May 2

Australia and Final Exam!

I cannot believe we are near the end of the year. We have a very short unit on Australia. In fact the test is on Tuesday May 10. The students also have a final exam on May 17. They will be getting part of their study guide each day for the final exam, and I am attaching some power points on Australia to help them study for that test. Please have them nightly review the portion of the study guide they get each day for the final. August was a long time ago, and everything is on the final exam!!

Australia Notes
1. The students should study two graphic organizers given in class.
2. Here are some helpful power points.
Australia Geog-tn9tkz
Aborigine Powerpoint-21l27id

Final exam review 1
Social Studies Final Exam Review1-261iffy

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March 23

Document Based Question (Essay)

The students are in the process of writing an essay entitled “Has NAFTA kept its promises to the workers in the Maquiladoras in Mexico?” These are factories along the boarder of Mexico and the United States. This essay is a test (summative) grade, and is due the Friday before Spring Break. The students have the documents to use. I cannot post them on my blog because they are only to be copied for school use. If your child needs another copy, just let me know!

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March 15

Latin American Histroy Test

The students have a Latin American history test on Monday. The three standards that will be covered is:
SS6H1 Explain conflict and change in Latin America. a. Describe the influence of African slavery on the development of the Americas. b. Describe the influence of the Spanish and the Portuguese on the language and religions of Latin America. c. Explain the impact of the Cuban Revolution and describe the current relationship between Cuba and the United States.

Students should use their notes on the Cuban Revolution, the slave trade notes, and notes on the Language and Religion they took in class. I am posting a few additional power points to help.

Culture and Blending of ethnic groups

Columbian Exchange

Slave Trade
The African Slave Trade2-1x4trtn

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February 6

Black History month Videos

George Morgan-Inventor of the Traffic light

Alonzo Herdman-Barber turned millionaire

Clara Brown

Madam C.J. Walker
Thomas Jennings-Invented dry cleaning

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