Smithsonian’s “Tween Tribune”

Who wants to read boring articles about topics that mean nothing to the reader?  No one.  Many adults have the privilege of having access to websites that provide interesting articles that even sifts into categories that you’ve plugged in as “interesting.”  So, why don’t we have this same capability for students?  Are there sites similar to “Reddit,” “Newsvine,” and “Flipboard” that provide opportunities like this for kids?  YES! Check out this site, Smithsonian’s “Tween Tribune.”  (


This website includes Lexile levels to assist in making sure that students are reading “just right” text.  At the top of the page, it allows the reader to sort by grade levels and lists topics that are both engaging and informational.  Each article provides tiered passages that address the same topic, but can help with differentiating by level.

Although there is some access for parents, the site will ask for teachers to login for additional articles and resources.  This might be just what you were looking for to include that close reading lesson! 🙂 Enjoy!

Mrs. Letendre

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