Tomorrow’s holiday party

Hi Parents! I just sent a weekly group email, so if you did not see it, please let me know so I can make sure you are added to our class email list.  Tomorrow afternoon is our class holiday party!  If you plan to come, your child has a pink invite to help you avoid check in lines tomorrow!

Thanks 🙂 Look forward to seeing you!

What’s going on this week?

Hi Parents!  Just wanted to give you a heads up of what we are covering this week.

Math:  We are working on division of decimals.  Today we analyzed real world problems using division and determined ways to solve these problems.  Students also had to create their own real world problem to solve both with a model and other ways.

Reading:  We are working on text structure in nonfiction and students checked out a new book from the media center today.  They will be reading and displaying their understanding both in reading conferences and on their post it note sheet this week.

Writing:  We have begun our rough draft and proofreading this week of their informational texts.

Science: Plants and animal cells

Social Studies:  Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression

Happy to be back!

Hi Parents!  I am happy to be back and enjoying being with your kiddos!  Mrs. Glidewell left excellent notes and information for me to jump right back in and continue where she left off.  Yesterday we had High Touch High Tech to introduce our next unit on cells in science!  In language arts we are working on drafting about our informational writing topics and then students will get to choose how they will teach the class about the topic!

Thank You!

Hey!  Thank you so much for all of the gifts, cards, and yummy cake today.  It was such a fun surprise!  I have loved every day teaching your students.   I hope they felt challenged and valued over the past couple months.  I can’t even tell you how many days they made me laugh out loud.  Saying goodbye was definitely hard for me today.  I look forward to seeing them in the halls as the school year continues.

Thanks again for everything!

Mrs. Glidewell

November 26-30

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break!  I loved relaxing and spending time with my family.  I’m sure you all did too!

Folders will be coming home on Tuesday this week with your student’s progress report.

This week:

Math:  We will do a quick review on multiplying decimals, and we will start learning how to divide decimals.  Keep working on those multiplication facts at home.

Reading:  As we continue to read nonfiction, we will learn about different nonfiction text structures and how to learn from them.

Writing:  Please make sure to send in at least 3 sources for your student’s informational writing piece.  These sources can be books, printed articles from online, magazines, etc.  Your student will be completing their research on their topic this week so that they can start writing next week.  There will be a vocabulary quiz on Friday.

Science:  If your student did not get a chance to present their science project to the class before the break, they will be presenting on Monday.  The rest of the week will be full of Social Studies with Mrs. Gavin.

November 12-16

Can you believe it’s one week until Thanksgiving Break!  I can’t believe it!  This week is full of a lot of fun stuff for 5thgrade.  Here are a few things you need to know…

  • Our class will have High Touch High Tech Monday!
  • In your Monday folder you will see a flyer about a Kindness Project that the STEM and Makers Space teachers are putting together for 5th This project is super special to me as it benefits children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  (That’s where my 2 youngest children are from!)  My husband and I have a non-profit organization that helps orphans in Congo.  Look out for the flyer in Monday folders.  If you want more info on our organization you can check out our website
  • Our school’s Scholastic Book Fair is this week! We will be previewing the Book Fair as a class on Wednesday at 10:00am. You are welcome to join us at that time or take advantage of the after-school hours.
  • Science Projects are due this Thursday!
  • We have the entire week of November 19-23 off for Thanksgiving Break. Be safe and eat lots of turkey!
  • I will be with your students for one week after Thanksgiving Break, and then we will welcome Mrs. Marroquin back on December 3rd.(I’m trying not to think about it.  I’ve grown quite fond of your children!)

This Week’s Academics:

Math:  We are continuing to learn how to multiply decimals.  There will be a quiz on Thursday.

Reading:  Your student will get to pick their research topic for their next writing assignment. We will learn how to take notes and find important information about their topic.

Writing:  We will be finalized our expert writing pieces this week.  On Friday we will have a writing celebration to share our pieces with our friends.

