el viernes 27 de abril


The test has been postponed until Tuesday May 1st since so many students were gone due to the band/orchestra Orlando trip.

The students played some games today and practiced the food vocabulary.

We will review and complete other assignments on Monday.

NOTE: Please complete any work from the textbook website for chapter 8 and turn in anything missing. We will use the workbook as well next week so be sure to have it available in class.

Have a great weekend!

Hasta el lunes

Sra. Rodgers

el jueves 26 de abril


Today in Spanish…

  • we were back in the computer lab finishing the web quest
  • after the web quest students worked on online practice activities from the textbook

TAREA: Finish any work not completed. The activities that are due are from Capitulo 8 La comida.

Reminder: There is a test tomorrow Friday April 27th. Anyone absent must see Sra. Rodgers to make it up please.


el martes 24 de abril

Buenas tardes,

Today in Spanish…

  • we continued practicing comparisons (más _ que, menos _ que , tan _ como, tanto _ como) and irregulars (bueno -mejor and more.)

TAREA (homework): Period 1 only – Complete the sentences on the back of the notes sheet from the power point if not finished in class and turned in.

Period 2 only – Complete workbook page 92 Activity 5.

Reminder: You are responsible for finding out, getting, completing and turning in any work missed wile you were absent for any reason (illness, field trip, etc.)

There will be a test on Friday over the food vocabulary and comparisons.

Hasta luego

Sra. Rodgers

el jueves 19 de abril


After a nice spring break and last week’s testing plus this weeks’ testing

with all the schedule changes, we can finally start to see a return to normal.

Tomorrow we will be on regular schedule and with that we will continue

to practice the food vocabulary and dive into conversations.

We will complete the last Fotonovela and work on restaurant dialogue.

The students enjoyed tasting some cheese quesadillas yesterday (P1) and today (P2.)

They also designed a brace map to show the components of a particular dish.

Hasta mañana

Sra. Rodgers

el martes 27 de marzo

Buenas tardes,

Hoy en la clase de español…

  • a few students presented their projects

I was surprised at how many students did not have their projects finished or had forgotten to bring it!

This project was assigned two weeks ago and options were given to make a poster or other form of presentation. I had also mentioned that students who used technology should have a back-up: either save it on a USB drive or email to me.

I expect the rest of the projects to be turned in or emailed to me tomorrow. No projects accepted after Thursday. 

Looking forward to the rest of the presentations mañana!

Sra. Rodgers

el martes 20 de marzo


Today in Spanish…

  • we went over workbook page 43
  • we learned more irregular “yo” verbs and took notes

TAREA(homework): Complete the two page handout on e-i stem change verbs and irregular “yo”

MAKE-UP: If you were absent today or yesterday (Monday)-  please view the tutorial on the textbook site that I assigned (chapter 4 Los pasatiempos) and do the little practice “Inténtalo.” This will help you catch-up.  Also, you need to get the irregular “yo” notes that we did today from me when you return to class.

Open notes test tomorrow!

PROJECT: Due next Tuesday March 27th


Sra. Rodgers