2

b. Reading Counts 3

c. Sensory Detail Chart

d. Graphic Organizer on their narrative

e. Read Log

f. Final Paper


We’ve had a great start to the school year implementing the new SpringBoard ELA curriculum. In my ELA classes starting on August 28, 2017, students will be required to read at least 15 minutes each day and have a parent to sign off for a homework grade. I am making a special effort to promote Reading to improve their lexile levels. The next Reading Counts book is due September 5, 2017. Please encourage your child to read on a daily bases. Every child should have a book near their lexile levels.

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Welcome Back

We had an awesome start to this new 2017-18 school year! Your child received orientation in library through their ELA class and was allowed to check out their first reading count book which is due on August 14. This year, I will continue to support students in ELA Co-taught classes and ELA small group class. I am here to assist your child with their academic needs. If at anytime throughout the year, additional support is needed I am available Tuesday–Thursday afternoons from 4:20–5:15, please schedule with me in advance. Also, this year I have one Co-taught Science class. My email address is [email protected] and I can be reached at 770-222-3758 ex: 420. I believe working together we will have a successful academic year for your child!

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Call To Action Project!

Students who are in Ms. Parks’s 7th Grade ELA classes are required to do a presentation that will address an issue or problem. The students may present through any of the methods below. This project is a summative grade. Please encourage your child to work on this project with clarity and  valid information.






DUE APRIL 28, 2017


March Milestone

Throughout the month of March we will be preparing for the ELA Milestone test in Language Arts. We will work on writing styles and techniques which will help the students improve on the writing portion of the test. We will implement the RACE method of writing to help the students prepare for the writing portion. Please encourage your child to learn the method and use it in all writing assignments to become familiar with it; so when test time arrives they will understand how to use the method correctly.

R–restate the question

A–answer the question(s)

C–cite evidence from the text

E–explain how the evidence supports your answer

Also we will take a school survey on line, that is required by Cobb County; using the attached link

Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0

Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 – MIDDLE



Students will be working on their final project of the nine weeks. Each student is required to create a news article that looks official in presentation. I am attaching a website that will assist the students with the layout or format they desire for this project. The final project is due March 2, 2017. We will work on this project in class, if your child would like to work at home have them to copy on their jump drive to bring home. I will print the project for them here at school. Encourage them to be creative and the article must be from a plot from the story “The Cate Ate My Gymsuit”. Final test on this novel is on March 3, 2017.

The Cat Ate my Gymsuit

This story “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” is one of the of the stories my ELA class will read this nine weeks. We are in the process of creating an art project from a scene in the story. Each student is required to have their project by Feb. 17, 2017. Also Book Count 2 book is also due on Feb. 10, 2017. I’m here each evening Monday through Thursday to assist my students with any assignment. Have a great Winter Break!

New Semester–New Beginning

Welcome back to a new start! First, I must commend my students in my 5th period Language Arts class for making an awesome improvement on their Reading Lexile. Parents, I thank you for your support with improving your child’s Reading Level!!

Now it’s time to start a new semester, we will focus this nine-weeks on argumentative writing. Learning to defend what you write, and document why you believe that from INFORMATION from text. We will do 3-4 small reading stories and students will be required to take reading counts assessments on line. Our main read for the nine weeks will be “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” by Paula Danziger and our first short story will be “Thank you Ma’am” by Langston Hughes; I will incorporate lessons on conjunctions, nouns, and independent clauses throughout the nine weeks.


Parents if you need to contact me you can at: [email protected] or 770-439-2792

Choice Board

My students have been assigned a choice board with three required assignments. The assignment in the middle of the board is the only one assigned by me, the student may pick the other assignments that they are interested in. The middle assignment is due on 11-28-16. All assignment are based around the novel we are reading “Freak the Mighty” and making the right choices.



We are starting a new story this nine week, named “Freak the Mighty”. We will discuss plots, setting, a person point of view and developing writing skills.  Several assignments have been given already and they are listed below; all assignments are due by Oct. 31, 16.

  • 1. Describe the setting of “Freak the Mighty” using at least 4 of the following (weather, topography, scenery, environment, time period, geographic region)
  • 2. Explain how the setting influenced the choices that the kids made in the story.
  • 3. Explain the consequence of the choices that were made by the kids in the story.
  • 4. Analyze the choice that the policemen made after catching the kids and explain his reasoning behind his decision.
  • 5. What choice would you have made if you were the main character?
  • 6. Vocabulary sheet for chapters 1-8.
  • 7. Decide on an artistic representation of a setting in the story.
  • 8. Quiz on chapters 1-8 on 10-19-16.

I’m here every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for students needing additional help. I can be reached at [email protected]