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Milestones review


Use these charts to help you review for Milestones. Let me know if there is a cart that you need more resources to fill out by email. Thank you for working hard to review.

Chart Review Activity-xy8bi5

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Local Government Notes


Local Government Review


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Juvenile Justice


Test on these standards tomorrow

SS8CG4 Analyze the role of the judicial branch in Georgia state government. a. Describe the ways that judges are selected in Georgia. b. Analyze the dual purpose of the judicial branch: to interpret the laws of Georgia and administer justice in our legal system. c. Explain the difference between criminal law and civil law. d. Explain the steps in the adult criminal justice system beginning with arrest.

SS8CG5 Explain how the Georgia court system treats juvenile offenders. a. Explain the difference between delinquent and unruly behavior and the consequences of each. b. Describe the rights of juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system. c. Explain the steps in the juvenile justice system when a juvenile is first taken into custody.


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Civil rights review


Here is a Milestone review for Civil Rights

Civil Rights Review

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AC Classes only


Prepare a teaching ppt on the Legislative Branch of Government in Georgia. You can work with group of 4 . Every element of the standard must be included.

S8CG2 Analyze the role of the legislative branch in Georgia. a. Explain the qualifications for members of the General Assembly and its role as the lawmaking body of Georgia. b. Describe the purpose of the committee system within the Georgia General Assembly. c. Explain the process for making a law in Georgia. d. Describe how state government is funded and how spending decisions are made.

Person A-Represent the qualifications in some form of graphic (table, images, etc.), List the jobs of the lawmaking body, include a graphic for the jobs.
Person B-Define the 4 types of committees, explain a situation where each would be used, include a graphic
Person C- Put the steps for how a bill becomes a law in your own words, also represent this in a flowchart or other graphic, make sure the flowchart is Georgia, not federal
Person D-Explain ways government is funded, include a graphic of how this money is used. Describe the top 4 types of revenue for GA

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Modern Georgia Notes


Use the power point to take notes on the graphic organizer.

Modern GA 2-1ct04gv

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Photograph Refections


Some students need to make up their photo analysis activity. Here are the photos. Please make sure for each photograph you
1. Write down two observations
2. Write down what vocabulary word is represented in the photo. You need to include: March on Washington, Lester Maddox, SNCC, John Lewis, Civil Rights Act of 1964
3. Write your personal feelings about what you see.

Civil rights photos-1fqxxt4

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website on civil rights


Civil Rights website

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New standards and activity


Standards for this week of 2/25

SS8H11 Evaluate the role of Georgia in the modern civil rights movement. a. Explain Georgia’s response to Brown v. Board of Education including the 1956 flag and the Sibley Commission. b. Describe the role of individuals (Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis), groups (SNCC and SCLC) and events (Albany Movement and March on Washington) in the Civil Rights Movement. c. Explain the resistance to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, emphasizing the role of Lester Maddox.

Students you may take the following quiz for extra credit if you wish. (Required in AC)
Civil Rights quiz

Project for AC classes only:

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WW1 and New Deal Activity


The following activity was homework, but some students did not finish. They are welcome to finish at home. They need to get it to me by Monday.

Activity for WW1 and New deal-25ob9h0

Design Your Own T-Shirt Project-1vsobh3

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