February 6

Black History month Videos

George Morgan-Inventor of the Traffic light

Alonzo Herdman-Barber turned millionaire

Clara Brown

Madam C.J. Walker
Thomas Jennings-Invented dry cleaning

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February 2

Market Day Project

I have attached the Market Day assignment. Projects are to be student created! (So if they want to bake-fine, but I told them they were not to rope you into it, or even into cleaning up!) If you spend any real money doing the project, please keep up with amounts, they need this for their budget.

Important Dates

Feb. 6-Business idea must be completed
Feb. 8- Bring all posters or tri-folds. They have the whole period to complete the display. They can also make product during this time.
Feb. 14-Sell for Market Day

Market Day-we0x6j

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January 5

Welcome Back!

I had a great winter holiday, and I hope you did as well. We are doing a very short economics unit. The test for this unit is Friday 1/12. I am attaching several power points to help students study.

Economic Systerms
PowerPoint – Economics Introduction and Systems-10umk7a

PowerPoint – Voluntary Trade-2fx1zwl

Students have notes we completed on each power point to help them study.

We could use donations of pencils to the classroom if you are able. Markers would be appreciated as well! Thank you!

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December 8

Last test of the 9 weeks on Dec. 14

Students will be taking their government test on Dec. 14. This is a short unit, and the students need to review their notes to be ready for the test.
Here is a link to help the students study some vocabulary words for the unit.


I am hoping for very good grades on this test. The students need to do well on this test to maintain their high grades as it is a summative assessment!

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November 30

For students out 11/30

Here is an assignment you can do to make up if you were not here for the Fall of the Berlin Wall activities

Read the following articles and take the quiz



Read these articles and record 7 facts about each



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