A Grant For Reflection

UPDATE (November 29, 2017): We are receiving funding for this project through Cobb County’s IMPACT grant! This funding is courtesy of Cobb EMC’s Community Foundation and the Cobb Schools Foundation.  Here is a picture of what we’ll be receiving to enhance our instructional practices! Our kit will include an ipad mini, with appropriate software enhancements, and the swivl robot, which allow teachers and students to record instruction and learning throughout the classroom.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to write a Donor’s Choose grant that requests materials for video reflection.  This project will allow teachers to record their teaching and reflect upon what he/she sees; thus, making changes to instructional practices.  If you’d like to check it out OR, even better yet, if you’d like to donate and double up (promo code: “LIFTOFF” for the next 7 days), click the picture below!

Happy Reading AND Reflecting!

Marnia Letendre

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