Field Trip Tomorrow and a survey to fill out

Tomorrow we will attend the courthouse as our field trip.  We will not be here during our typical lunch time, so we will be taking sack lunches.  I will email you personally to remind you if you signed up for your child to “bring lunch”.  If you do not here from me,  I have them on the list to buy a sack lunch from school.  Also, please have your child dress nicely (no gym type clothes).  We will be gone from about 9 until around 1.

Also, I administration asked us to send out this note below regarding a survey. Thanks!

East Side families, It is time for you to complete the Georgia Parent Survey. The data gathered from these surveys will be used as part of the calculation of East Side’s School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.  We ask for one parent from each family to complete the survey by Friday, December 15, 2017.

Georgia Parent Survey:

What are we learning this week?

We are having a great start to the week!

Math: Double digit divisor using two different methods (partial quotient and standard algorithm)

Reading:  We are still in our nonfiction unit.  We are continuing identifying multiple main ideas, and learning to summarize the information. We will continue practicing shifts in text structure as well.  Additionally, we are still heavily into our fictional book clubs to continue exposure to fiction and discussing our thoughts/reflections on the reading within the book club.

Social Studies:  We are continuing on with cattle drives, westward movement, and important inventors leading up to the early 1900’s.

Science: This week our focus is on chemical properties with an emphasis on chemical changes.

We have a field trip to the courthouse this Friday.  I will resend permission slips with students that have not returned it.  I will also be sending home Monday folders today with new graded work and school paperwork.

Have a great week!

Book drive

East Side Elementary is proud to support the Kiwanis Circle K Club of Kennesaw State University and Georgia Highlands Paulding Campus to promote the America Reads program this year.  America Reads Initiative is a federal program that allows KSU and GHC work study students to tutor elementary and middle school students in Paulding and surrounding counties who are in need.  Please consider donating a gently used or new book, but please don’t put your child’s name in it.  A note of encouragement about the joys of reading that is slipped between the pages of a book is most welcome.  The book drive will run until November 30th.  Boxes are placed by the cafeteria and gym doors.

This week

Hi Parents! It’s been a busy, but exciting week! Today we had an awesome high touch high tech science lab! We are looking forward to Ellis Island simulation Friday! I sent an email out earlier in the week with information about that.

Here are the subject area topics we are learning about this week:

Language Arts: research for informational paper. Students picked a topic and we have been working to narrow it down, pick categories in which they’d like to organize their report and add research to those categories.

Reading: we are working on nonfiction reading strategies to determine unknown word meanings.

Math: powers of 10 and decimals

social studies: Preparing for Ellis Island! We made our passports this week!

science: physical changes / matter (We had a great time on our snack lab!) Thanks for all the snacks donated!


Folders, Musical, Survey, and Courthouse

-I sent folders home on Friday with the last bit of graded work from quarter 1.  There was also some additional paperwork inside such as red ribbon week info. for this week.  Folders will be going home tomorrow with new graded work for this quarter (2).

-The 5th grade musical has been rescheduled.  Date to come soon.

-I sent home a permission slip last week for the bullying survey that 5th graders participate in on the computer in guidance.  If you have not seen that, please ask your child for it and sign and return if you are okay with them participating.  We have guidance on Thursday this week.

-There was a courthouse field trip permission slip that went home Friday.  If you are interested in being added to the hat to be a chaperone, send me an email at [email protected] .  I will pick a name out of the hat on Thursday.


Weekly Update 10/23

It was wonderful to see you all at conference week last week!  It’s always one of my favorite weeks as I enjoy getting to know the parents better and being able to brag to you about your kiddos while they are with me at school!

Here is an overview of what we are doing this week by subject area:

Writing:  Students have chosen their topic for their informational writing piece this quarter.  Some students will be conferring with me this week to broaden or narrow their topic and all students will begin taking notes and doing research in class.  We will be discussing how to give credit to sources and how to best take notes from this research.

Math:  We are solving multiplication of decimal problems both with modeling and with standard algorithm.  We are working on both decimal x whole number and decimal x decimal.  We will then begin solving these types of problems in real world word problem form.

Reading:  We are working on nonfiction and identifying main idea and details.  As texts have become more complex, the main idea is now more implicit and hidden.  This concept makes the identification of the main idea in a paragraph or page more complex.  Later this week we will begin identifying more than one main idea in a single text and the supporting details of both.

*We are also still working on fictional stories as well as we continue on in our new book clubs.  Book clubs have been assigned and page numbers have been decided upon per group.  I encourage you to check nightly with your child that they have read the pages assigned (check their page number sheet).

Social Studies:  We are beginning our unit on moving westward in the U.S.  This week we will be focusing on the transcontinental railroad and the cattle drives.  Today students created their “brand” to brand their cattle.

Science: We are beginning our unit on matter!  The students are anxiously awaiting to enjoy the treats that parents sent in when we begin our labs for matter coming soon!

10/9 Weekly Update

We have had a great start to the week!  Monday folders went home today with graded work.

Here is a rundown of the exiting topics we will be studying in class this week!

Writing:  We are spending this week both celebrating our final narrative pieces and beginning a new writing unit on non-fiction!  This week the students are sharing their narrative story within a small group and so far they have loved it!  It provides a great opportunity for students to be able to read their story in their own voice and to allow them to “show off” their hardwork to both myself and their peers.  We are heading into nonfiction writing next where students will be soon choosing topics to research and learn more about first.

Math:  We just began multiplication of whole numbers today!  Students are starting with the area model box that promotes a better understanding of place value before we jump into the standard algorithm of multiplication.  This year we are multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit numbers.  Students will also be spending extra time this week on real world word problems to apply their knowledge.

Reading:  Book clubs just wrapped up, along with the narrative reading unit.  We are also entering into the nonfiction reading unit as well.  We stopped by the media center today so students could begin checking out books that interested them.  We will begin this week by focusing on text complexity and hidden main ideas.  We will also continue our fictional book clubs to continue their love of reading stories.

Social Studies: We just concluded with the civil war and are wrapping up reconstruction.  We will be moving next week out west to cattle drives!

Science:  We are beginning our unit on matter this week!  Specifically the phases of matter with an emphasis on water.