What’s new this week?

Math: We are working on multiplication of fractions and multiplication of mixed numbers.  This includes solving the problems with models as well.  Students are really “wowing” me with their hard work and understanding!

Reading:  We continue on this week with our fantasy unit!  Students began new book clubs this week with a fantasy book of their choice!  This week we will be studying complex vocabulary and details in these fantasy books.

Social Studies:  In social studies we are studying the “Roaring 20’s” and the Stock Market Crash.

Science:  We continue on with circuits this week in our electricity unit!

ELA:  We have begun the second part of our argument unit.  Students have formed groups for their new essay topics.  They have just begun sorting through their research, identifying their thesis, and discussing reasons to support.

*We have a field trip on Friday of this week to see the Atlanta Symphony!!!

Valentine’s Day

This week for Valentine’s Day we will be doing compliment bags. I will supply the bags and students will be passing them around to write kind things about each other on the bag. These bags are where students can drop their valentine or candy. I will supply the bags. If you have any questions, let me know! Thanks!

What’s Going on in Class?

Math: We have jumped into multiplication of fractions and whole numbers (students are modeling and checking their work with standard).

Next we jump into fraction times fraction.

The students are doing a wonderful job, and they are so motivated! It’s been amazing!

ELA: Students just finished their persuasive letter to Mrs. Mavity persuading her for or against chocolate milk in school. Students have now begun research on topics of their choice. They will be working in groups for this initial research.

Reading: We are still in our fantasy unit and students are fascinated by our new fantasy read aloud and are enjoying these new concepts.

Science: We are still working on electricity but have moved into circuits!

Social Studies: We just finished World War 1! We will now begin the Roaring 20’s!



Our week ahead

We have a busy week ahead!

Monday:  We are participating in a grade level STEM challenge.  Students will be making junkbots  in their STEM groups.  They can use recycled materials to create this junkbot.  Many students have already brought in some materials.  Students can also use materials that we have at school.

Thursday: Picture Day is Thursday morning before we go on field trip.  Package information will be going home in Monday folders tomorrow.  Thursday we also ave a field trip to the Atlanta History Center.

Here is what we are learning this week:

Math: We are continuing with addition and subtraction of fractions.  Students will be getting study guide on Tuesday and will be testing on Friday.

Reading:  We are continuing on in our fantasy unit this week. Some groups will be finishing their book club this week, others will finish in the next two weeks.

Language Arts:  We continue on in our opinion/argument unit. Students have been researching the benefits or negative qualities of serving chocolate milk in school.  Students are in the process of writing to Mrs. Mavity about this topic and their position.

Social Studies:  We are towards the end of our WWI unit.  Students will be learning about the Treaty of Versailles at the tail end of the week.

Science: We have been studying static electricity.  Students will be activating their understanding of this unit through some lab stations this week with a focus on static electricity.

Reminder about musical this week

Musical is this week 🙂

It is at 8:10 a.m.  The children will perform on both Thursday and Friday, they are just asking that you all come on Friday so there is more space for parents by splitting attendance.

Please have your child wear his/her class t-shirt on both mornings.  They can change out of it after. Thanks for all of your help and hope to see you on Friday of this week! Don’t forget to bring that orange sheet about our performance to East Side so you can by-pass the check-in system.

STEM opportunity

We were asked to forward this on to parents today 🙂 This message is from Cobb County Schools in regards to a STEM opportunity!

 We are excited to offer our first ever STEM Camp Cobb on Feb. 19th, 20th, & 21st at Daniell MS.  Students in grades 3-8 who attend will be able to select from 42 different sessions being offered during the camp.  Sessions range from Starwars Mission to Mars to 3D printing basics to Drone Flight School.  Lunch and camp t-shirt provided.

Visit www.stemcobb.com for camp details.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. Sally Creel

S.T.E.M. and Innovation Supervisor

Cobb County Schools

Division of Teaching and Learning


[email protected]


Follow me on Twitter @STEMSally

Reminder: STEM night this week!

STEM night

East Side’s Annual Family STEM Night


Family STEM Night is this January 23rd  from 6:00-7:30! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more!

Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night!

**Please note: this is not a drop-off event**