EOG Study Guides for Parents

What are we doing to prepare your 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th grader for the End of Grade (EOG) assessment?  Well, we’re doing MANY things! We are teaching with a balanced literacy approach, which means our students are reading, writing, speaking and listening on and about texts.  This is happening daily, which means your child is having rigorous experiences surrounding grade level texts and are being asked to speak and write about that understanding.  This is essential for the preparation of the GA Milestones (EOG assessment) as our students are being asked to do just that within a short time frame.

Even at the beginning of the year, we are asking students to build up stamina with reading and writing about such texts.  We ask students to share and justify their thinking by referring back to the text for their evidence.  Additionally, we ask students to defend their thinking by citing evidence from the text within their speaking and writing.  Teachers are working hard to provide these opportunities and are scaffolding these experiences throughout the year to build upon their understanding.

What can you do at home to support your child with this journey?  You can take a peek at these great study guides, provided by the Georgia Department of Education (GAdoe).  Feel free to download these study guides to have as examples of the rigorous questions your child will encounter in April of 2018’s EOG assessment.  Feel free to use these documents as talking points with your child and challenge both yourself and your child with possibilities for answer, based upon text evidence.

3rd Grade EOG Study Guide 2017-2018

4th Grade EOG Study Guide 2017-2018

5th Grade EOG Study Guide 2017-2018

Do you have more questions about the GA Milestones?  If so, talk with your child’s teacher about other resources and ways that you can, specifically, help your child.  Also, feel free to contact me about strategies your child might use to help build stamina and understanding of difficult texts.

Happy Studying!

Mrs. Letendre 🙂

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