Science:  Monday will be our open notes Science test on Animal and Plant Classification & Traits. Science projects are due on Thursday. Your student will present their project to the class Thursday and Friday.

November 5-9

This week is going to be so much fun! We do not have school on Tuesday. We have a field trip to the Atlanta Symphony on Friday. We are asking that all students dress nice for this field trip, since it is at the symphony hall.

This week:

Math:  We will be multiplying decimals using models and the standard algorithm.

Reading:  We are moving forward in our Reading for Information Unit.  I have asked all students to be reading non-fiction books at school.  We will start a new reading log for non-fiction on Monday.

Writing:  We will be finishing our first informational writing pieces.  Next week we will dive into our research writing.

Science:  The students will be learning about inherited and acquired traits this week.  There will be a Science test on classification and traits next week.  Your student should’ve brought home information about our Build a Zoo Science project on Friday.  This project is due on November 15.

October 29 – November 2

Thank you to Lila’s mom for making a ton of copies this week.  Thank you also to Sadie’s and Kian’s moms for teaching Adventures in Art with the class while I had collaboration!

Folders will be going home on Monday.  You will find graded papers and a field trip form for our big 5thgrade field trip this Spring!  Please look at the form and notice the directions for how to pay online. It’s going to be a great trip!

Let’s taco ‘bout math!!  On Friday we had our multiplication and division test.  We already did our test corrections in class. You’ll see the grade in ParentVUE and the test will come home on Monday in our Monday folders.  All of the students worked really hard!  If you are looking for more math practice for your student, please make use of the math workbooks that I sent home on Friday.  It’s a great tool to use for extra work, practice with tutors, etc.

Tuesday we are going to have our 5thgrade STEM day, and our room moms have planned an awesome Halloween/ Fall party for everyone.

 This Week:

 Math:  We will learn how to add and subtract decimals this week.  We’ll have a quiz on Friday.

Reading:We have started our unit on Reading non-fiction. We will continue to learn how to ask questions as we read in order to learn from non-fiction texts.

Writing:  Your students are writing their first non-fiction piece this week.  They’ll learn how to write their introductions and supporting details!

Science:  We will continue our Classification unit.  Your students will learn about classifying animals and plants.  On Friday I will introduce a Science project that will need to be completed at home.  (Don’t worry. You’ll have lots of time to get it done.)

Social Studies:  Mrs. Gavin will be teaching about World War 1 this week.


Unapproved items and phones at school

We have had a problem with students using their phones at school and other unapproved devices/games during dismissal time.  Please remind your student that electronics are not allowed to be out during the school day- which includes dismissal.  Please do not allow your student to bring games to school unless they have received permission first.

If an unapproved item is brought to school or an electronic device is used at school, I will collect the item and a parent can come to the school to pick it up.

Thanks so much!

October 22-26

It was so good to meet all of the parents last week.  I really enjoyed getting to know you all better and talking about your students!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I do have a Cobb County email now. You can use the gmail account I sent out last month or email me at  Be on the lookout for Monday folders this week.  Please sign your student’s folder and return it on Tuesday.

This week is Red Ribbon Week!  Red Ribbon Week is a national event that helps unite students against negative behaviors and helps promote making positive choices.  There is a theme for each day.

Monday:         Wear something RED today.

Tuesday:         Use your Head, Make Healthy Choices.  Come to school in a crazy hat, crazy hair or crazy socks.

Wednesday:  #eastsidebekind.  Wear your favorite East Side shirt.

Thursday:        Team Up Against Bullying.  Wear your favorite sports team shirt or team colors.

Friday:             Be Someone’s Hero.  Superheroes stand up to bullies.  Dress up as your favorite superhero today.


 This Week:

Math:  We will finish up our long division unit.  There will be a quiz over multiplication and division on Thursday.

Reading:  This week we will finish our book club projects and start our unit on non-fiction.

Writing:  We’ll start the week working on proofing our perspective papers.  Then we will move into our non-fiction unit.

Science:  Our new Science unit, Classification, will begin this week!